He who Remembers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
oliver a boy who hold's a secret that last a 4 life times, and the girl who holds the key to his past and his life.

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017



“Oliver don't forget to brush your teeth before bet hun”. “Uhh ma i'm fourteen know i can manage myself now”, “Well your last report card said otherwise”.

Uhh man i can't even enjoy my summer with her i get enough of dad. Wait a minute..

“hey ma when's dad coming home”? “Tomorrow Oliver you know how he is on mondays”.

Yeah don't remind me….. , “ma i'm going to head to sleep earlier than my norm k”? “Sure hun”.


?later on


Mhhhh what's pulling my arm? Misty now wait she's in her crate so, what is it better open my eyes. “Wake up Oli”!! “Wake up”!! “Uhh fine who is”…… “what the hell who are you how, how do you know my name”!? “Oli it's me don't you remember”?? “No i….”

“Oli wait, why are you sealed”?? Ok I must be sleeping a pretty blonde with black highlights is sitting on me in my bedroom,wake up, wake u….

“Oliver you're not dreaming”

“ Wait how did you..”? “Uhh Oli it's me Cristal we are childhood friends to think they erased your memory”.

“Wait my memory is that why i can't remember anything before 9 months ago all my memories are they gone”??

“Yes Oli they're gone, he took them …..”


“No time i'm going to restore them dont move”.

I can't even move let alone stop staring at your chest do i really know i girl with the…

“Oliver Lucian don't think another word or off with your head”!!

“Ok ok ...Cristal”, “ok Oli look me in the eyes” . “ok??”

“wait ahhhhh why, why am i floating it's so dark wait is this my head…??” “Huh there's a key floating with a strange book, let me take a look, wait the book has i lock lets see, hey it opans…. wait i'm being pulled insi….”

“Oli, Oliver wake up do you remember?”

“yeah I… I do, im 3/4 vampire and your crystal we.. we met 367 years ago…. Under the red north star……”

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