Bad at Birth

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Was she bad from birth? The thought of killing something never seemed to bother her; even the thought of killing her stepfather.

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



Ann Scarlatti was only 16 years old when she wanted to kill a man for the first time. It was not like she had not done anything like that before. But she would have to wait for the right circumstances to present themselves.

It wasn't like the parakeet she wanted at five years old, it should have never bit her when she grabbed it.

No, it was more like the time she strangled her mother's little yapping dog, she had that whole thing planed weeks in advance.

It was old anyway, so her mother thought that it died of old age. They had a nice little burial service after Ann dug the grave in the yard.

Then there was the neighbor’s dog, always trying to hump her leg, that couldn't go unpunished. She dumped the body in the trash can at the park.

There were a few cats too, but they were just practice.

Ann had decided to do-in her stepfather, Jeb Thornton.

No, he wasn't molesting her or any such thing, in fact, just the opposite. He kept such a tight rein on her that she was never able to, well, "Have Fun with the Boys."

God knows that she tried!

Buck Ozey was the first boy to let her see His Junk, she was so excited that she talked to her BFF about it for a week, after going back for a second viewing.

Ann and Billy Gentry did a bunch of stuff in a unlocked janitor's closet one morning, but they were interrupted by a pissed-off, but understanding janitor; he didn't turn them in.


Ann's mother, Sheryl, had just taught Ann to drive her car so that she would be prepared when it was time to get her driver's license.

She took Ann up on Tanner Ridge, there was a nice 2 Lane road up there and very few cars around. There was a turn-out too, which was ideal for any kind of parking lessons.

Sheryl's car was a new sedan; it had power steering, power breaks, and an automatic transmission.

Sheryl received a big settlement from her first husband's employer, that is, the employer's insurance company.

Then Sheryl sued the employer in a civil case. That suite was in regard to the lack of safeguards that caused the explosion that killed her husband, {her husband being Ann's Father}. She won that case too.

Sheryl put most of the money into Mutual Funds and C.D.'s, but kept some out for a new car and to pay off the mortgage that was left owed on the house.

Sheryl married Jeb, {Ann's Step-Father}, about a year after her first husband's death. He was the car salesman that sold Sheryl the new car.

Jeb's vehicle was an older pick-up truck with a stick shift and no air bags. But Ann wanted to learn to drive a stick shift too, just in case. So Jeb promised her that if she did well on an upcoming math test, he would give her lessons.

Well Ann aced the test, thanks to Billy Gentry.


The stick-shift driving lesson day had finally arrived and up to Tanner Ridge Jeb and Ann went.

On the way up there Ann was all excited. She was talking to Jeb like he was her BFF and asking all sorts of questions. "I think you and I are more adventurous than Mom! Don't You? I mean Mom would never drive a pick-up truck, let alone a stick-shift! Right?"

Jeb just nodded his head and smiled.

"I think we are a lot alike in that respect, don't you?" She asked.

Jeb glanced over at her and said, "Maybe so Missy, maybe so."

Ann hated being called Missy and she had told Jeb that on a couple of occasions. After the last confrontation about the name he stopped calling her that; maybe he had forgotten. Whatever the case, Ann decided to let it slide this time.


Ann mastered the driving part right away and was doing fine except for the grinding of the gears. She was not pressing far enough down on the clutch pedal to disengage the gears, thus, grinding occurred when she tried to shift.

Jeb was getting angry because she didn't seem to be listening to his instructions, and Ann was even angrier, just because.

Finally, Jeb told Ann, "JUST PULL OVER and STOP the damn truck!"

She did, but not like Jeb wanted her to do.

Instead of pulling off onto the shoulder, she purposely crossed the road. She pulled off onto a short, steep, downhill shoulder, nose first and facing the cliff. Then she momentarily stopped the truck, took the truck out of gear, and started to exit without applying the hand brake.

"You're not going anywhere Missy," Jeb said as he grabbed her by the hair.

He put his face right next to her ear and said, "You were right, little Missy, we are more alike than you think. But I'm not so stupid as to leave a Diary for a nosy parent to find."

With that said, Jeb slid out the passenger door.

Ann started screaming and trying to pull free from Jeb's grasp! It was then that her foot slipped completely off of the brake pedal.

Jeb gave one last tug on her hair and that is when he slammed the door on Ann's head to knock her out.

As Ann and the truck toppled over the cliff Jeb laughed and said, "Wait for your Mom Missy, she'll be joining you soon."


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  03-05-2016


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