Mahalo Kahuna

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A Santa-like fictional character comes to life.

Submitted: November 02, 2015

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Submitted: November 02, 2015



It was just past midnight

When I heard a bell,

It wasn't a big one,

It was small, I could tell.


Ting-Ting, Ting-ting,

The sound was so flat.

I slipped on my Flip-Flops

And grabbed my ball-bat.


"Who's on my boat,

Some thieving skunks?"

It can't be the kids,

They're snug in their bunks!


As I entered the cabin,

There were lights everywhere

And a Palm-tree in the corner

Added an island themed flair.


It was decorated with sea-shells,

With Leis, and with light;

It was lit up like Christmas,

All shinny and bright!


There were gifts thrown around,

Surfboards and wax,

Boogie-boards and Wetsuits;

Some still in store sacks.


That's when I saw him

So tall and so fat

In Knee-highs, and Tank-top,

With a Panama Hat.


I rubbed my eyes twice

For I was flabbergasted to see

The Mahalo Kahuna!.

Who else could it be?


I went to the Wine Bar

And asked, "White or Red?"

He belly-roll laughed

From his toes to his head.


"Join me at the bar,

I'll serve snacks at sea!"

He wolfed down the Gouda,

While I finished the Brie.


Well, we toasted the old year

And the new one, in store,

Then he jumped on his Surfboard

And paddled toward shore.


“Mahalo,” he shouted!

“Aloha to all!

Surf's up, my friends,

May you ride and not fall!”


JEF11 - 01 -2015



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