OH --- Hail!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Never underestimate someone's loyalty, --- says this story in a bazaar sort of way.

In the land of Gray Shallows there were three kingdoms separately governed by Emperor Moon, to the east, the shared Monarchy of Talleyrand, to the west, and King Drumlin, II, held all the lands in-between, including the great city of Krill and its coastal ports.

King Drumlin's castle, called Starlet, set atop a great mountainous hill that overshadowed the city.

When King Drumlin died, some 20 years ago, he had only one heir to the throne, His sickly and allergy prone child, George Eric Drumlin the second.

Unknown to the populace, the new king's coronation was held using a look-alike.

The soon to be king was afraid to go out into the myriad of flowers lining the streets and the bushels that were in the great Cathedral.

The new King confined himself to his castle and always used his double to attend day to day social and military events.

The new King's Son, George Eric Drumlin, III, was appointed Supreme Leader of the Drumlin Army and commander of the Drumlin Knights.

With none of the frailties of his father, he became a brave warrior and a gallant knight. He carried out the kings wishes regarding all military actions.

At the time of this story, the King's Son, Prince Drumlin, was waging war with and unknown Prince and his seafaring armada. They had invaded the shores of kingdom's northern region and were attempting to gain a permanent foot-hold near the city of Sway.




"Halt! Who goes there?" said the Commander of the castle's guard.

"It is I, Trundle Kroger, your Prince's emissary. Now open the gate for I have an urgent massage for the King."

"I received no mention of you from the Prince or the King. The hour is late," said the Commander, "now go and return in the morning.

Trundle replied, "There must be a mistake! I come from the battlefield at Hailstone Bay where the King's Son and his army is in a heated exchange with the Prince of Nolan and his army.

I would think, for your sake it would be good for you to send someone to ask the King, this matter is urgent and the king will most certainly want to act on it right away.

Here is an envelope with the official seal of the King's Son, Prince Drumlin. I bring it and its contents from the battlefield and it will explain the situation. Please understand, it is urgent that the king receives this envelope right away, his very life and kingdom may depend on what is within."


"Yes Commander!"

"Take this envelope to the king right away and inform him that his Son's emissary is waiting at the gate."

"Yes sir!


The Commander grew impatient, so he tended to other duties while waiting for the Sergeant to return. When the Commander came back to the gate the Sergeant had not returned and Trundle Overladen was gone.



"Yes Commander?"

"The man that was standing at the gate, where did he go?"

"Well sir, he told me to give you a message, it made no sense, and then he got on his horse and rode away."

The Commander looked somewhat puzzled, and a seven foot, six inch man with muscles everywhere, does not easily look puzzled. That is when he asked, "Message, what message?"

"He just told me to ask you if you knew the story of the Trojan Horse."


With that said the Commander summoned a dozen guards and they made their way to the king's chamber.

There on the bed was the king, he was franticly gasping for air and his face was swollen beyond recognition.

Alas, the King died within moments and there was nothing the panicked Sergeant, the Commander, or anyone else could do.

Many of the King's assassins were also dead, some of their bodies were smashed against the king's night clothes, and still others were flying franticly around the room.

On the floor the Commander saw the opened Envelope and when he picked it up he saw one dead Bee inside of it.

There was a commotion coming from outside so the Commander went to the bedroom balcony. From that vantage point the army surrounding the castle could easily be seen in the full moon's light. 

Trundle's voice rang out in the stillness of the night, "Your King is dead by his own frailty, his Son and his Knights died in the battle of Hailstone Bay, so you have nothing left to fight for!

Commander of the Guard, do not make a second mistake on this day, avoid further bloodshed and open the gate!

Do not be a fool, surrender and join my army, or die defending a King-less Castle!"


The Commander thought for a while and then he sent his men to the main gate. His orders were to open the gate and to surrender to the new king.


As Trundle Kroger Overladen rode triumphantly into the castle compound he had to pass under the king's fifth story balcony, and as he did so two bodies fell from above.

One was the 350 pound body of King Drumlin and the other was the armor plated, seven foot, Commander of the Guard. 

Both fell upon the Prince of Nolan, RIP, Trundle Overladen.



D. Thurmond / JEF--- 04-10-2017

Submitted: April 12, 2017

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

Turnabout is fair play. Well done.

Wed, April 12th, 2017 6:31pm


Thanks. --- That Commander of the guard was sunk no matter what he did. The old king trusted him too much and the new king would never trust him. --- Besides, I like to think that he was a really loyal guy.

Thu, April 13th, 2017 9:40am

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