Big Trouble

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A tongue-in-cheek version of "The battle of Armageddon" and it's final outcome.

Submitted: November 23, 2015

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Submitted: November 23, 2015



The armies came together in the place that was foretold by their fathers, and their fathers before them. 

Each Great Army consisted of many armies banded together and the two Great Armies were divided by their beliefs. But their beliefs were not the only reason that they came to do battle, their right of ownership of the Promised Land was the root of the war; that is what the real reason was.

This is a tale that goes back to the earliest man, the hatred of one brother, by another, because they think that the other is favored.


The armies began their battle weeks before arriving at their destination, firing on each other’s mobile positions, attacking aircraft, radar installations, and missile batteries.

But by the time they arrived at the place overlooking the valley, they each had lost about one third of their soldiers and firepower.

There were so many bodies strewn along both their approach routes that it took crews of hundreds, working day and night, to gather and bury them.

As the two great armies were about to engage something strange happened, a star-like object appeared over the center of the valley, and then the star began intensifying in brightness.

Both sides thought that this star was some sort of new weapon that the other side had developed; so their knee-jerk reaction was to fire on it with artillery and small missiles, immediately.

The firing did no harm to the object, so larger missiles were fired. Soon there was so much debris raining down and smoke billowing from the points of impact that no-one could see the object or one another for that matter.

After some time the smoke cleared enough to see that the Object was still hovering in the sky.

The Star brightened and every metal object in and around the valley started to heat up.

Solders began climbing out of tanks and vehicles because they were too hot to sit in.

Pilots had to eject from their aircraft, too.

Hand held weapons were dropped to the ground for the same reason. Even items like knives, metal belt buckles, keys, and coins had to be cast aside due to the heat.

Within minutes, all that was predominately metal just melted.

There they were, the two greatest armies in the history of the world were quickly reduced to the battle readiness of cavemen.


The Star-like object stopped glowing and then a voice was heard by everyone on the planet; the voice came in all languages and dialects.

The voice was heard within people's heads, not in their ears, and it sounded like a very load thought occurring when it said:


"You are so busted!

I leave you alone for a little while and look at the mess you've made. Just wait 'till your Father sees this!


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  11-22-2015


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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