It's a Rocky Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Someone said that this was a kid's story, I don't think they were talking very little kids. It is a fable looking at possible life from another angle, and what some might do with it.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



Once upon a time there was a rock named Garnet who was very good friends with a Topaz Stone named Scorpios.

I know, I know, on earth rocks don't have names that they answer to and they don't talk. But this story takes place on a different kind of planet.

On this planet everything is alive, even the planet itself. During certain times of their year the planet atmosphere changes and is warmed to the point that stones can become molten, if molten is the right word for rocks that melt at a temperature just above our body temperature. And during this warming period they move about freely.

During this time of movement the stones leave their hibernation cycle and feed on the rich minerals that cover the surface of the planet.

These minerals are the planet's cast-offs, a-kin to dead skin on an animal, and must be removed and recycled if the planet is to breath. It is all part of the planet's echo system. 


Well, during one such cycle Garnet awoke to see a giant rock very near where he always did his grazing.


"What is that thing over there?" Garnet asked Scorpios.

Scorpios looked and replied, "Maybe it's one of those rocks that fall from the sky. It certainly is big!

It is round in one direction, but sort of flat on the top and bottom. But some of our rocks are shaped like that, you know, like Marbaleenia. She looks like that too, but much smaller."


Suddenly a compartment on the large rock opened and odd looking creatures descended from it.

The creatures moved around and gathered many little rocks from the surface. Then they returned to their rock and the rock lifted into the sky.

"What a strange thing to happen," stated Scorpios, "sky rocks only fall down, never up."

"Tis true," replied Garnet, "a strange thing, indeed!"



Many seasons passed and nothing was remembered about the big rock from the sky, so life continued as usual.

However, during one of the later winters when the planet rocks were asleep, there came many more sky rocks. And these sky rocks were much bigger than the first sky rock.

These sky rocks brought things called machines, and the machines picked up almost all of the rocks that were on the surface of the planet.

When they had finished, everything was loaded on the big sky rocks and the sky rocks were lifted into the sky.



When Garnet awoke the next summer, he could not believe what had happened.

Garnet said, "Where have all my rock-friends gone, long time passing? Where have all my rock-friends gone, long time ago? (Big Sigh!)"

Garnet was very sad and he spent much of his time sulking and missing his friends.

Just as you might expect, with many of the rocks gone, the surface of the planet was building a layer of minerals that were not being recycled by the missing rocks; the planet couldn't breath properly and was dying.

Garnet remarked, "The planet will die before the missing rocks can be replaced by new generations, (Sigh!), all is lost."

Yet, the very next summer many more sky rocks arrived, these were as big as the last ones and noisier.

Each giant rock moved along the ground sucking up the minerals as well as a few rocks along the way; Garnet was one of those rocks.

All Garnet knew was darkness and noise for what seemed to be "Forever", then it grew quiet for another length of time; dark, but quiet.


In time, Garnet was deposited elsewhere. And you know what? Scorpios was there!

All Garnet's other friends were there too, and they were happily munching on layers of minerals.

No-one knew where they were at and no-one seemed to care. And even if they did know, what could they do about it? Their kinds of rocks don't fly.

All they knew was that it was bigger than their planet, and much flatter too. And the temperature was always high enough to allow them to stay awake, they never had to hibernate.

And because they were awake twice as long, they ate twice as much, so they got bigger and bigger.

They were all together, that was important, and they had plenty to eat, that was a must, so they were happy on the earth.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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