Sailing with Clouds

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I'm thinking this is a child's picture book, it just needs the pictures and the book for it to go in. --- CJAL (Chuckle Just A Little).

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



Weber Glider attempted to guide his hot-air balloon around a massive vapor cloud; the cloud was building in size over a desert area. Suddenly Weber heard a booming, thunderous, voice.

"I am Cumulus Expanse-e-on, cleanser of the earth and all creatures great and small. Now tell me, what is your Appellation and how are you able to invade my space?"

Weber was not sure if the voice was talking to him, or even who was speaking, so he said nothing.

This time Weber saw what appeared to be many eyes opening. The eyes, and the hint of a mouth, were becoming apparent near the upper part of the ever expanding pure white cloud.

The cloud looked at Weber and asked again, with a much more pronounced tone than the time before. "Are you stricken dumb by My Magnificence, is that why you refuse to answer?

I told you that I am Cumulus Expanse-e-on! Cleanser of the earth and all creatures great and small! Now tell me, what is your Appellation!"

Weber replied, "To offend you was not intended, nor was I trying to be rude. It is true, I heard a voice but I did not know where it was coming from and my conception of who was talking, I was not sure; so I simply did not answer. But to answer your question, I will. I am known as Weber Glider ."

Cumulus Expanse-e-on puffed himself up even bigger and asked, "And are you going to answer my other question? I want to know how you are able to invade my space. You should be down there on the ground where you belong, for only the birds are allowed to join me up here."

An astonished look came over Weber Glider's face and he  answered by saying, "I Did Not Know That, oh great Cumulus Expanse-e-on. The contraption in which I ride it's gondola is called a Hot-Air Balloon and it allows me to breech the gateway to the heavens."

Suddenly three lightning bolts shot out of Cumulus, one to the sky above the balloon, one to the earth below, and the third shot right past the gondola!

Then Cumulus expanded in size as he appeared to be thinking about what was said. Then he exclaimed, "Is BAL-LOON ready to do battle for my domain?"

"Battle? --- Oh No Cumulus, Bal-Loon does not battle! Weber stated franticly. "Balloon is not a creature that desires the belongings of others! In fact, you might say that Balloon is just full of hot air and lets the wind carry him where ever it chooses. So you see, Balloon will be out of your area as soon as the wind picks up."

Cumulus laughed, at least that is what I think it was, then he said, "So BAL-LOON is a wind rider, as I am?"

Weber smiled and answered, "Yes."

Then Cumulus stated, "All Wind Riders are my brothers! Come, let us ride the wind!"

Well, it was the strangest sight anyone could ever see.

There was this little hot-air balloon side by side with this humongous cloud, and they were sailing through the heavens together.



D. Thurmond / JEF


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