Scratching the Hares Back

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short and Hare-ie tale of controlling the hungry masses.

Submitted: January 15, 2019

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Submitted: January 15, 2019



On the road to Shale Castle we see a large and muscular man riding a Battle-horse, minus its armor.

Neither the horse nor its rider are fitted for war, no, they are on an outing just for the spirit of the ride. However, they do carry a minimum amount of weapons should hunting for the Master's dinner come about.

It is a clear and sunny day, but not exceedingly warm, so you might say that it is just right for the rider and this trusty steed to scamper about.

"Let us traverse this field and enter yonder forest!" said the Rider to the Steed. 

So, with the pull on the reins, the two did travel westerly.

Once inside the forest the rider dismounted and tied his horse to a birch tree. Then he shouldered his Quiver and took hold of his bow; a hunt was about to begin.

"I serve notice to all who are listening, beware, the hunter is upon you," he stated in a quiet but dramatic fashion.

Suddenly a speckled rabbit charged out of the bushes and confronted the would-be hunter.

"Stop!!! --- Where is your Hunter's Permit?!?

No-one can hunt in Shale-wood without a permit from the King! Do you have such a permit?"

The hunter looked a little angry and inquired, "Who are you to ask such a question?"

"I am the King's eyes and ears, that is who I am," replied the speckled rabbit. Then he demanded, "Now show your permit or be on your way!"

The man thought for a moment and then he replied, "If I draw an arrow and shoot you dead, then who is to tell the king that I was here?"

Suddenly 20 speckled rabbits came out of the bushes and one of them said, "One of us will tell the King!"

The man smiled, and then he laughed a hardy laugh before saying, "Well done, my cleaver servants!"

The first speckled rabbit asked, "Dear King, did you really like the system we have implemented to protect your forest from poachers?"

And the King replied, "Like it? --- I love it!

Poaching has become an uncontrollable problem in these woods and not one of my noblemen, or my servants, has managed to reach a solution. But what you have conceived will work beautifully.

After all, it would take a complete fool to kill anything in my woods while knowing that so many witnesses were watching and willing to tell the King."

Then the first rabbit stated, "Too True, my Lord.

And as payment for our services we would ask that you ban all killing of speckled rabbits, even by you, my Lord. After all, my family can tell you what we see in these woods, --- or not.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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