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A Tiger falls into a cave and receives good counsel from someone in the know. Does he heed the warning?

Submitted: February 08, 2016

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Submitted: February 08, 2016



Once upon a time there was a great and mighty tiger and his name was Phi, the terrible.

Phi was a Bengal Tiger, the largest tiger in this jungle, and he was feared by man and beast alike.

In this wet, hot, and humid, jungle lived a Owl whose feathers were yellow-gold and white. This owl was named NU, the wise.

Now it just happened that NU had a special place that she liked to visit in the hot and humid summer months, especially during the sweltering mid-day. This place was one place that gave this jungle its name, The Jungle of Hidden Waters.

Because of large openings in the ground, which are caused by water flow, there are caves and ponds underground.

This particular opening is the main entrance to a cave that acts as an occasional river-bed. There is a very large and permanent pond that is in the cave. This area is the place NU likes to visit most because it is cooler there and food is easily had. But it is a dangerous place for those who cannot fly.


This particular year, just as spring was ending, NU flew to the entrance to the cave. Then she flew down into the cave, just as she had always done, landing on a moss covered rock. It was her favorite place to quench her thirst at the water's edge.

"Go away,” said a nearby voice, "you are scaring the fish away."

NU looked up from her drinking to see Phi standing in the gently circulating waters. 

"What are you doing here?" asked NU.

"That's a dumb question, I'm fishing," replied Phi.

NU thought it best to restate the question, "I mean, how did you get down in this cavern?"

"Oh, I was chasing my breakfast and I didn't see the opening in the ground until it was too late. Luckily, I fell into the water," replied Phi.

NU said, "Well you had better get out of here before a rainstorm comes. Just follow the river; it exits near the lake to the south."

Phi snickered and said, "I'm not going anywhere, the fishing down here is great! Besides, it is cool in this place, just right to take a snooze."

"You don't understand," NU said, "when the rains come this cave will fill with water above the opening to the river tunnel. You will be trapped and will drown."

Phi snickered again, saying, "I'm a Bengal, I love the water and am an excellent swimmer. Besides, I'm a cat; I'll just climb out the way that I came in."

NU countered, "When the rains come, this cave can stay half full of water for a week, sometimes more. Can you swim for a week?

These walls are covered in Moss, very slippery, so you are not going to climb out the way you came in.

You can't fly, so you'd better take the river tunnel while it is not full of water."

"Nonsense," said Phi, "you just don't want to share your Oasis."

"Fine, consider yourself warned," NU replied as she flew to her favorite napping spot.

Time proved NU right, the rains came and Phi paid the price. His body eventually washed out near the lake to the south.

The buzzards ate well that day.


What is the point to this story? --- Only Phi's have to ask.



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 02-07-2016

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