Keeping Hope Alive

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This little story might fit under different categories, but I picked science fiction because they didn't provide a "Are you kidding me?" category. oh well, maybe next time.

Submitted: October 03, 2019

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Submitted: October 03, 2019



The year is 2048 and the world has gone through additional technological upgrades, and some population changes. But otherwise it is pretty much as it has been for the past three decades.

The population changes I referred to are partly due to the wide spread use of "The Family Integrated Robot."


In the beginning these robots were used in upper middle class households, and by those in the business world that needed an extension of themselves to satisfy their hectic schedules.

Corporate executives often had two or more; one or two for their domestic lives and the others to fill in for them during business hours, which could be continuously.


Well wouldn't you have guessed? The popularity of these robots called for an increase in their production, thus their cost was substantially lowered.

Basically, what I'm saying is, "If you had good credit, you could have one."

Now it is time for our story to begin.



It was late afternoon in this upscale suburban neighborhood and the Cocker Spaniel at 801 Logic Lane had just finished his afternoon nap; he was ready for some exercise.

Out of the back yard the Spaniel ran and into the house via the Doggie-door.

He stopped at his water dish for a quick drink and then he trotted to the front door and sat on his rump. As he sat there his eyes stayed focused on the front door's handle.


Well he didn't have to wait long. Soon the door handle turned and the door opened to reveal a robot standing on the porch.

The robot made a slight beeping sound and then asked the dog, "Are you ready for your walk, Max?"

Max jumped to his feet and disappeared into the house, soon returning with a leash in his mouth.

"Good Boy, Max," the robot stated repeatedly while attaching the leash to the dog's collar, and as the two headed towards the sidewalk the front door of the house closed behind them.


As the two reached the corner of that block they encountered another similar looking robot that was walking a Doberman Pincher.

The two dogs attempted smelling one another and then joined in some friendly frolicking before being restrained by their escorts.

In the meantime the two robots were communicating too, via beeps, whistles, and the occasional "Blurrr" sound.

And after a few moments the four parted ways, two by two.


Along the wide shaded street the two sojourners traveled, one listening to classical music via a wireless Wi-Fi connection, and the other sniffing its way along the sidewalk.


Suddenly Max became very excited and began pulling very hard on his leash. He wanted to walk faster!

Ahead was a small fenced-in park with dogs running and barking, and having all sorts of fun.

As they arrived at the park, Max's walker opened the latched gate to the park and once inside the robot unlatched Max's leash.

He was a fee dog!


As Max ran from this dog to that, jumping, barking, and having a great time, his walker communicated with other robot walkers that were there. There were beeps, whistles, and occasional "Blurrr" sounds going on all over the park.



As the sun began to set Max heard an unmistakable sound. He was being called by his escort, playtime was over.

With leash attached, down the street they went. Max was sniffing and peeing on anything and everything that he felt was worthy as the robot attentively watched. 

Suddenly Max found just the right spot, in turn the robot produced a pooper-scooper and a plastic bag.

The process was quick and efficient, so they were soon back to walking, smelling, and getting things wet.


It wasn't long before the two arrived at the front door of Max's house, and the front door dutifully opened.

The robot unleashed Max and then asked, "Are you hungry, Max?"

At that point the robot stepped inside the house and closed the door behind them.

"I think Roy will get you some Blue-Diamond Mix. How does that sound Boy?"

Max barked at Roy a few times while wagging his tail franticly.

"OK then," Roy replied, "but let me turn on the news first so I can become updated on this day’s events. Today was a hectic day at the office and I had no spare time at all."


"There we go!” Roy stated, “Now let's locate your food, shall we?"

Max barked his approval.


The news caster's stand-in spoke in beeps, whistles, and the occasional "Blurrr." But there were subtitles which stated, "This just in! The last known survivors of the Africa Tomb Virus were inundated with other medical complications and despite valiant efforts by the specialized robot nursing staff, they have all died.

As our viewers may already know, human awareness of this virus was masked by delayed incubation periods, from four to nine months. And the virus's ability to spread around the globe in such a short amount of time was due to its airborne method of travel.

We now believe that the hidden compartment in the newly discovered tomb may have been the source of the virus.

The opening of that compartment, shortly before severe and unexpected wind storms, may have led to the end of the human race; only time and further tests will tell.

The World's Council of Reasoning Robots has asked that robots residing in remote regions be ever vigilante for any signs of resent human activity. We are keeping hope alive that a few of our creators escaped this deadly killer."


After Max ate his dinner, Roy connected himself to the recharging unit and shut-down for the night.

Then Max wandered over to his water dish, took a drink, and then he found his bed for the night.

Max’s bed is a silky comforter that once belonged to his former owner. Roy always places it in his lap.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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