Christmas Joy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a mix of fantasy, fiction, and fabled thought forms, then I rolled it all up and put it in my Christmas stocking.

Submitted: December 14, 2019

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Submitted: December 14, 2019



Before I began telling this story, I felt some things should be explained. For instance, did you know that mystical woodland creatures do not always look the same, world over? --- It is true!

In some areas of Europe, Pixies and Fairies are very different in size and appearance. And some of those may not always confine themselves to woodland areas, as would be expected. It all depends on the food sources that are available and the sights to be seen. They are very curious creatures.

In England, Pixies and Fairies are never any taller, and are quite often smaller, than a Gnome, and Trolls are much larger than all of them.

But to hear the Irish tell it, their Pixies and Fairies are larger than any Gnome, but not as big, or as tall, as a Leprechaun.

But people born in Texas, USA, have the biggest Pixies, Fairies, and Gnomes of all; if you don't believe it, just ask any one of them. Texans will tell you that they have the biggest and best of everything.

Then, again, if you were to believe the fantasies of some writers, all of those creatures mentioned above, minus the Gnomes, are pretty much the same size. That size being the size of a human, {The human size reference often bothered me because humans fluctuate in size and never look the same.}, but to each their own.

Now I will explain that West Coast American Mystical Woodland Creatures are not all the same. In northern California these creatures have Redwood Forests and stands of Sequoia to live and hide in, but not in southern California.

Southern California Pixies, Fairies, and Gnomes don't have the opportunity to hide in the deep dark woods, so they have adapted to the urban lifestyle.

Pixies have taken on the ability to blend into whatever colors they are in front of, and they do it without even trying; it's automatic.

If they stand in front of something green, they turn green, in front of red, the turn red, etc., etc..

Fairies, on the other hand, just disappear altogether, like having a cloak of invisibility that they don't have to carry around.

And Gnomes, well they are the cleverest of them all. All they have to do is just stand perfectly still, and as long as they do that no-one seems to notice them. It is called, "Hiding in plain sight."

But this story is not about differences, or how some mystical woodland creatures react to their environment. No, it is about much more.



Our story begins in early December.

The owners of a house on View Park Drive placed Christmas lights outside.

And of course, as the street name implies, their house is across the street from a nice sized park. I say that because the park is not too big and not small, it is just right.


Now it just so happens that the Park's mystical creatures come out to play, way after sunset.

But this night was different because the Christmas lights were turned on for the first time.

First came the Fairies, they dashed and darted all around the parks lawn, and into the branches of the trees.

Well don't you know that it wasn't long before they noticed the lights on the house? And when they took notice, they landed on the park's fence and began looking at the lights with wonder.

Next the Pixies came out, prancing and dancing all around the park's lawn. But after a time, they too came to the fence and began staring at the multi-colored lights.

Lastly, the Gnomes, who hopped and skipped their way to the fence, and then looked on with amazement at the glowing wonders.

And as they all watched the lights, you could hear such sounds as, "Oulu, --- Ahhh, and the occasional Wow," coming from the little spectators.


Well it wasn't long before the Pixies were standing in front of the lights to see if their little Pixie bodies could match the color of each light, and they did. Every light that they stood in front of made their bodies change color.

If they stood with their right arm in front a red Christmas light, and their left arm was in front of a blue Christmas light, then the right half of their body would turn red and the left half would turn blue. They were color-split right down the middle!

The Fairies were having fun too, flying very fast and darting in and out of the bushes. They could not do that if the bushes were dark, because they might crash into something.


But we have to remember that these mystical creatures do not like to be seen, so if a people-car passed by, or some person happened to be walking their dog past the house, then the Fairies would become invisible and the Pixies would just stand in front of a bush and turn green.

As for the Gnomes, well they will just do what Gnomes do. They will sit on the lawn and watched the pretty lights, never moving a muscle. And as long as they do not move, who would think they are real Gnomes?


Now there are times when someone in that house might think that they see a bush move, but I'm sure that they would think the wind was the reason, not Fairies flying.  

They might even see Christmas lights that seem to be larger than individual bulbs, and oddly shaped. But I'm sure that they would think that their eyes are just playing tricks on them; after all, the brightly colored lights could cause that to happen.

Then there is the fact that there are Gnomes in their front yard at night, but are gone in the morning.

Possibly the people in that house might be convinced that one of their neighbors is playing tricks on them. How else could such a thing happen?

Even when the people in that house opened the front door, or walk along the glowing Christmas walkway, they may never see those mystical little scamps, like I do; Christmas Elves see everything.

No, what they will see is the lights of the Christmas Season expressing Joy to all.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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