Kings Were Never Gone

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Trying a different story line. --- This is a story about the king-ships that never ended and the power money brings.--- How much of it is true? You be the judge.

Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



Phil Townsman is sitting behind a large maple desk in an office way too small for a desk that size.

There are books and binders piled everywhere. The bookshelves are packed with loose papers, more binders, and old newspapers; with a few period magazines stuffed here and there.

Phil is talking on his secured Land-line to someone named George, the last name is unknown.


"Hi George, it's me, Phil. The report is complete and the outcome is not what we expected at all.


No, no one has seen the entire report until yesterday. I'm the only one that has seen it in its entirety, and I've been going over it ever sense.


Yes, I had different teams working on various sections, as we agreed. No one team knew that they were working on only one section of an entire report, nor did they know that any other teams were involved. They all have been told that what they were part of was some sort of historical study.


Yes, every team is in a different location, many in different states from one another. So the chances of them connecting the dots are slim to nil.


Sure, I can give you a quick rundown, but I'm going to bring the report to you tomorrow, personally.


Well, this whole democracy thing was a joke right from the beginning. What has been going on, and I'm talking right from the beginning, is a manipulation of power using the democratic system to disguise flagrant capitalistic king-ships.

We never left the old system; we just called everyone by new names. That was during the beginning of the colonies and leading to the industrial revolution.


When industrialization began, the railroads, coal, oil, steel, that is when a new line of kings appeared, with dukes and earls galore.

They waged war against one another, often to the detriment of the populous. The pawns were expendable, just like always.


The appearance of the unions only added additional kings to the realm, but they were kings that produced some good side effects for the populace in general.


No, that didn't happen, as we thought that it might. Instead, all the kings got richer, but some aligned themselves with some very unsavory dukes and earls, so to speak.

By the end of WW-II certain kings were making most of their money in banking, insurance, oil, and manufacturing. And much of the manufacturing was military related, so they sought ways to keep that in play; thus their political will was expressed in the wars in Korea and Vietnam.


No, that was not what they did.

Their financial and political will was so entrenched in the Mafia, in our government, especially in the FBI, the CIA. Even in states and federal courts, they were able to do anything they saw fit to achieve their goals, even murders.

It didn't matter whether it was a mobster or a head of state; if they were bad for business then they had to go.

People who did what they wanted got to stay; otherwise they changed things to their liking.


Kennedy was going to move the US out of Vietnam, but military spending, to defend it, was much to their liking; they had made heavy investments and they needed time to recoup their investment, so Kennedy had to go, as did his brother. 


Then came the digital age and they no longer needed to kill anyone, they could simply fix an election to get what they wanted.


They do have a problem that they don't seem to be able to fix; impulsive voters have caused a disruptive force. They control the hierarchy of one party here in the states, but not the loyalty of the voters. Their greed has set the masses against them, even though the masses don't know who they are against. Now these kings are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with only two options.


No, not those kings, those are more like generals.

If the one wins the election, then they will try to keep that president as ineffective as possible, for another four years. And they will use their media to blame the stagnant government on the policies of that President.

But if the other candidate wins, they will use him as a dupe, someone to point the finger at if and when things go wrong. They will always be able to say, (“That was not our man in the White House, and it was not our fault.”).


Yes, the later is easier for their agenda and they can get things done faster. That is why they are using every resource, Wiki-leaks, supposed Russian Hackers, even individuals and clusters within the FBI; to make sure the later happens.  


No, no one except for you and I will have seen this until you make your presentation to Congress, a copy to the press will follow, I'm sure.


OK George, I will see you about noon tomorrow.”... Click.



"Hi, I am FBI Agent Alex Carmel. Are you Sergeant Trent?"

"Yes I am. I called you because I thought that your people would want to handle this investigation, being the victim was part of your agency. His name was..."

Agent Carmel cut Sergeant Trent off and said, "Yes, I know, Philip Townsman, FBI Special Investigations Unit. Was this a targeted shooting?"

Sergeant Trent replied, "Don't know for sure, one shot to the head, but the mess that the room is in says that there may have been a struggle.

The alarm system is another matter, very high tech stuff, but it was somehow compromised, or the victim let the shooter in. Whoever came in here didn't want money or things to hock. We know that they took a laptop that was on the desk, and possibly a stack of papers, the blood-spatter and a disconnected cord tells us that."

Carmel questioned, "Have there been any resent armed burglaries in the surrounding neighborhoods?"

Just one residence last month, that was over on Hanover Drive. But that guy didn't do this. The home owner over on Hanover shot him with a double-barreled shotgun, both rounds; --- ouch." Trent said with a smile.

"Was Townsman married?" asked Sergeant Trent.

"Yes, his wife is in Huston attending a convention. She is a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. She has been notified,” Agent Carmel replied.

Then the good Sergeant stated, "Well, Agent Carmel, I see your people have arrived so I'll be pulling my people out now. Here is my card should you have any further questions, and I'll fax you my report, a-sap."

With that said, Sergeant Trent began rounding up his team

FBI Agent Alex Carmel pulled his phone from his jacket and dialed. "Hello George, this is Carmel."


"Yes, he was shot sometime last night, they took the laptop and possibly paper copies. They will probably destroy them; I doubt that they would want them accessible to anyone.


Yes, I'll keep a tight lid on this. Talk to you soon," and with that Agent Carmel ended his phone conversation.


(Six weeks later.)


"Hi, here is your mail sir; oh, and this little package arrived for you too,” was the remark from the mail-room lady.

“Thanks, Demi. I'm sorry; you’re not Demi, are you?” Gene replied.

"No sir, I'm Norma, Demi called in sick so I'm just filling in for a few days."

"Well it's nice to meet you Norma," Gene replied.


As soon as Norma left the room, Gene quickly opened the package and plugged its content, a Flash-drive, into his Lap-top. After a few minutes of viewing, he dialed his cell phone, “It arrived just as He said it would; within weeks of his death.

Yes, I'll have it posted on social media and send copies out to all the news agencies; talk to you later Boss.


Suddenly Gene slumped forward, blood streaming from his forehead.

Norma slipped the small caliber hand-gun, complete with silencer, back into a compartment of her mail cart. She approached Gene's desk and removed the flash-drive from his Lap-top. At that point she checked Gene's pulse being very careful not to touch anything else.

Afterward, Norma re-entered the hallway and screamed!

People came running as Norma, in a state of sobbing hysteria, pointed toward Gene's office. "I think he is dead," Norma cried, and I saw a man running toward the elevator, he had a gun.

By the time the police arrived Norma was long gone


In a car several miles from the newspaper building, Norma stops the car in a drugstore parking lot and turned the engine off.

Soon she is dialing her cell phone. "Yes Ambassador, I have the Flash-drive. Those stupid American did not expand their surveillance, and the report was about to be published in the media. There was no other way; I had to take drastic action. Yes, thank you Sir, I will see to it that it is destroy...

Norma glances in her rearview mirror and sees herself, with a laser light on her forehead. She started to move but it was too late.

Two men approach and open the door, after retrieving the Flash-drive they toss an object into the car and walk away. Within a couple of minutes the car was engulfed in flames.


"I'm afraid the situation is out of control, there are people dropping like flies all over town," said Agent Alex Carmel. Then he continued, "Yes Sir, Townsman must have had an accomplice, in fact, he may have had many. And there is no telling how many copies he made of that Report or who he sent them to. All it will take is one copy to get to some blogger somewhere, and then all hell will break loose.

Yes sir, it would be a good time to start throwing some of the lesser kings under the bus so the others can say they were duped by them. Meanwhile I'll have this copy of the Report edited and released to the media.

I know George; I will have you review it before we release it. No, we don't want the wrong kings getting their heads chopped off.


At that very moment Bloggers in Italy, Spain, Iraq, Russia, and the USA posted the Report, in its entirety.


Alas, the kings in the shadows, the handful that have been running the whole show right from the beginnings, they were never discovered; they were not in the report.

The report revealed the visible Kings, sometimes called (Front Men), and they were prosecuted. And of course, some got off on technicalities, others received light sentences, and one was set up to take the fall for all the others, they say he killed himself.

Yes, all is right in the kingdoms again, and there is no threat to the natural order of things.




D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  11-05-2016

© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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