Phone-Drones and Aliens

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Students are being gathered together to find and repair a spacecraft. WHY?

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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Submitted: February 05, 2016



It was 3:33 a.m.. and Jack was fast asleep, one foot sticking out from under the covers and the top of the covers pulled well over his head.

Suddenly his cell phone started voicing mathematical equations that could only mean that he had a text message.

Jack has this whole math thing down. I mean, he is seventeen and in his second year of college. He works part time tutoring other collage students, a deal he worked out with his parents in order to have a car of his own. It also gives him extra money for his toys, he loves anything social media.

Where was I? Right!

Jack's eyes pooped open right away, as soon as the phone starts making noise. Finally he reached for the phone to read:

"Much greetings Jack Rosenberg, I am Polot Orban and my colleges and I are in need of your assistance. Our spacecraft has inadvertently been damaged by a large animal and we require your mathematical skills to help in the retrieval and repair process. Please reply a-sap.

As sleepy as he was, he chuckled to himself and thought, "What did the animal do, bury it?"

Jack was sure that this was some kind of collage prank so he responded; I'm in a necessary sleep-time-frame at the moment, but I will get right on it as soon as I've taken my required number of hours. And being that this is not a school day I will have the time to do so. Please text me your co-ordinance, LOL.

Jack silenced the phone and went back to sleep.

The smell of toasted bagels and coffee dragged Jack out of bed about 8 a.m.., and of course he checked his phone before he even brushed his teeth.

There was one item, a GPS map to an address that was on the edge of the city limits.

At breakfast, Jack told his parents about the prank text and his Mother didn't think that it was funny, waking him at that hour of the morning.

His Dad, however, thought it sounded like fun and it reminded him of some of the stuff that they used to pull on younger classmates; nothing dangerous, just something to break up the normal collage day.


Jack arrived at the address about 11 a.m.. to find the front gate of the compound opened. There was a young soldier standing guard, but the soldier acted as if he couldn't see or hear Jack. That is when Jack saw one of his collage friends motioning for Jack to join her at a long storage building that she was standing outside of.

At that point, Jack was sure that this was some sort of prank and his friends must be the orchestrators.

Driving to the building, Jack's friend, Connie Bennett, a Mechanical Science Major, told him to park in back of the building. When he turned the corner of the building he found at least twenty cars parked there.

Connie and Jack entered the building through a side entrance door. Inside he found college students at various tables near the door, they were all seated at tables of various sizes and shapes, and they just seemed to be hanging out.

"Well, it is about time you showed," said a college Senior that Jack didn't know well, but had met once at a science fair.

It was Reginald Stowe, Reg to his friends, an Electrical Engineering Major.

"Come and look at this map," Stowe somewhat ordered.

"What is going on," Jack snapped back, "is this a game or something?

"No, this is not a game kid.' said Stowe, "We are looking for a space craft that that Dumb Mutt buried somewhere on the promiscuous."

{Dumb Mutt was a reference to a big black Labrador Retriever that was being petted by one of the students.}

Stowe continued, "We've mapped out all the recent holes dug by the dog, 52 in all, and analyzed them for size, moisture content, insect and worm infestation, as well as other factors that might render the age of each hole.

What we need you to do is calculate mathematical probability as to which holes that the dog dug last. Narrowing down the amount will help a lot, you know, so we don't have to dig up all the holes to find the space craft."

Jack still thought that this was some kind of joke or a game of some kind, but he still took a look at the map.

After a minute or two, he pulled out his trusty, ever present calculator, and went to work.

When Jack finished he laughed, then he announced, "This dog dug most of these holes in the last two weeks, 22 in the last week. You are going to have to dig into 22 holes unless you get lucky and hit the right one first."

"What!" Stowe yelled. "You have got to be kidding me. Why would that dog dig so many holes in such a short amount of time? That just doesn't make sense."

"It does if the dog is bored or frustrated that his owner is gone," said Amy Coots, a Behavioral Science Major.

"That's right, my dog Dusty used to start burying my socks if I was gone from home for more than a few days," said Dave Hawkins, a structural Engineering Major.

Stowe shook his head and said, "Well Great, now what in the hell are we going to do? I sure don't want to dig up 22 holes.

Jack had an idea; he called the dog over and started playing with her. Then he asked the dog, "Where's the Toy, come on girl, Where's the Toy, then others joined in, Where's the Toy, Where's the Toy?"

The dog got very excited, bounding around and barking loudly.

Amy Coots redirected the question into a command and the others followed suite, "Go Get The Toy, girl, come on, Go Get The Toy!"

Out the door the dog went, barking and looking back to make sure her new friends were following her. Straight to one of the mounds she went and started digging, her new friends, and shovels in hand, dug too.

It wasn't long, the dull-gray metallic object was noticeable in the hole, students and dog dug by hands, and paws, after that.


Back in the building, the team of students combed over the object as if it was a science project.

It was a lot smaller that they had envisioned. They were thinking a craft about the size of a Scion xB or maybe a Mini.

Beverly Carter, a Structural Design Student didn't believe that a dog could carry and bury a vehicle that size, but that is what the rest had concocted in their heads.

Instead, what they dug up was a craft about one third smaller than a Bogy-board, it was very lightweight and it had a similar shape.

Eight of the students were receiving instructions, via their cell phones, as to repair procedures. They would take a picture of the damage, or text an explanation. If assistance was needed, then a reply would come by the same means.

{It was all so mysterious and kind of exciting. The prospect of meeting real space-aliens, maybe to ask questions about things humans haven't mastered yet. What a learning experience.

What would they look like? They must be very small to fit into a craft that size. Maybe they would be like Pixies, maybe Lizards, maybe miniature Androids. Who knew?}

The work was complete in just under three hours and everyone agreed, it looked pretty good considering their limited resources.

Then came a directive to test-fly the craft, which was orchestrated from Jordan Thurmond's phone. Jordan is a Tool Design Engineering Student, but he fly's drones as a hobby.

{Everyone just assumed that is why the space-aliens chose Jordan to fly it.}

The flight went very well, except for the window at the far end of the building. {Ouch} The controls took a little getting used to.


Ah, the moment of truth. It was time for the Aliens to reveal themselves to the students arrayed. ...


Suddenly the ground began to shake and a humming sound occurred, and that is when the tables started vibrating and moving around.

The eight cell phones lifted from the table and circled the space craft. Small compartments opened on the craft and the phones were drawn into each compartment, fitting perfectly. As the last compartment closed, the craft flew out the broken window.


The students ran outside only to see blue skies, no craft was visible.

However, there were several servicemen with weapons pointed at them!

Their parents were not very happy, the army had called in a FBI Agent and she talked to the group for a few minutes. Her name is Special Agent Bridget Hosteler and she didn't believe their story. She just figured that it was all a college student prank, so she turned them over to the local police to deal with.

All their vehicles were held at the base until their parents obtained releases for them. And when Dave Hawkins showed up to get his pick-up truck he inquired about the dog.

It turned out that the dog, which they called Sadie, was a stray that one of the servicemen started feeding, but that guy had been transferred recently and wasn't returning. So it was a no-brainier, Sadie could go home with Dave.


Dave Hawkins, Jordan Thurmond, Beverly Carter, Jack Rosenberg, and Amy Coots became good friends. I guess you might say that they bonded over the alien indecent.

It really bothered them that no one believed what they had said about the spacecraft. {Well, except for Jack's Dad. Jack got the feeling that his Dad believed him, but just wasn't saying so because it just upset Jack's Mom.}

Anyway, these four young people were not the most trusting souls among the students at that Army Warehouse on that day.

While working on the craft, the team had reconfigure the four arm landing gear array into a tri-pod set-up; it worked fine. But while doing so, Jack had kept the broken landing gear arm that was no longer needed; he just stuck it in his pocket as a souvenir.

Amy Coots recorded the sound that occurred just before the phones went into the spacecraft and took a streaming series of photos. Luckily her phone was not taken.

During many brainstorming sessions and some extensive research, they deduced that the aliens were using these phones as information gathering devices. What better way to spy on a population, gathering information, and to find their vulnerabilities? Hell, maybe they were configured to hack into servers too. Who knows what they are capable of?

Not only that, the phones were being assembled in a local assembly plant. Who assembles anything electronic in the states anymore? There was something fishy going on.


Several months went by and the four students had devised a plan to prove their stories.

For many evenings the four drove to the manufacturing plant where the phones were being assembled; they and their secret weapon.

Every night they waited, waited for the sound that they remembered so well, waited for the sight of the craft hovering.

Then it happened, about 4 a.m.. on a Friday, the sound was heard in the parking lot right next to the phone assembly building.

All of them got out of the car and Dave Hawkins said, "Go Get the Toy, Girl, Get the Toy!

Sadie took off toward the parking lot, disappearing into the dark.

The four heard banging sounds, like metal trash cans being kicked around. There were sounds of Sadie growling and snarling, then silence.

Then all of a sudden Sadie ran out darkened parking lot and came bounding toward them with a mouth full of Spacecraft.

Good Girl, Sadie, yes she's a good girl!

No, no, Sadie, don't bury it. ... Good Girl.


Jack placed the spacecraft into a metal box, locked the box and closed the lid.

It was a box that Jack's Dad had built and bolted to the floor of the car's trunk.

Everyone was happy; they all were doing Hi-fives and laughing as they drove away.

Finally, someone would believe them now! --- Right?


JEF  --- 02-04-2016


PS --- This may be a two part series, but I'm not sure yet.

© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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