Talk of the Lot

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In an outdoor mall frequented by visitors of all kinds, the local birds have a nasty habit of judging from their perches. The food is scarce, the company rude, but the gossip is a plenty.

Submitted: March 29, 2014

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Submitted: March 29, 2014



"That lady - there!" Dingo excitedly hopped with a flap of the wings, and stretched his neck out to get a better look. "She's been standing at Redbox for nearly seven minutes, there's an entire line of people behind her! The audacity of some people!" His companion veered his head to the side with a little less interest, watching the soccer mom in yoga pants clog the line like a hair-stopped drain. As the puddle of water in the drain would slowly turn fetid, so were the waiting shoppers. They anxiously poked their heads out on either side of her, always watching, but never saying anything. Dingo's friend spoke, "Maybe she's just having a less than perfect day; as you can see, it actually looks like she sweated in her workout attire, horrific indeed." Dingo chuckled and fluttered a little bit, speaking sideways to Carl, not wanting to miss the much anticipated customer who would surely, any minute now, expel his outrage in the form of a quiet whisper to the woman. "And for a second, I thought you were going somewhere half-way decent with that comment." Carl didn't reply for a moment, and leaned over the edge of the lightpost in hopes of finding a more stimulating incident.

The weather was dreary, and so were the people; very unfortunate for the gulls who spent their time in search of dropped food and abnormal shoppers. The Walmart parking lot was usually the main attraction, regardless of the day, but now it seemed even the post office could offer more drama than this. Carl lifted his wings in preparation to leave, "I wish you the best of luck Dingo, nothing is more riveting than waiting for an outburst that isn't going to happen." Dingo risked a quick glance at Carl, realizing he was on the verge of loosing a companion to share the moment with. "That guy with movies in his hand is going to blow any second! All he wants to do is return them!" Carl looked at the man, then sarcastically replied to Dingo, who had turned to him with a desperate anticipation, "You mean the eighty-year-old with the cane in his hand? Oh yes, he looks like he'll attack at any moment." He lifted himself more fully with the help of the wind, and slowly began to rise in the direction of Taco Bell. Dingo didn't attempt to keep Carl any longer, he himself would probably leave within the next few minutes. As Carl drifted away he heard an already distant and fading "Goodbye Dingo..." He turned his attention back towards the Walmart entrance where the Redbox resided, only to notice the woman had left and the line was reduced to nothing again. I missed it! I missed the only thing exciting to happen today! Dingo knew the lady had left without incident, and no words of whispered rage were spoken, but he sometimes liked to fool himself into thinking he always lived on the verge of an interesting event, one that would somehow make his waiting worthwhile. He pulled his eyes away from Walmart, and began to search for other means of entertainment. Maybe I'll take a visit to Taco Bell too.

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