Cats from Kitty Corners

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I guess this story could be a fantasy, but then, again. --- Grandma get a present from her family and she is not really into it, but her kids gave it to her so she has to keep it. Right?

Mildred Scott Jones grew up and went to school in the same neighborhood where she met her husband, Jay-jay Jones.

That was the very same neighborhood where they bought their first and only house, a three bedroom Tutor style.

And she gave birth to their two children, Jayson and Malinda, at Sunnyvale Hospital; which was less than two miles from the house.

I'm not saying Mildred never went anywhere, no, there were plenty of summer vacations to national parks and coastal places of interest. They even went to Hawaii for their 40th wedding anniversary.

What I'm saying is that Mildred and Jay-jay were content with their surroundings and had no desire to live anywhere else.

Well, times change and neighborhoods do too. And over the years a less than desirable element has moved into these older homes. Many of those homes are now low cost rentals.

Jay-jay passed away last year, which left his 74 year old wife all alone.

Mildred's Son, Jayson, is a military man and doesn't get home to visit as much as he'd like to. And as for the daughter, Malinda, she is a career woman with a family. So she calls her mother whenever she can and tries to bring the grand-kids to visit, as often as time permits.

The Grandchildren, Katrina and William, used to visit Nana and Pop-pop for a few days so their parents could have some, "alone time", but Pop-pop is gone now and Nana isn't quite up to the challenge of teenaged children.

So now visits are confined to Thanksgivings and Christmas, and, of course, Katrina takes her mother out to lunch on Mother's Day.

As far as Mildred's birthday goes, that is hit and misses. There are always flowers and a card, but not always a visit. And that is why this birthday was so special, everyone was coming to Nana’s house for her birthday, even her son, Jayson, flew in just for the occasion.

Well the big day arrived and so did the gang. They were all fitted into Katrina's Mini-Van, along with the cake, ice-cream, and presents.


Mildred greeted them at the front door and among the hugs and kisses she met a new addition, Miss Kitty.


"And who is this?" Mildred asked, with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

One of the grandchildren, Katrina, spoke up and replied, "This is Miss Kitty, she is a cat from Kitty-Corners and she is your present from all of us! Oh, and don't worry, Nana, you don't have to feed her or have a litter-box smelling up the house. She is fully contained, self charging, and Uncle Jayson will set her up for you. You won't have to lift a finger."

With that said everyone followed Jayson into the kitchen where he set the charging station in the corner and plugged it in.

"Kitty won't need a charge until this evening," Jayson stated, "and she only required routine maintenance twice a year. I've arranged for a Service to do that, they'll call first and then come right to the house."

"What does Miss Kitty do?" Mildred asked, while trying not to sound stupid.

William, Mildred's youngest grandchild, spoke up and stated, "Oh Nana, she is your companion, you friend and helper. She can do lots of neat stuff."

Melinda cut in to say, "Look, Mom, we don't like you living all alone, we'd much prefer that you come live with us. But if that isn't going to happen then we thought this would help.

This neighborhood is not what it used to be, you know that. And with all the home invasions now days, well, a woman all alone is not the best idea."

Mildred wrinkled her nose at the thought of leaving her forever home and replied, "Let's not get into that discussion, Melinda, dear, as long as I can function on my own, then I'll live in my house.

Now, tell me more about my new house guest, Miss Kitty."


The Grandchildren were only too happy to give Nana all the details, over cake and ice-cream, of course, and even though she understood very little of what they said, she smiled and tried to act as if she did. After all, how hard could it be to take care of a fully contained, self charging, mechanical cat?


After about a week of avoiding Miss Kitty, Mildred notice that the cat was curled up on her lap while she was watching Jeopardy. And even though it was a very large cat, it was surprisingly light for its size.

Then it dawned on Mildred that the cat had been snuggling with her for a few evenings in a row and it seemed so natural that Mildred never noticed the comings and goings. The only reason Mildred notice, on this particular occasion, was because the cat started purring when Mildred petted it.

Days turned into weeks and by then the two companions had developed a friendship.

And strangely enough Miss Kitty was constantly into everything Mildred was doing, like the cat was taking notes about Mildred's routine and things she ate and drank, even her medications. Mildred didn't think much about it, she just figured that the cat was programmed to act like a snoopy cat, and that was that. 

That was that until Margret couldn't find her heart medication bottle. She was sure that she left it in the bathroom, but it wasn't there.

The cat seemed to pick-up on Margret's distress and as soon as it realized what she was looking for, it went on the search.

Apparently the bottle had fallen and rolled under the counter where Margret couldn't see it. And just when Margret thought that she was going to have to call for a refill and miss a dose, there was Miss Kitty with the bottle in her mouth.

After a year, the two house-mates were like two pees in a pod; Miss Kitty would follow Margret around the house, inspecting what she was up to. Then, in the evening, they spent together-time during the evening TV sessions.

And if Margret couldn't find something, then all she had to do was to ask for the item by name, Miss Kitty would find it.



One night Margret was sound asleep when the snapping sound of a French-door latch was heard in the den.

Then a shadowy figure, dressed in black, was seen entering Margret's bedroom from the hallway, the person had a large hunting-knife in their right hand.

As the figure drew near the bed, the knife-hand raised up over Margret's body, she was about to die.

Then, a blurry streak jumped from the bed and landed on the would-be assailant. The sound of pain was heard and the person staggered out of the room and back down the hall to the opened doors of the den. As the figure exited the house, the doors closed behind the staggering figure.


The next morning Margret sat down on her front room couch to her usual breakfast of a small glass of prune-juice, followed by some yogurt, toast, and fruit. And, as usual, she turned on her favorite morning TV show.

It just so happened that the news was on and the newscaster stated, "This just in! --- The Sunnyvale Slasher was found sprawled across a sidewalk on Whipple-tree Lane; first indications are that he died of a heart attack, even though he did not look to be more than thirty years old.

Witnesses say that he was dressed in black and that his weapon of choice, a large hunting-knife, was seen just a few feet from the body.


This assailant has been terrorizing this end of the city for over a year, and up until now police had no clue as to who he was.

He has been attacking every few months, and his victims are always older women who live alone. Most have lived in the sprawling Sunnyvale complex of homes.


At that moment Margret heard a siren outside so she got up to see what was going on. And as she opened her front window-drapes she saw police crime-tape everywhere and a police tent in front of her house. That is when she noticed a younger woman walking towards her front door.


Margret opened the door and asked, "Can I help you?"

The younger woman stated, "Hi, I'm Detective Diane Canter. Are you Margret Jones, the owner of this house?"

"That I am," Margret stated.

Then Detective Canter asked, "Did you hear or see anything unusual last night?"

"No, I'm afraid not. But that's not unusual, officer, I'm a very sound sleeper," Margret stated rather proudly.

The Detective tapped her finger on the face of her cell-phone, and then asked, "Is there anyone else staying at this address?"

"No, just me and Miss Kitty," Margret said as she snickered a little.

The Detective seemed to come alive with a renewed sense of purpose, and then she asked, "Would that be a Robotic Mechanized Cat?"

"Why, yes! Do you have one?" Margret asked.

Detective Canter didn't reply, instead she asked Margret if she would allow the police to search her home and grounds, it was very important.

Margret agreed to the search, as long as everyone took their shoes off art the door, she just had the carpets cleaned.

Then Detective Canter pressed a point on her phone and stated, "I need a CSI team to number 773 Whipple-tree Lane. This is a possible RMC, resulting in a death.


Within an hour Margret's daughter was at the house demanding answers from Detective Canter. And the answers she received were a tad more than she expected.

The Detective told Malinda, "After our preliminary search of the yard, and the house, we are certain that the Slasher had obtained access to your mother's house while she was sleeping. He entered through the French Doors, in the Den, then used the hallway to access your mother bedroom.

It seems that he was attacked by the Robotic Cat as he was about to kill your mother, at least that is our best guess."

Malinda looked puzzled and asked, "How in the world did that cat manage to kill a perfectly healthy young man?"

The Detective thought for a moment, then replied, "Your mother is a diabetic, {Right?}, and these Robots are designed to handle medical emergencies on their owners.

We'll have to check with the cat's manufacturer to find out if it had a dose of insulin stored for an emergency. And if so, then it must have used the insulin injector as a weapon against the killer."

"You are not telling my Mother that the killer was in her room, such a shock could kill her," Malinda stated, angrily.

"Oh no, this is between you and I. And I know that you won't tell anyone, least of all the media, for fear that it would get back to your mother.

Between you, I, and the lamp post, these cats are a crime fighter's blessing.

This is the seventh crime this year that one of these cats has stopped; there were three home invasion robberies, two domestic violence attacks, and a burglary."

Then Detective Canter laughed out loud.

"What's so funny about that? Malinda asked, looking a little bewildered.

Detective Canter smiled and replied, "There is a conveyance store in my neighborhood that has been robbed so many times that, well, I jokingly told the owner that he should buy one of these cats for protection.

The surprise was, he took me seriously and it is working very well. There have been two attempted robberies, since he got the cat, and both resulted in arrests.

Not only that, the owner tells me that sales at the store are up! People from all around the area, especially the kids, come there to see the cat and they spend money while they are there; it is a Win, Win."



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: May 07, 2019

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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A nice invention, JE, something that could help a lot of people by giving a bit of comfort.

Wed, May 8th, 2019 7:24pm


Thanks Hul

Thu, May 9th, 2019 9:19am

Joe Stuart

An entertaining story, DT. That cat seems like the ideal pet - but can it be trusted?

Wed, May 8th, 2019 11:11pm


Thanks Joe, and as for your question. I guess well have to wait and see. --- It is always in the programing.

Thu, May 9th, 2019 9:14am

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