In the Shade of a Mango Tree

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The things that go on in the jungle of life. And it's not all monkey business.

Submitted: January 12, 2015

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Submitted: January 12, 2015



Every year the old Chimpanzee would make his way from the western hillsides, down into the valleys to the east, to feed on the summer fruits and berries. In his younger years the old Chimpanzee had not done this very often because he was spry enough to forage in the hills where he lived. In those days, if you were quick and nimble, you could collect enough to eat without making the long journey to the valley. However, in these later years he needed less competition from the young monkeys and more abundant food sources to fill he needs. And so it went, this Spring the old Chimpanzee started the journey, as in all the other years, slowly and steadily downward through the passes and riverbeds.

It was not an easy journey, the only food was high in the trees, if at all, and he would have to climb very high to get it. The climbing used a lot of the old Chimps energy and the fruit, quite often, did not return the replenishment of energy he had hoped. But still, it was better than none at all.

One morning the old Chimp happened on a younger chimpanzee who was sitting in the shade of a mango tree. Turns out, this Chimpanzee name was Carla and Carla needed a favor. She asked the old Chimp if he would climb the Mango tree for her and drop her a fruit to eat. She said her journey had made her frail and unable to climb very far. She would surly starve if he did not help her.

The old Chimpanzee noticed another old Chimpanzee with Carla and asked why that Chimp did not climb the tree.

Carla explained that the other Chimp, Ruby, was an older family member and had trouble climbing too, but only on occasion. And it just so happened that that day was one of those occasions that Ruby could not climb very high.

Reluctantly the old Chimpanzee agreed and from that day on Carla and Ruby followed the old Chimpanzee wherever he went. So saying, that they were all heading in the same direction.

Well, as you may have guessed, very often the old Chimp would find food and fetch it.  And if Ruby could not climb that day, Carla and Ruby would end up with most of it.


One early evening Ruby fell from a tree while fetching a fruit and died from the fall. It was very sad and unexpected.

Carla cried, while eating the fruit Ruby had just dropped, and the old Chimpanzee said a few consoling words. They moved on.


Within a week the old Chimp had heart failure while climbing to fetch a Mango. His limp body fell to the forest floor, still holding the Mango. Carla said a few words, ate the Mango, and moved on.


The next morning, another older Chimpanzee happened on Carla who was sitting in the shade of a mango tree.

“Kind Sir”, said Carla, “ would you climb this tree and fetch a Mango for me? Over this last week I have lost a good friend and a family member while on this journey to the valleys below.

Dividing what little food I found among three, well, I am afraid the ordeal has weakened me to the point that I cannot climb high enough to fetch any more.” 


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