Oh Insomnia

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When you have everything you could possibly need but there's one thing money can't buy. SLEEP.

Submitted: December 01, 2013

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Submitted: December 01, 2013



 I've done everything the way I was taught to do and I've tried to be everything I'm not. Here I am with blood stains on my shirt and a gun in my hand, running away from people I used to call my friends. Just what the fuck went wrong?

A week ago I was lying in my queen sized bed with my head rested on a pillow specially designed for optimum comfort and my body on the snow white linen imported from India. The thick, heavy grey drapes which hanged lifelessly from the rail were made to absorb sound and did a good job keeping my room nice and dark. The temperature of the room was adjusted to the most suitable degree for perfect sleep and a touch of lavender was in the air to ensure this as well. I looked at the digital clock on my night stand. 6 fucking o'clock. Insomnia my fucking nemesis.

I was driving in my sleek black Mercedes Benz wearing a matching black suit,black shirt with a black waistcoat tailored by some guy in Italy. It was Thursday,so I was wearing my white tie and wrist watch from Mont Blanc.The stereo was moderately blasting the lyrics of Linkin' Park. "I've worked so hard and come so far, in the end it doesn't even matter..." How could a song so accurately describe my current feelings? Maybe that's why I like them so much. As glamorous as it may seem, my life isn't worth jack shit. It's 6:45am and I take the same  damned turn into the parking lot and park in the same spot I always park, next to the door. The doors open with the same piercing 'ding' and I step into the same damn building bound to repeat everything I did yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

As you can see, nothing interesting really ever happens in my life. I'm rich, I'm smart and I've got everything a man could ever need. I'm just like everybody else except I'm a sad victim of ruthless insomnia. It's because of insomnia,I have nothing better to do but question the point of it all. Some say the purpose of life is to give it a purpose. Yeah sure, I want to see you create something for no damn reason and give it a reason for existing. I believe that everything happens for a reason yet I can't think of the reason for my insomnia. Why me? What have I done to deserve this? It's at the end of every futile battle with Insomnia that I emerge a tried, grumpy, cynical bastard. Also because of Insomnia, I started frequenting Macdonalds since it's the only place open at 4:00am where I can eat breakfast and watch suckers having to stay awake to make a living. In some way, my life is sadder than theirs but they don't know that so whatever.

Jumping ahead to the following Thursday night which is today,truth be told,I'm not missing out much detail since everyday is basically the same but yeah so the friends I'm running away from? doctors. Doctors working for the government. The blood stains on my shirt? Not mine so who cares. The reason why I have a gun in my hand? Well to save myself of course. I swear I'm not a fucking maniac.

Why am I running away from these doctors? I don't fucking know but they want to do stuff to my brain. Tests. Experiments.Apparently I'm special.I don't know what's going on but there's nobody I can trust. Nobody.What am I going to do now though? I've got no where to run or hide... Something hits me on the head.

I wake up in my bed on the same snow white linen imported from India with the same drapes hanging from the rail and the same scent of lavender. It's 4:00am but the clock reads Wednesday. What the fuck happened? I don't feel any pain on the spot where I got hit and everything seems the same. Was it a dream? No, but it can't be. Knowing that I'm unable to fall asleep again, I get up and write down  what I vaguely remember.

I pick up my fountain pen and begin to write but as soon as I've finished a sentence, it disappears. I'm probably still overwhelmed by fatigue, that can't happen can it? So I try again.The same damn thing happens. What the fuck man? I know I asked for some excitement in life but what the fuck is this trickery! Although I'm still in the same room with all my life, it really doesn't feel the same. Something is wrong. Terribly wrong.

That landscape painting I attained from an auction is NOT supposed to be directly underneath the light. I know this because I stare at it all the time. I am in my house that is not my house. Just exactly what the hell is this conspiracy. This may not be my real house but it sure as hell has the exact same shit I paid through working my whole life. I grab all the cash I have stored away in my safe because I hardly trust the bank, thank God for paranoia, and the keys to the silver Cadillac no one knows I own.

So I get in my car, but where do I go? What do I do when I get there? Seriously,I haven't a single clue. I hear a muffled thump.

I wake up in my bed again except this time, it's Tuesday.So time is going backwards. Great. 'What kind of sick joke it this? ' I scream but no answer. I'm assuming the doctors working for the government have caught me because nothing is the same as the old mundane life I once had. 'You know what? Fuck this shit. I'm going to Macdonalds,' I say as if thinking aloud. This time,I grab some cash and leave in my pajama suit.

What both you and the stupid idiot Doctors working for the government fail to realise is that I really wasn't unconscious. Someone hit me on the head to stop my attempt of running away and put me back in my fake bed thinking that I will continue to be their lab rat for whatever lame sick experiment they're doing but little did they know that my old nemesis actually came in handy. I can't explain what exactly happened but I am certain that I'm part of a crazy scheme to create cyborgs. They will never catch me. I blink.

I wake up in a clean place whiter than my snow white linen imported from India. Am I in heaven? An angel in white brings me a plate of food and some colourful capsules. It tastes like the stuff they serve at Macdonalds.

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