A Strawberry Field Story

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Is this another Twilight Zone tale of intrigue, or just another space alien story? Whatever it is, it is short and full of something; You be the judge.

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Submitted: September 23, 2017



Carter Jenkins left his house on Melbourne Street at 7:40 pm, last Tuesday. He told his Dad that he was going to the AM/PM Mini-market for a soda and some chips; at least that is what his Dad told the police.

The last one to see Carter was Nakisha Thomas, which was about 8:00 pm. He passed by her house, then turned and headed off across the strawberry field.

The direction Carter took, when he went out into the strawberry field, was west, the AM/PM Mini-market was north, so the reason he decided to go into the field was a mystery.

There have been some strange goings-on in and around that 22 acre field. So says Margret Spoonworthy, she lives in one of the houses across the street from the field.

Margret said, "Travis Boid told Sharon Sanders that Mickey Alweather got lost in that field for two days."

How in blue-blazes can anyone get lost in a strawberry field? That's what I'd like to know!

Anyway, --- that's what Margret said! And as much weed as Alweather smokes, well it is a wonder he can find his shoes.

Margret also told me, "I have seen strange lights coming from that field, sometimes to the South, sometimes straight out from my house. I can't tell how far out they are because I have a cataract in one eye and my depth perception isn't worth a doddle."

Margret's neighbors, Susan Samland, said, "Strange sounds have been heard out in that field, mostly at night and early morning when it is too dark to see what causes them."

Her husband, Steven noted, "I'd like to go check out them noises, but the batteries in my flashlights are dead."


One of the local sheriffs came out and took a report, and then she scoured the field to see if there were any sink-holes and the like. She found nothing unusual, but she did manage to fill an evidence bag with the juicy red fruits while she was out there.

You could tell by the look on the sheriff's face that she was pretty skeptical about the disappearance, especially after Jabal Thorton, one of Carter Jenkins cousins, started ranting and raving about space aliens and mother ships.

Anyway, the sheriff took brief statements, as brief as she could get by with, and then she got out of there before Jabal stated ranting again.


One week to the day Carter Jenkins was found wandering around on the county road, about a mile from town. He looked dazed and seemed confused about who and where he was. The strange part was that he and his clothes were as clean as the day he disappeared.

Jenkins was taken to the hospital for evaluation and while there the sheriff questioned him.

He told the sheriff that he left the house that night and as he was passing the field he heard sounds, as if someone was hurt, so he went to investigate. He said he didn't remember anything after walking into the field.


Jenkins has become the talk of the town, being the only person in this town to be abducted by space aliens in 50 years; his Uncle Todd was the last one, but hardly anyone remembers that far back.

I can't say that Carter hates the attention he's getting, especially from the girls. He also is enjoying the extra money he received from the bet he made with friends. He bet them that he could convince people in this town that there are space aliens visiting that strawberry field.

Carter's Dad is a prankster himself, so he was more than willing to play along with the gag.

It took a month or so of sneaking around that field, making strange sounds and pointing flash-lights at Margret Spoonworthy's house.

But hay, Jenkins had all summer and nothing better to do.


D. Thurmond / JEF


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