Money or Collage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A bar conversation about life, work, college, jobs, and the future. Oh, and other stuff.

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



"Hay Henry, what can I do you for?"

"Well Tony, I do believe I'll have a Bud-light."

"One Bud-light it is my friend."

"What brings you out after dinner, Henry?"

"What makes you think that I had dinner already, Tony?

"I'm Italian, I can smell garlic breath from ten paces," Tony said as he laughed.

Henry replied, "You got me there, Mama made Garlic Bread with the Spaghetti and meat-balls; it's my favorite."

"If it tasted as good as it smells, then you did alright," Tony stated as he set the bottle of beer on the bar.


"Well how is life treating you Tony?"

Tony replied, "Oh, I can't complain about life, it is the world that kind of sucks. I never saw so much disruption and dishonesty, ever.

It used to be that a man's word was his bond. But now you need seven lawyers just to make a oral agreement with your neighbor. That is sad, really sad."

"True. ... Remember when you could leave your car running in front of the liquor store while you ran in to buy something? "Henry asked. Then he continued, But not now, you have to shut off the engine, roll up all the windows, lock it, and set the alarm, just to go into a 7-Eleven for soda."

Tony added, "People knew how hard it was to make a honest living back then, so they respected other people stuff; but not these days.

Hell, if your house isn't locked, with a surveillance system on and a security alarm to boot, you're afraid to go to bed at night."

"You got that right," Henry replied, then asked for another beer.


When Tony returned with the beer Henry asked, "Did that daughter of yours finish collage yet, Tony?"

"Oh, she finished the four year part, but she has to attend another collage to finish. I think that is another two or three years. She is the youngest of my kids, and of course, the spoiled one.

In the old days she would have married right out of high school, hopefully to a hard working good provider."

"How about your kids Henry, how are they doing?"

"Jim loves the Air Force.

He liked computer stuff so I sent him to some computer programming classes in the summer after nth and nth grades. He was learning to code, whatever that is.

As soon as he joined-up and was out of basic training, into the class-room he went for even more computer stuff," Henry proudly replied.

"So all he does is go to school?" Tony questioned.

Henry said, "Oh heck no, now he is working in the Cyber Security division; real Hush, Hush, stuff.

Boy, how battlefields have changed."

"You were special forces, right Henry?"

"Yes sir-ree, for 11 years. I did training for a few years after that and then they transferred me to tactical planning. That is great and I really like it. I may stay longer than 20 years if I get to stay where I'm at," Henry stated.

Tony questioned, "How many years has it been now?"

"My 20 is up next November."

"So what are going to do with yourself if you decide to retire Henry?"

"Oh, I thought that I might take up flying drones. My daughter, Karman, got into doing that when she had a crush on this boy in high school. Well the boy went, but the love of flying drones stayed. Now, at 20 years old, she made more money last year than I did. Who would have thunk-it?"

Tony look astounded and asked, "She made more money than you did, just Flying Drones?"

"Yes sir-ree," Henry stated, and it looks like she will make even more money next year. She just took a job with Google doing the same thing, they will give her even more training and then she'll be flying much bigger and higher tech Drones. I tell you, Drones are the future Tony.

I figure if I'm any good at it then I can ride this first wave after retirement. I'll do some freelancing work just to keep myself busy, and have some fun at the same time. And even if I can't get work doing it, I'll have some fun anyway.

You ought to try it Tony."

"I don't think that's for me, I have a hard time flying stuff on my grand-kids video games; I crash a lot. Besides, I love fishing, just give me my Bass Boat, my gear, and a lake after I retire; I'll be happy," Tony said as both men laughed.


Oops, I got a customer, I'll be right back," Tony said as a young man walked in the front door.


Tony walked down the back of the bar to the new arrival, and Henry could see both in the bar mirror, even though he was not facing them.

Tony said, "What can I get for you, young man?"

The man pulled a gun from his coat pocket and quietly said, "Go to the register and bring me the money or I'll kill both of you and take it. And keep your hands where I can see them. Got it?"

"Sure, sure, I'll get it right away," Tony quietly replied.

Tony backed away until he got to the register and Henry took a last swig from his beer. As Tony open the register Henry took his bottle by the neck, quickly turned and tossed it like he was throwing a knife. ...

Clunk! --- The bottom of the bottle hit the young man in the center of his forehead and just above the nose; he just crumpled and fell to the floor.

Before Tony could close the register drawer Henry was taking the gun from the bar's floor and calling 911 on his cell phone.


"Holly Crap," Tony blurted out, "I've never seen anything like that before! Did you learn that in special forces?"

Henry replied, "Not really, knife throwing is one of my hobbies and these Bud-light bottles are balanced about the same; minus the beer."



D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  03-18-2017

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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