About spiders, bugs, nature, I think.

I was taking in the morning, last August, out on the patio. It was already 78 degrees, Fahrenheit, about 25 if you think in Celsius. That temperature is according to the thermometer my wife keeps out there.

She likes to have one out there so she can stand at the patio door and see the temperature, It's must be an east coast thing, you know, places where it snows. My Oklahoma family just opened the door first thing in the morning, took a deep breath and acted accordingly.

Anyway, I was pulling some weeds, (not too many mind you, otherwise I wouldn't have anything green left on the lawn), when I saw something moving. That something was a Tarantula about the size of a Big-Gulp cup, diameter wise.

This spider was just walking along, paying no mind to anything or anyone, including me.

Of course, I backed away, even though I know they are not very dangerous. I just wanted to give the critter some space, (You Know?).

So there I am, following this spider with my eyes, thinking that it was trapped in my fenced back yard.

I was wondering how this big old bug got in the yard in the first place when I see a Tarantula Hawk heading our way. (Tarantula Hawks are flying insect that injects their offspring in the spider, then buries the spider, paralyzed and alive.)

At that moment I felt conflicted, do I save the spider from a most terrible fate, by killing the insect, or do I rid the world of future spiders by doing nothing?

I flipped a coin and nature prevailed, --- as I guess it should have.


D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: October 28, 2015

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Bert Broomberg

I liked this piece of writing a lot. Yet, I think there are some things that need looking into. For example, you write: "that my wife keep out there." There is an S missing. Also "I'm guessing" cannot be used in this way. You don't describe an action but a mental awareness, so you should write "I guess", the continous form cannot be used here. You also write: "It's must be an ..." This should be: "It must be ..." There is also a mistake in the use of the tenses. You wrote: "I was pulling ...." using the past continuous form, but then you suddenly switch to the present tense: "when I see something moving." In this case you should have used "saw."
Later on you use: "that injects it's offspring." In this case it should be: "its offspring."
There is also a concord mistake. You write: "Tarantula Hawks are a flying insect.." It is a case of mixing singular and plural forms. It should be either: "Tarantula Hawks are flying insects" or "The Tarantula Hawk is a flying insect."
The spelling of interfering should also be altered.
I know I sound picky, but as a teacher I notice these things, and my comments are just meant to make you aware of them. I'm always glad when people point out my own mistakes.
I hope you don't get annoyed by my comments. Just keep in mind that I do like what you wrote.
Keep up the good work.

Wed, October 28th, 2015 10:49pm


I think that I should explain, language was never one of my strong points, neither was spelling, (Thank God for spell check! LOL). I would guess that 8th grade English equivalent was my best, but received straight A's in math. --- I was raised by mid-westerners, OK, TX, and the use of words differed as I went along, seemed to rub off on this west coast kid, (Not an excuse or placing blame.). "Sometimes I put stuff like this" and "sometimes I liken the subject in other ways". --- I'm a work in progress, and trying. I do appreciate your comments and suggestions; please, keep-um com-in. Anyway, or any-who, I wrote this in a hurry and should have taken more time with it. I'll look it over. Thanks again!

Thu, October 29th, 2015 11:39am

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