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There is a flying object buzzing around earth and causing problems. WHY?

Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015




Code name - "Firefly"

Final Report

Occurrence Date: 3-11-2100


On the above date an object appeared on radar over the Cook Island Chain.

Two Australian Air Force pilots reported the object to be cylindrical and spinning slowly. Although they were unable to calculate its size, they said that it looked to be the size of a mini-van, but not much bigger in diameter.

Visuals from the islanders said that the object looked like a Motor Scooter's Chrome Exhaust Pipe, but bigger.


The object traveled east from the Cook Islands and was followed by the two Australian Air Force pilots, which lost sight of it soon afterward.

It continued on a liner path and then suddenly it proceeded vertically until reaching approximately Mach 7; at that point it disappeared from radar.

Within one minute the cylinder appeared parallel to the space station's central body and about 500 yards from its leading edge, as reported by one of the Astronauts.


"It was spinning at a leisurely rate, end over end," so said a Russian Cosmonaut.

A French Scientist noted, "As it whirled, small glowing objects were flowing from the two circular ends, far too many to count."

The Astronaut from the United States reported that the small objects were reminiscent of Fireflies.

As noted by everyone aboard, less than one minute after the flow of these Fireflies stopped, a clear bubble billowed out from one end of the cylinder and engulfed the space station.

Within a blink of an eye the Fireflies darted away and collided with every visible craft; space debris and satellite alike.

Sensors later indicated that everything circling the earth was vaporized, except for the space station.

The Fireflies did try to attack the space station, but failed due to the bubble protecting it.

Everyone that witnessed the collisions reported that when the Fireflies hit something, both objects vaporized.

According to many sources, as soon as the earth's atmosphere was debris free then the remaining Fireflies reentered the cylinder shaped craft.

No sooner than the Fireflies disappeared, the bubble retracted back into the cylinder.


A short time after the Fireflies disappeared, eight Spinning Tops ejected from the ends of the cylinder and they deployed at various positions around the globe.

They were thought to be and later confirmed to be satellites.


Those in the Space Station tried to capture digital images of the crafts and to obtain overall dimensions, but attempts were futile. Their computers would not function properly.

After these occurrences, the cylindrical object left its orbit and instantly disappeared into the earth's atmosphere.

So it turned out that what the earth's inhabitants thought was a temporary outage of --- (All Things Connected), was actually the replacement of earth's functioning satellites.


Case Footnote:

The memo noted below is thought to have come from the cylindrical object. It was sent to every United Nations representative and to the leaders of non-representative nations, via text messages:

"Attention, now that you have become dependent upon Our Technology, we have taken control, for obvious reasons.

No one forced you to use this technology and despite its security drawbacks, you persisted in the use of it.

Even knowing that this technology was licensed to another party you devised ways to skirt the payment process.

Everything that was on and around your planet, which was within our operating systems licenses and under interplanetary law, has now been replaced by our own devises. 

Now that Our Technologies have control of your economies and without Our Internet your infrastructures would quickly collapse, we will grant Earth's leaders Flex Time during contract negotiations.

WHY? --- Because your business is Important to Us. 



D. Thurmond / JEF  11- 2015

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