One Wish

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

With only one wish to choose - what do you wish for? What do you wish for when that wish has to be for someone other than you?

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



Writing Prompt: You are granted one wish. But you have to use the wish for someone else.


You’re standing there, dumbfounded. You’re pretty sure this is a joke. After all, no one grants wishes. If they did, you’d be surrounded by your friends. You wouldn’t have been expelled from your dream school for something you had no part in. Your father would still be alive. And your mother would have never left.

Wishes didn’t come true. But the only basis you had for your beliefs was the fact that everything in your life that could have gone wrong, did. In fact, you were pretty much left with nothing.

So if someone was giving you the chance to wish… But for someone else?

Fuck that.

No one had ever come through for you. Even the people you loved the most, in the end? They had abandoned you. No one thought about you, loved you. You were alone.

And here was a messenger telling you that things could change. But not for you.

You stared at the messenger, wondering why you remembered her. Why she looked familiar. Why there was pain when you stared at her face. But it wasn’t her pain. It was yours.

Your heart felt like it had been torn, suffocated, and burned alive. You winced as you realized just who had brought you the useless news.

Your ex.

Bad blood didn’t even begin to cut it. In fact, she was the only reason you had never tried to open yourself to anyone else. She didn’t just destroy you, she murdered every ounce of emotion that you had left. She let you believe that you were in love. That this was forever. That was a manifestation of a dream that you have fought so hard for you.

And then she just fucking obliterated it.

You wanted to ask questions. Why was she here? Why was she back? What did she want with you? Why did she leave?

But you could see in her eyes that this one wish message was the truth. And that for some reason, it was in some way to atone for what she had done.

You couldn’t believe it.

You were both standing across from each other. She seemed hopeful that you would forgive her, because that’s who you used to be. So open, loving, forgiving – always turning a blind eye to things. You never liked to fight or argue so you just forgave.

But you realized that forgiving didn’t mean you had to forget. It also didn’t mean that you couldn’t get angry or just fucking leave.

She took a step closer to you, “Please. Just one wish. It can be anything.”

You thought for a moment longer. There was nothing else you truly wanted. But then you looked at her and smiled. She didn’t understand it.


She took a step back. Horror crept into her face and she began to shake. You doubted that the cold had anything to do it. “Excuse me? Look, I know we have bad blood between us. I broke your heart. I left you. I-”

Was this an apology? It was a poor one. Especially since there were no tears or ‘sorry’s’ of any kind. She was listing the bad things she had done. But you knew all that. What you wanted was an explanation not a timeline.

You stopped her from trailing on. She wouldn’t look at you. “Broke my heart?” You chuckled a little. This situation was a little funny. “You did more than that. When everyone else had left me, you were there. You stayed through everything. We shared all our secrets, our past, and our aspirations. I was there when your grandparents passed away and when your brother left for the war. And when you found out that he wasn’t coming back. We were as thick as thieves. And then you decided that love was overrated. That we didn’t deserve it. That you wanted something else.”

She was silent. As she should be.

“And I get that feelings change and people make strange decisions. I could understand if you had left or disappeared off the face of the earth. That would be a message I would have taken to heart. But you stayed. And you played with me. You watched me give you my all and when the moment came for you to return the love – you broke me.”

She stretched out her hand, but you didn’t want her touch. Was this comfort? “I didn’t meant to-”

Still not an apology.

You shook her head. If this wish was true, then you knew what you wanted. In the here and now, you only wanted one thing. You took a deep breath and took the full two strides to be up against her. You grabbed her face in your hands and angled her neck just enough so that your eyes met. You wanted her to hear your wish but you more than anything, you wanted to see the look in her eyes.

“You told me I had one wish. For someone else.”

She nodded, “But I don’t see the need for the rough”-

You didn’t let go even though she started squirming. Despite how devious she was. She was no match for your strength.

“I wish that you would die.”

You released her, watching her eyes fill with dread. Her shoulders sank and her breath caught in her throat. “You can’t- I mean pick something else, I-”

You watched her stutter for words which was rare for someone so conniving.

She took a moment to compose herself, “It has to be for someone else. Fulfilling your selfish desires is not part of the wish.” She was terrified and it showed. About fucking time.

You leaned again, “Oh, it’s not for me. You see, I’ve heard through the grapevine. I’m not the first person you’ve toyed with.” She didn’t respond. “So, sure, I’d love to see it done. But this is for the others.”

“Are you sure you want to use your wish on-”

You smiled wide again, “I said what I said.”

You watched as her eyes rolled back into her head and she crumpled to the ground. You thought for a moment that she was play acting but when a small nudge to her frame didn’t arouse her, you knew otherwise.

You wanted to feel some remorse or anger. Maybe even a little guilty. You felt nothing. You stared for a moment longer wondering why she had become the messenger. Maybe someone knew you would use your wish for this purpose.

The wind rustled her clothes, but she still wasn’t moving. You shrugged and started heading for the store. Before all this, mom had told you that she needed some milk. And whatever had just happened, mom still needed the ingredients for dinner.

© Copyright 2020 D. Nic. All rights reserved.

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