Land of Giants

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This hiking party seems to have gotten more than they contracted for when they hired this guide to show them the sights in Monument Valley.

Submitted: January 24, 2019

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Submitted: January 24, 2019



Four want-to-be explorers, and their Fitness Trainer Guide, arrived at the entrance of "Land of Giants National Park", USA.

And after entering the Park and getting information from the Park's Information Center, John drove his specially equipped SUV to one of the recommended parking lots; his was the first vehicle to arrive.


John's business is "Hiking the Great Outdoors, International", no really, that is the name of his business.

And his Motto, the advertizing motto that caught this group’s eye was, "Anybody Can Hike, but John will show you how to Enjoy it!"


After John found a secluded parking place, he likes those kinds of places because John doesn't like ordinary vehicles parking next to his specially outfitted, Absolutely-Red, SUV. 

And after driving off of the black-topped surface of the parking lot, at 40 MPH, John brought his SUV to a dirt-plowing stop!

The four passengers were thrilled by the boldness of the maneuver.


John asked everyone stay in the vehicle long enough for the team to receive last minute safety and gear-use instructions.

Well wouldn’t you know? Just after those instructions were being metered out a terrible electrical storm descended on them.

"Well what are we supposed to do now?" Ginger asked as bolts of electricity hit their vehicle and the ground it.


John replied, "Not to worry, the safest thing to do is to stay in the vehicle. I have had this SUV outfitted with a state-of-the-art electrical grounding system; we are safe while inside.

Besides, storms in this area are often fast moving, so let's hope this one passes soon so we can be on our way."

After a few moments, Baker asked, "Has anyone noticed that there is no rain to be seen, all I see is lightning."


To which John replied, "This is a desert environment, electrical storms are a common occurrence in such places."


Susan was next, and she asked, "Speaking of the lightning, how come we don't hear any thunder after the flashes are seen?"


John had an answer for that too, he stated, "It is called Sound Diversion, I believe that's what they say. Sometimes sound waves can hit the ground and if they are angled just right they can bounce right over your location; you won't hear a thing."

Well, after much discussion everyone did agree that the storm was an odd one, but they also agreed that staying in the SUV was the best thing to do; just as John had said.

Thankfully the storm came and went very quickly, just as John had hoped for, so they were Geared-up and ready to go in just under an hour. But clouds had descended all around them and they couldn't see much of anything.


"Alright, it is compass time people!" John stated with a smile. And then he commanded, "Let's get moving, due east everyone, due east."


It wasn't long before they had hiked their way out of the fog and as they did so many things caught the would-be explorer’s eyes.

The size of the towering landscapes was much bigger than any of them had thought that it would be and they marveled at their grandeur.

But when it came to oddities, the strangest thing that they found was a disk-shaped chunk of what looked like a tree-trunk. And even more curious was the fact that the thing had two holes near its middle. 

"It looks like a button, a big and heavy button," Ginger stated as she examined the chunk of wood.

John laughed and said, "It's just a freak of nature.

Wind, rain, and lightning can turn a bolder into a sculpture, so it is not surprising that a slab of tree might look like a button."

"That's true," Baker replied, "but if I were asking a question then I would ask how a slab of oak-tree got to a place where no oak-trees grow."

Susan replied, "The wind did it, silly. Winds out here can move boulders, so why not a hunk of a tree? After all, it is disk shaped so my guess is that it could take flight in heavy winds; like a Frisbee."

John thought for a moment and then stated with a grin, "Tell you what, this would be a good way to build our location skills, so let's set up markers and see if we can find this hunk of tree on our way back.

If we do manage to find it then we can take it to the ranger station to ask their opinion."


Seconds later Baker chuckled, almost to himself, and boisterously said, "Maybe we have discovered a prehistoric wheel and we will all be famous for finding it!"

Well everyone laughed and the jokes continued among the group as they set about building a marker.

And as they made location notes on their map, they headed off to do more exploring.

But just as they rounded the corner of a ridge of sandstone, a huge creature appeared in front of them.

I would call the creature a Horned-toad because that is what it looked like, but history tells us that Horned-toads have not been that big since the time of the dinosaurs. So with all things considered, I would say that it was a dragon.


Immediately, John stepped forward and from his belt he drew what everyone thought to be a handgun, but it was not. No, whatever it was emitted green-tinted light-rays that flashed in a strobe-like manner. And when the light hit the creature's eyes, it found some soft dirt and buried itself beneath it.


"What the hell was that?" Baker asked excitedly.


John quickly replied, "It's a new type of Pistol, it uses lazar-light beams to frighten the creature instead of an electrical discharge that could harm it! --- Isn't it great?!?"


Baker placed a frown on his face when he replied, "I'm not talking about the stupid gun, I am talking about that giant lizard, that Dragon!"

John thought for a moment and with a very serious look on his face, he replied, "I have no idea, but we will have to report its location to the Ranger's Station! It might be an endangered species of some kind."

Strangely enough, being that their Guide wasn't too concerned about the presence of a big dragon then I guess no-one else felt threatened. They all went on their way with little more said about it.

After a few hours of marveling at the colored sandstone, wind carvings, and rain sculptures, nothing seemed out of place or strange any longer.

Even the fact that other lightning storms had moved into the valley below, and just as before, after each storm there were pockets of fog covering the area where lightning had struck.

"Boy, am I glad those storms aren't coming this way," Conner said excitedly, "we would be sitting ducks for all that lightning, you know, out here without protection."


John smiled and replied, "Not to worry! From this vantage-point I can now see that those are ECA's, Electrical Cumulus Accumulations. They produce a visual Shock-and-Aw, but they are not capable of much damage; low Amps and high Voltage are the name of their game."

Not long after the storms had vanished and the fog patches disappeared, it was time to make camp. So John found a shallow cave that was half surrounded by a cluster of colored boulders.

The cave was perfect, protected from the afternoon wind and covered by a natural overhang; it was well suited for a campfire to huddle around.


After dinner everyone was discussing the day's events when John suddenly showed his hand sign to the group, they were to be silent.

Well they had forgotten what the sign meant so they ignored it, so John just said, ("Listen!") in a half whisper.

As they all became quiet they heard muffled sounds coming from a good distance away, but the sounds seemed to be getting louder and closer every moment.

"What the hell is that?" Ginger whispered.

As Baker wandered out to see if he could tell what was going on, he said, "It sounds like thunder, but there's not a cloud in the sky."

It was true. Even though it was a moonless night the blanket of stars being displayed noted that there were no clouds.

Susan looked worried and said, "That's not thunder, maybe the Dragon is back!"


Then Conner remarked, "That isn’t a dragon, or thunder, it sounds more like a jet aircraft breaking the sound barrier. Can't you feel the ground vibrations?"

But just after he said those words the sky went dark for a very short time, then the sounds disappeared.

"See, it was aircraft," Conner confidently said as he looked out into the night, "but they must have been very big planes, considering the amount of sky that they blocked out."


With a considerable amount of drama involved, Ginger stated, "I do not believe that was aircraft passing overhead, the ground wasn't vibrating steadily, no, the vibrations were more of a Vroom, Vroom, Vroom."


"I'm with Ginger," Susan replied, "I've never heard sounds like that before; not from thunder or any kind of aircraft; unless, well, maybe it was a UFO."


Conner shot back by saying, "Really, UFO's, is that where you're going with this?"

John could tell that there was an argument brewing, so he sought to play down the situation by saying, "Whatever it was, it is gone now.

So let's put some sticks on the fire and hit the sake, we need to get an early start in the morning.




The next morning John was awakened by the sounds of people in a heated discussion.


Ginger was saying, "That shard of wood was not there yesterday. I don't care what you say; we could not have missed seeing it sticking out of the ground like that!"


"What's going on?" John asked in his daddy voice.


Ginger pointed to a large shard of wood and said, "Look for yourself!"


John looked at the plank as he walked around it. Then he grabbed the plank and tried to remove the wood from the ground; it wiggled a little but didn't give. Then Conner and Baker lent a hand and it finally fell to the ground, horizontally.


Conner laughed and stated, "It looks like a big Tooth-pick."


Baker laughed too, and then replied, "Well we are, after all, in the Land of Giants."


Susan said with a snicker, "They named this place after the towering spires rising from the earth, you silly, not giant people." 

Then her face put on a more serious mask and she said, "So if that is true, then how did a big tooth-pick get stuck it in the ground last night?"

Now after she had asked that ponderous question everyone looked at each other with an odd sort of look.

And that is when Susan said, "Oh No, we are all trapped in a "B" rated sci-fi movie!"

That remark was just enough to remove the tension in the air and everyone had a very good laugh over the silliness of it all.

Susan patted the wood with her left hand and said, "I believe that it's part of a restaurant advertising sign, you know, like a billboard.

And it arrived here the same way the big button did, by wind or by water.

The wind could have kicked-up while we were sleeping. Being huddled-up in that cave we wouldn't have known what was going on outside."

Not surprisingly Ginger looked upset and had something to say, "I don't care what that is or how it got here. It could belong to Paul Bunion for all I care!

I just want everyone to know that I'm not carrying this toothpick or that so-called button all the way back to the car.

You can do as you please but I think Susan is right, both those objects are just parts of some billboard signs and I think that they should be left where they landed. Let the Rangers take care of them."


Everyone in this group was avid environmentalists. But what that meant to one didn't always mean the same thing to another, especially when it came to oversized toothpicks and giant buttons.

So Baker, a full-time fitness trainer, and Conner, a professional weight lifter, decided that they would carry the wooden plank back to the SUV, as part of some hypothetical endurance training.

Then they would load them on the SUV and take them to the ranger station as a token of their commitment to keeping national parks free of unnatural elements.

This was in agreement with John and Susan, who said that they would carry the so-called button, provided that they actually found it again.


After many long hours, this band of hikers did manage to find and retrieve the button.

It seemed a little heavier that they had remembered but that did not detour their commitment to taking it with them.

And after a lot longer walk than they thought it should have taken, they managed to reach their Vehicle; unfortunately, things were not as they had left them.

There were two other vehicles in the parking lot and their comparable sizes shocked everyone. Both vehicles were as tall as twelve story buildings and what was once a small parking lot was now so big that no-one could see the end of it.


John tossed the button on the ground and started grumbling to himself. Then he climbed up on top of his SUV as his four students watched in confusion.

At that point John pulled out his Key-fob and pressed a series of buttons several times, this action resulted in a score of notes being played by his Vehicle's horns.

Within moments of the horn-song an enormous spacecraft appeared over their heads!

Then a creature appeared, presumably it was an Alien-Being from the spacecraft. It appeared in front of John's SUV and it looked much like a six tall caterpillar with a bird-like head; the creature towered over everyone.

John put his hands on his hips and yelled up at the caterpillar-creature, "How many times do I have to tell you? Shrinking is only needed at the end of the sightseeing excursions, not at the beginning!

And when my SUV is RED, that means humans are inside and you do not shrink them for transport! --- Why? --- Because they are already home, on Earth. They do not need transporting!

But when I am driving the Green SUV, that means Aliens are inside the green vehicle and shrinking is needed for transport to their home planets.

Now see if you can straighten this mess out, and don't forget, these people are to have No Bad Memories of any of today's events. Inter-Galactic Excursions wants happy customers, not one's in Trauma Centers.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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