Just Between Us

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Ah, memories of family, fishing, keeping secrets.

Submitted: September 19, 2017

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Submitted: September 19, 2017



The old man sat on the edge of the wooden dock, fishing-pole in one hand and the other hand steadied a plastic sheet that draped over his rain-slicker clad body.

"Fishing's good when it rains," he said to his friend and companion; a golden Cocker Spaniel named Samantha.

Samantha had curled herself up next to Dean, wisely out of the rain and comfortably having her head resting on his leg rather than the wet dock.

"Maybe we'll catch something other than Catfish today," Dean said to Sam. "Not that I'm complaining, Sammy, no sir, this river has served us a meal many times when a meal wasn't seen in our future, that's for sure. And no matter what anyone says about it, I thank God for even the littlest of favors, and fish.


As Dean sat watching the water flow his mind drifted off to times long past. "How many years was it?" he wondered aloud. "I was about five, or maybe six, so that would have made it 65 years ago."

Then he looked down at the dog as she looked up at him with those big brown eyes, and he confessed, "I remember it like it was just yesterday, Sammy; just like yesterday.

My Grandpa, Oscar, Arley, and Pop Theasin, said that it was time for me to learn to fish. So they got a rowboat from somewhere and we set out from this very dock.

Arley gave me a kid size rod and real, where he got it I can't fathom, and then he showed me how to put the worm on the hook. I was sure that I was going to get sick but I was with "The Men-folk" so I didn't dare; I think I re-swallowed my breakfast at least three times.

We fished for a while and then I caught one. And it was a whopper! It was so big in fact that it snapped the kid size pole.

My step-dad, Arley, didn't waste any time. He had me switch places with him in the boat and he gave me his pole, baited and with the line still in the water. Arley took my broken fishing-pole and finished reeling in the fish that I already had on the line. 

As soon as I sat in Arley's seat, and got settled in, another fish took my hook; it was that way all morning.

Arley never caught another fish with my broken pole; in fact, no-one else caught any fish that day.

Pop Theasin said it was a Omen, Grandpa said it was beginner's luck, and Arley made everyone promise not to tell anyone that I caught all the fish. It was a secret just among US guys. After all, three grown-up men being out-fished by a six year old; they never would have heard the end of it.


D. Thurmond / JEF


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