Best Served Cold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Society has fallen into a state of total disrespect when it comes to our old. This is just a little story that displays some of that.

Submitted: January 31, 2019

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Submitted: January 31, 2019



"Hay, --- old man! What are you do-in on my block? And what's in the sack?


"I'm going to Henry's place, not that you should care."


"How much money are you gonna give me tonight?


"You know I don't have any money because you and your friends take whatever I have on me.

If you didn't think it was so much fun nickel and dime-in the old people in this neighborhood, well, I'd bet you'd just kill us off and be done with it; like you did to our friend, Pop-Tanner.

But we don't complain because we know the score get evened out sometime. You know what I’m say-in, like Karma?


"No --- I don’t! Tell me, how this dude Karma gonna get even with anybody when we never heard of him before."


"With an angel, Sunny, some-kind of angel."


"Well I hope that angel provided you with some cash 'cause my friends and I need some booze; we're all out."


"Where are the other two bullies, did they leave you alone to mug old people all by yourself? That could be dangerous for you, one on one isn't your style; you might get hurt."


"I don't need any help take-in your money, old man. Now hand it over!"


"Aren't you gonna wait for back-up? Your friends just came around the corner and maybe they'd like to help you rob this old man."


"I don't need nobody's help, so give me that bag 'fore I have to hurt some-body!"



"Sup Bro?"


"Fred is run-in his mouth again. I told him we needed booze money but he won't give it up. You know, he's talk-n trash again."


"Oh, really!

What is it this time, old man, is someone gonna send a superhero to save you from the big bad teenagers?"


"The Lord helps those who help them-selves!"


"Really? Well I'm gonna help myself, too, to that bag you got in your hand! 


"Hay look, Homies, wine, and a real good wine too! It's even got one of those fancy corks in it.

Where did you get the money to buy such good booze, old man? You been hold-in out on us again?"


"Just take the wine and leave me alone. I was going to share it with my friends. It is Christmas, you-know!"


Well tell your friends that we said, "Thanks for the wine and merry Christmas.


Hay, how do you get the cork out of here?


No Bro, you gotta have a Cork-screw to get it out.

Hay, old man, you got the Cork-screw for this wine?

Hay, --- old man, --- I'm talk-in to you!

Chill Dude, he can't here you from this distance.

Do you have that knife that you took off Pop Tanner, the one with the cross on it; maybe that will work.


Check it out, Homes! Tanner’s knife has one of those corkscrews in it!


All-Right! Here, one of you two hold the bottle and I'll pull the cork out.


{Meanwhile, at a little house two blocks away.}

Merry Christmas, Henry!


Marry Christmas to you too Fred. Come on in, the other neighbors are already here and dinner's almost ready.


Thanks for inviting me, Henry, my cupboard's kind of bare lately. You know what they say around here, the Lord gives and the Baker Street gang takes away. But, hay, the rest of us stick together, just like always.


Speaking of those big-shot want-to-be's, I saw them take the sack from you, Fred. Did they ruff you up any?


Na, I been out of the Corp for 30 years, but I'm still tough as nails; slow as hell but still pretty tough.


Well back in the day, when the Dark-Angels of Baker Street were in charge around here people didn’t disrespect the elderly, we saw to that.


Do you think that those idiots will know how to open that bottle?


{A sound come rumbling past them:

KA-Boooooooooooooooooooommm !!!}


Never mind, Fred, I guess they figured it out.


D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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