Mynerva's Night Out

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These characters are part of my previous story, "Dracula, with a K". Just giving them room the grow their personalities.

Submitted: September 10, 2018

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Submitted: September 10, 2018



As a preview I will state, although you may already know if you have read my former story, (Drakula, with a K), that the main subjects of this story are a troll-ish looking man named E-Gore and a mostly transparent beast that snarls and duels very frequently.

You might say that the mostly transparent beast is E-Gore's pet, something a-kin to a dog, I guess. He feeds and cares for her; and has named her Mynerva.

Now E-Gore is employed by the local Vampire, Count Drakula, with a "K".

It is well known that the Count dislikes Mynerva and does not want the beast in any of his living quarters, or in his extensive meditation gardens.

So Mynerva's night-time outings can only occur during a full moon.

Full moon nights are the only nights that the Count and his bride cannot go out into the moonlight; they just happen to be Ware-wolves as well as Vampires.

Now let's listen in, it just happens to be one of those nights and we are hearing E-Gore talking to Mynerva.


"Well aren't you the excited little beast-ie? You know it is a full moon outside, don't you girl, don't you?

Yes, we are going out in the night! Isn't that exciting?!?

And my little slobber-puss can play "Hide and Seek" with E-Gore tonight! Would you like that? --- Well, OK, let's go!

You go hide in the garden and I'll come find you when I'm done counting.

One, Two, Three, Ah, --- Something, Something, Something, --- let's see, Oh, Seven, Eight, Five, Ten! Here I come, ready or not!


As E-Gore charged out of the castle he could hear the sounds of Mynerva chewing on something.

"Oh No!" he exclaimed as he ran toward the Master's prized Coy-pond. "She has done it again!"

As E-Gore came upon the pond, sure enough, there was Mynerva happily munching on what was once a very large fish.

"Mynerva!" E-Gore bellowed, "What have I told you about the Master's pond? Bad beast-ie, bad, bad beast-ie!"

Immediately Mynerva had a look of guilt written all over her misshapen and fish smeared face.

But she must have misunderstood what E-Gore was angry about. Why? Because Mynerva got up and took what she had left of the fish, mostly bones and a head, and dropped them at E-Gore's feet. Then she lay down in front of them.

"No, no, I don't want the fish," E-Gore mumbled in a sorrowful way. "It is just that the Master will be angry that you gobbled his fish, you know how angry he gets when any of them go missing."

Then E-Gore continued by saying, "Oh well, you already ate most of this fish so you may as well finish it. --- It's OK, here, take it. And I'm sorry that I yelled at you, sweetie. Yes, Daddy's sorry for being so grumpy."

Then a thought came to E-Gore and his face seemed to light up. --- Ah, my bad, IT DID LIGHT UP!

And that is when he said, "I know, we will go through the woods to the stream and I will ketch another fish to replace the one you have eaten. I'm sure the Master will never know the difference (?)."

So, off the two adventurers went in search of a replacement fish.

E-Gore took his trusty pond-skimming net, it's the only way he knows to ketch a fish, and Mynerva carried what was left of the dead fish, there can be no evidence of a dead fish left around the Master's pond. The Master must never know.


After a time in the woods, somehow the two became separated.

E-Gore is slow and waddles as he goes, but Mynerva is fast as a cat and twice as nimble.

Just as E-Gore came into a clearing he stepped in a trap and he was scooped up by a large net. That is when four men came out of the brush while laughing hideously.

One of the men, a very sassy individual said, "Well Hines, I told you that there were ware-wolves around here, and now we have one! What do you say to that?"

"I say that you are all idiots!" E-Gore shouted as he squirmed around in the net. "Do I look like a ware-wolf to you? --- See, no hair on my head, no wolf ears, no fangs, well, yes I do have fangs but not the right kind, and see, no wolf claws!"

One of the four men turned on his Lucas camp-lantern and directed the light at their captive. After a moment of examination he stated, "It is ugly enough to be ware-wolf, but it tells truth, no hair on this head. However, it is about the same shape and size, so, it cannot be human. It is just another dangerous animal, we kill it anyway!"

Well that did it; nothing makes E-Gore angrier than a judgmental bigot! So that is when he said, "Ugly!!! Who are you calling ugly? If I wasn't in this net I'd show you some ugly you wouldn't soon forget!"

One of the other men pulled an arrow from his quiver and as he was about to shoot it into E-Gore something struck the bow! The arrow was released and the arrow hit one of the other men in the arm. He cried out in pain!

Then the man with the bow was hit again, he was hit so hard that his hat disappeared from his head.

Then another man was hit. It all happened so fast that the man didn't have a clue as to who, or what, hit him; he fell to the ground.

The last man yelled, "Demons, we must escape!"And that is when they all ran, screaming, from the woods.


It wasn't long before E-Gore heard the unmistakable sound of Mynerva chewing, and soon the net that was holding him fell to the ground.

Slobbering kisses soon greeted E-Gore arrival back to earth and then the two friends joyfully romped and chased each other among the tall grasses. It was heartwarming, --- really, it was. --- Really!


Well, Mynerva and E-Gore finally got to the stream and caught themselves a fish that they were sure would fool the Master.

So back to the pond they went with the fish in the hunter’s hat; it acted as a good fish bowl for the trip back to the pond and Mynerva will chew on it later.



A week has passed and as E-Gore is serving after dinner wine to the Count and Countess. They are seated in the garden, near the pond, when the Count asked E-Gore a question.

"E-Gore, why have I seven gold and white fish and one silver and gray fish?"

E-Gore responded, "I know nothing of fish, Master. Maybe that fish ate something different than the others. Is that possible?"

"I'm sure that is the case," said the Countess, "maybe it has been eating the dark moss from the other end of the pond."

Then the Countess asked E-Gore, "E-Gore, do you know what Mrs. and Dr. Hulk told us during dinner last night?"

"I do not eavesdrop, Mistress," E-Gore slyly replied.

The Countess continued by saying, "They told me that four ware-wolf hunters came to Dr. Hulk's office, one had an arrow stuck in his arm, and another had a head wound.

Do you know what the hunters told Dr. Hulk about what had happened to them in the woods, the woods right behind these gardens?"

"How could I know, Mistress, Mynerva and I were playing games all evening," E-Gore stated, with eyes pointed to the ground.

"Well, they told the Doctor that they had netted a troll looking wolf, and they were about to kill it when they were attacked by some sort of invisible demon.

They said that the demon snarled and slobbered vigorously. They also said that the demon was so fast that they could not see it clearly, even under the light of a full moon. That description might lead one to think that you and Mynerva were in the woods. But I can't think of any reason you would be trekking through the dark woods at night, unless you were going to the stream to ketch a fish."

E-Gore thought for a moment and replied, "Well, whoever was in the woods, Mistress, I guess they managed to rid us of a potential problem. Don't you agree?"

Suddenly, both the Count and Countess laughed, and then the Countess replied, "I do Not Agree! Whoever was in the woods got rid of four problems.

The hunters told Dr. Hulk that they would never come this way again. They are deathly afraid of Demons."



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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