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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Some twists and turns and off we will glide, under the sea and off for a ride, above and below the fictional tide, the reader shall go a-hunting! --- this story might fit in several categories, but just one is offered. it will do.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



In a very large conference area, and in a --- (?). Well, I would like to say that this is a city, but this habitat is so different from any city humans might build. And it is aquatic, in an underwater habitat sort of way.

It is a grouping of bubble-like structures that are connected together like chains, much like pearls on a string.

In addition, each chain has the ability to move with the changes in undersea currents. You might say that the city acts much like stands of seaweed; moving in unison with the ocean's currents around it.

Each bubble's exterior looks a lot like a crystal shell, but can flex like a rubber balloon.

The illumination of each shell comes from unseen sources of light. The light seems to coming from the water within each crystal, like the florescent glow that is sometimes seen in tidal waves under moonlight. For the lack of better words, I'll just say that the whole thing is beautiful; breathtaking.

These cities are hidden away in a worldwide series of massive ocean caverns, well hidden from prying eyes and human devices.


On this day, in that very large conference area, there is a gathering going on; a meeting of the Cooperative Central Council.


Let's activate our Telepathic Receptors, and our language translation devices, so we may listen in.


"We have given them enough technology!" said the squid-like creature. All the while it nervously moved to and fro, from place to place, within the oblong bubble-like stadium.

"Just look what they have done with our gifts; computer games that instill in their offspring their lust for destruction and killing.

Then there is The Internet, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and a hoard of other non-educational tools that they have given themselves. Many of those devises disengage their thought processes from reality.

And let us not forget the bombs that they build and the missiles that deliver those bombs faster and more accurately, all based on our gifts.

My friends, all these gifts were supposed to give them the ability to build spacecraft and propulsion systems that would take them away from this struggling planet. Not make them more dangerous!

Where will it end?!? --- Are we going to educate them to the point that they have the means to kill every living thing on land and sea, and aren't they already there?

Let us remember that we, those below the water, started evolving at the same time as those above the water, --- but we did not war.

We have followed a more defensive path. As Dolphinian III said right after great unification took place, "Trust but Verify". That statement was made 5,000 years ago and it is as true today as it was then.

Humans are a cunning species; aside from us their deception is unrivaled. So what they use our gifts for should be monitored better, not ignored.

We have used our centuries of innovation to progress and excel. Higher learning and cooperation has been the means to a healthy and well educated population; void of war-like conflicts.

My fellow Council member, Contentment is ours thanks to the Spirit that guides us.

But what have the humans done with their centuries? They spent most of their time and what little they learned trying to destroy one another.

Let us not vote hastily!"



An extremely large Octopus looking creature, along with it's assistants, moved in procession to the center of the enclosure. Then it spread its tentacles outward and replied, "Squidious-Low, my old friend, and all of you who have gathered here, hear me.

We have the capability to divert any nuclear laden missiles by simply redirecting them into space. And of course, from that point we would use our Magnetic-repulsion systems to propel the missiles into the sun. No one is going to annihilate this planet; everything is under our control."


A huge crab-like creature raised one claw and asked the question, "Do you mean the kind of control that allowed the atomic bombing of those two islands, Octival? I do not see any control in those actions!"


Octival curled and intertwined two of its tentacles together and replied, "We must be patient, Sand-Dweller, humans only learn by harsh lessons and Japan was a very hash lesson. They have not made the same mistake again. 

As all of you know, and just as I predicted, the ice at the Polar Regions is rapidly melting. This is of the humans doing, together with some natural cycles that have been accelerated by their actions. This is caused by the greed of some humans and the stubbornness of many.

Like our ancient fable, "The Great Whale." Captain Ahab was not killed by the Great Whale; Captain Ahab was killed by his own stubbornness.

No matter what the humans do, the ice will continue to melt and the water will continue to rise at an ever increasing rate. There will be no quick recovery.

When the humans finally see that they are past the point of no return, they will have only one choice left to save themselves.

Our telepathic suggestions, over the past few centuries, have excelled their progress. And recently, more suggestions have been received by a number of powerful and wealthy humans. They have been shown the future and they are already looking for escape routes into outer-space. But they need propulsion systems that will allow them to get to inhabitable planets; planets outside our solar system.

All we are asking for is permission to provide humans with additional technology so they will have the means to vacate this planet. The sooner they go the better.

Now, if there are no other speakers, let us vote."


"Wait!" Squidious-Low Bellowed. What if they use this technology to exploit other planets and do not leave ours?

They still have time to build massive floating cities, both on the oceans and in the air. If we give them the means to retrieve material from other planets, then they would have unlimited resources.

There are those of us that believe humans will do as they have always done, and they will not leave our planet as you predict.

We feel it best if they are unaided and things take a natural course of action, just as it did during the Flood of Noah.

We have gone to great lengths to convince land-dwellers that sightings of our flying craft are from other galaxies, if we hadn't done that, then I'm sure that they would be searching for us right now.

They did not learn from the Flood of Noah, nor did they record the historical event as anything but a story; the fools.

So, Octival, and the rest of my distinguished friends, some of us will vote, No, today."


As the overwhelming "NO" votes were announced, an inconspicuous little squid left the side of Octival and jetted out of the city. Then the little squid left the underground cavern and headed towards the ocean's surface. After a time, it turned and entered the torpedo-tube of a waiting nuclear submarine.


As the submarine surfaced, just enough to raise it's

Conning-tower and communication devices out of the water, it was struck by a fragmenting blow. Then again and again it was struck!

As the submarine was about to rupture, the Captain ordered all hands to abandon ship; she was taking on water very quickly.

Many of the sailors found themselves without life vests, they were in grave danger of drowning.

They desperately tried to swim to waiting inflated lifeboats, but the currents were swift and frequent waves made that impossible.

Suddenly, and to the sailor's surprise, a large pod of dolphins surfaced and pulled the stranded sailors to available lifeboats; then the dolphins disappeared benighted the waves. 

As the sailors rowed away, they saw their submarine split into several parts and sank into the darkness below.


Soon after the sinking, many sailors busied themselves with the tasks of activating distress beacons and preparing themselves for a possible extended stay out in the open ocean.

So no-one paid much attention to the large shadowy figure de-cloaking as it moved below the water's surface. Perhaps some did see it and thought that it was a whale. Who knows?

But it was not a whale, no, not at all.

It was Squidious-Low's battered transport. And Low's transport was in hot per-suite of that inconspicuous little squid; which just happened to be one of Octival's personal aides.

After a short pursuit, the craft's Transporter locked onto the little squid and it was taken into the vessel.

With his mission accomplished, Squidious-Low turned his craft towards his home, and back to his city in the sea.


Well students, that about wraps it up for today. If you will return your Telepathic Receptors to my assistants and follow your guides they will escort you back to our Intergalactic-transport.


Tomorrow we will review and discuss these topics:

1) Was the inconspicuous little squid a spy for the land dwellers?

2) Was Octival behind the squid's meeting with the Submarine?

3) What was the reason behind Squidious Low's actions? 


Now, please follow your guides and we should have you back to your universities in No Time.

Suddenly a Tragedian student laughed, which sounds more like a buzz-saw cutting lumber, and then he replied, "That was a good one Professor! --- Traveling at the speed of light, have you home in No Time. --- Buzz, Buzz ---Very funny!"



D. Thurmond / JEF


Rew. 12-2019

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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