It's A Moose!

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Two people on a quest for the wild Moose photo.

Submitted: August 24, 2015

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Submitted: August 24, 2015



This is one of those things you may see once in your lifetime, but if you haven't, well, here is the story.


My wife and I were traveling through Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A. 

We were on our way to someplace or returning from somewhere, not sure which. It is a diversionary, nature-seeing, tactic we use while traveling in that tri-state area.


We were looking for things that we hadn't seen before in a place that we had been to at least a half dozen times; new stuff in Yellowstone was eluding us.

Now there was one thing we wanted to do, we wanted to take a good moose picture. You know, an "In the Wild" Moose Picture.

We had moose pictures from previous visits, but always from far away. The moose in those pictures looked like chipmunks in a field. However, on this trip my wife had her new, Birthday Gift, Zoom-lens, Digital Camera. And she was ready for action!

We entered the park from the south-western corner, sort of, and were noting the fire ravaged sections of the forest.

We were traveling along a two line, undivided, road when we saw about fifty cars, motor-homes, and camping-trailers stopped all over the road and along the shoulder.

It was a traffic jam that any major city would have gladly shown on the evening news, calling it a "Major Event".

In that area the road was elevated and ran parallel to the river, so the view of the river was excellent and pretty much unobstructed by anything but a few small trees and some brush.

I looked toward the area that everyone else seemed to be pointing, looking, and taking pictures.

Well sure enough, there was a huge Male Moose with lots of antlers and attitude. He was casually standing in the river, near the road, and munching on some kind of greens.

It was a photo-buffs dream come true and my wife was ready!

I pulled the car over to the side of the road; she got out and placed the camera on the top of the car to steady it. The lever was pressed and out came the zoom lens in all its zooming glory. She centered on the moose and just as the digital focused in on the animal some lady, and I use the term loosely, ran right in front of my wife and her perfect shot.

The woman had been riding in some sort of sports car with the top down, and apparently the car pulled up to the side and behind our car.

That is when the lady jumped out of the car screaming, IT'S A MOOSE, IT'S A MOOSE, in a voice that could only be compared to "The Nanny's".

The woman was carrying her little rent a camera and went running, in her high heels and spaghetti -strap sun dress, down the road toward the moose. Her shrieking bothered the Moose so much that he headed for the other side of the river.

Well, my wife lost her shot, the crowd of onlookers were all moaning and sneering at the woman, who was happily snapping pictures of what will turn out to be photos of a dot in a far away river.


After the crowd cleared the road, we moved on.


Miles passed and Bison, Deer, Elk, Chipmunks, and a slew of other critters abounded, (I even saw what I think was a Jack-ah-lope); but no Moose.


It was a very nice day and the temperature was in the mid-70's, just right for sight-seeing in a national park.

Then it happened.

I was zipping right along, about 30 mph, on that same type of two-lane road.

There was grass-land on each side, scattered trees, and dense forest further back.

Suddenly I see a car stopped ahead. At first I thought that it was just slowing while it was passing between two stands of trees, but as I got closer the lady in the car ahead of us turned on her 4-way flashers and put her hand out of the driver’s window, opened palm.

As I stopped behind her I noticed a car coming from the opposite direction, it stopped too, at the other end of the stand of trees.

The stands of trees were on both side of the road and I'm sure that someone had cut a path right through the middle of them.

At that point I noticed something on my left, at the tree line, and the road's edge, it was a big nose sticking out of the trees.

My wife saw it too, but was unsure as to what we were looking at until the Female Moose stuck her head out of the trees; she looked like one of those moose-heads on a wall.

Then it happened, as soon as the Moose saw that the cars were all stopped she started across the road, all the while making a grunting sounds. And right behind her was a baby moose happily following Mama, as ordered.

We were all so flabbergasted that the thought of a camera never entered our minds.

The whole idea that this Moose had learned to wait for traffic to clear, or in this case, to STOP, before crossing the road just dumfounded us; as did another missed opportunity for a close up Moose photo.

Ah, "the best laid plans of mice and men".


Just before exiting the park we came upon some buildings with a divided roadway. There was a Visitors Center, a Ranger Station, and I believe a Lodge, or a building that you would register to lodge, not sure which.

Along the greenbelt of the divided roadway were shade-trees and under the shade-trees were Elk lounging around as if there were no-one there but them. Visitors were driving around and around, taking pictures from their vehicles.

Of course there were those clueless adults and some kids being corralled by a young Park Ranger; he was trying to keep them from approaching the animals.

He was trying to impress upon them that they were, indeed, wild animals and could be harmful if provoked. 

Then there was the Ranger Station, which looked like a rather large log-cabin. The sign said it was a Ranger Residence & that it was not open to the public.

Looking at the front and to the left of the cabin was a children's slide and swing set, and on the right was some large pine trees which shaded the area very well.

Well enough to attract two very adult female moose, one lying under a tree, taking a nap, and the other just standing around munching and watching the people taking pictures of them.

Well, my wife jumped out of the car and took several shots of them, from a safe distance, but later found that there were more people in the photos than there were Moose; so much for "Moose, In the Wild, photos".



D. Thurmond / JEF


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