People-ies - A Christmas Fable

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
OK, this is my last Christmas themed story for this year. --- Marry Ho, Ho!

Submitted: December 23, 2019

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Submitted: December 23, 2019



"What is that, Mom?" said the raspy, but childlike voice.

"What," asked Mother?

The raspy little voice replied, "Those spark-lies way over there on the hillsides."

"Oh, those are called lights," Mom stated.

"I know what lights are, I just wondered why there are so many colors, said Junior."

Mom replied, "Some people-ies hang up colored lights every year, just after the first snows fall."

Junior questioned, "Why?"

"Don't know, it is a people-ies thing, Mom stated."

Junior chuckled a little, and then stated, "They are kind of pretty and make me feel happy."

"The lights are pretty," Mom said, "but there is nothing people-ies do that can make me happy."

Junior thought for a time before saying, "Let's go over there and look at the lights, up close! Can we?"

Mom's face was overcome with the look of dread as she replied, "Absolutely not! Peoples-ies are a deceptive bunch and they tell terrible stories about us. In fact, did you know that they tell stories about a lot of creatures that they don't understand?"

"No, I didn't know that, Junior stated. Then he asked,  "Why would they do such a mean thing?"

Mom replied, "Because they are afraid of us and almost everything else that they don't understand. And what they are afraid of, they make up stories about."

Junior thought again and then asked, "Do they make up terrible stories about the unicorns?"


"Well no, not terrible stories about unicorns," Mom replied.

"How about the Pixies and the Fairies?" Junior he wondered aloud.

Mom confessed, "No, not them either."

Junior began to think this was like a guessing game, so he asked, "How about the Leprechauns?"

Mom was getting upset, so she replied, "Well no, I mean sometimes they do, but that doesn't matter.

All I'm saying is that people-ies can be dangerous and we need to stay away from them!"

But Junior wasn't giving up, so he stated, "With no moon tonight, it is very dark out. So couldn't we just sneak over there to see the lights up close? I bet they'd look even better!"

Mom replied, "You're not going to let this light thing go, are you?"

Junior smiled and said, "I would really like to see the light up close. I promise to be very quiet and stealthy too."

"Well OK, just this once," Mom stated, "but after tonight I don't want to hear anymore about the lights. Got It?"

"OK, Mom, I got it," Junior said.


{On the way to the people-ies village.}



"Yes, Dear?"

"Why does the snow stick to us?" junior asked as he looked at his Mother.

Mom thought for a moment, and then replied, "I don't know, Dear, I never thought about it much. I guess that it is just something snow does. Why do you ask?"

Then Junior said one of those things that boys hardly ever say to their Mothers, he said, "Well, usually you are a very Motherly Shade of Caring, but now that we've walked through the snowfall you are a soft-white. It is kind of a nice addition, you know, kind of pretty."

Mom blushed a tiny bit, then replied, "Why thank you, Dear, it was nice of you to say that."


{As the two light-seekers neared a house that was at the edge of the village, they saw Christmas lights up close for the first time.}


"Oh look, Mom, aren't they great?" Junior stated.

Mom smiled and replied, "Yes Dear, very pretty. --- Now don't get any closer to the house."

Junior wasn't listening very well, he was kind of star-struck. So he said, "Look at that tree in the house, Mom, it has lights and other sparklingly things all over it. --- Isn't it great?!?"

"Yes Dear, Mom called out from behind a snow covered bush, “it is a very nice looking tree," Mom replied. Then she went on to say, "It is too bad people-ies can't make their stories about us as nice as they make their house tree."


Suddenly, three people came bounding out of the house!

And as they happily walked towards a vehicle, one of them noticed the snow covered object standing motionless in the yard.

Well, when he saw the object he said, "Boy, that is an ugly looking Snowman. It looks just like a little Troll that has been covered in snow."

Then one of his companions said, "Wow --- that gives me an idea for a scary Christmas story; ("The Troll that Ate Santa").



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF aka JE Falcon aka James Everett Falcon. All rights reserved.

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