In 30,000 Years

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A space story about the many ventures that the Grafters attempt. Some work out well, others, not so much.

A tall, slender, humanoid moved like a luminous cloud moves across a darkened sky.

Her name is Con-tain and her haloed glow would have been blinding for any ordinary creature, but these being are not ordinary. No, these are the "Dazzle" and they are Grafters.


Con-tain is speaking to another Dazzle, so let's listen in.


"Our research budget is becoming slim, Manaus, and after such a long time you should have reached the same conclusion that the council has.

Your former Grafting session with the Trundles became an asset to our society's working class, and that project took less than one of our years.

Although slow to fulfill their purpose, the Gloats are improving and I am sure that in another 10,000 of their years, you know, one year to us, they should be ready.

So my question is this, will your latest effort craft this new project into an intelligent and cooperative asset?

Your last attempt with them failed, you know, before the flood, and they have turned out to be unpredictable and dangerous.

And let's face it, your experiments with adding moral conviction didn't eliminate the animal in them. How could it? Their animal instincts are part and partial of who they are, you can't root that out."


Manaus began to glow with an off-colored white light and then replied, "The meteor strikes, volcanic eruptions, and floods came by natural causes, they were not meant to eliminate or correct their unruliness. Those distractions were all acts of nature.

And all that destruction would have cost this project far too much. We would have had to restock the planet with carbon based life forms, some of which do not exist elsewhere; that would have weighed heavily on our restoration budget.

So I took it upon myself to use what was available to make sure mating pairs survived. With the last flood, that meant using whatever intelligent beings were on hand.

Fortunately there was a family that was willing to craft a vessel, per my instructions, and that vessel saved them."


Con-tain smiled and stated, "Yes, but what about the intelligence additions?

It is for sure that adding intelligence to those subjects has not added good judgment; they are more ruthless than ever. Left to their own devises, they will surly destroy that planet. Something has to be done!"


The glow from Manaus decreased and he a question, "What would you have me do?"


"There is only one thing to do, undo what you have done," Con-tain replied.

Then she concluded with, "And let us come up with another project that shows more promise."


The light from Manaus was nearly gone.

He reached out with one hand and waved it over a small orbiting devise.

Suddenly, hundreds of millions of sparkling star-flakes flowed from the object and shot across the heavens in a great procession, blanketing the outer atmosphere of the planet in question.

Then, like stardust falls, all the flakes descended on the planet and collected on every reasoning creature.

Yes, in the blink of a Dazzle's eye, after the flakes settled the only knowledge that the planet's inhabitants still possessed was what their ancestors knew, 30,000 years ago.




Con-tain smiled, and then asked Manaus, "Have you another project in the works?"


Manaus began to Glow again, then he stated rather proudly, "Yes, it is a planet called earth.

The subjects there are primitive humanoids and they are currently in the age of stone tools, but I could fix that in a day or two!"



D. Thurmond / JEFalcon


Submitted: April 01, 2019

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

Great social comment. Good piece of satire.

Tue, April 2nd, 2019 6:49am


Thanks, we are trying.

Tue, April 2nd, 2019 11:26am

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