Selmar Returns

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A exploration robot returns to earth only to find that the humans have vanished.

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



The earth date is 03/11/2612.


I am Selmar Dahlow, RE-073, a space exploration robot that has recently returned to earth.

There were 200 of my kind built to explore other solar systems; the purpose was to search for other inhabitable planets.

I found six that were inhabitable, but compatibility with the current inhabitants was not possible on two, and the weather challenges would be too difficult for extended periods of time.

None the less, my mission was complete and I was programmed to returned to earth for debriefing and file downloads.

When I arrived in earth's orbit I could not obtain ground control assistance, so I had to rely on onboard computers to land.

However, do to past repairs; my craft has been having substantial landing problems even under the mildest gravitational fields. So this landing on earth was survivable, but not without permanent damage to the spacecraft and some minor damage to some of my components.


I have deployed and used the ships surface exploration vehicle to try to find some signs of human life, but I have found none so far.

There are no broadcasts of any kind, not even radio. And as I noted upon my arrival into earth's orbit, satellites are no longer circling the earth.

According to my scanners, 98% of life forms that were registered in the ships earth archives are still on the earth. And there are 17 noted that did not exist in the archives when I was sent into space. So where the human population went, I have no information.

There are a few cities that are still physically noticeable, and many of the others have turned to recognizable rubble. Any others must be overgrown with vegetation.

If not for on-board maps of earth, I never would have known where many of the cities were supposed to be.

Washing ton, DC, is still visible and many of the buildings still stand, so tomorrow I will attempt to gain access to information that may shed some light into what has happened here.

My thought processes tell me that other Dahlow Robots may have returned to earth and that the earth's population departed for the planets that they found inhabitable; but even then, one would think that there would be some humans who stayed behind.

None the less, I may have answers tomorrow.


Personal log, earth date, 03/13/2613.


I arrived at the Pentagon of the Combined Alliance; it was The United States Pentagon when I departed earth 400 years ago.

I was able to start one of the building's emergency generators, which gave me access to historical and military archives. I quickly downloaded them for fear that the fragile power system would fail at any moment; and it did soon afterward.


Upon returning to my craft with some needed materials and spare parts from the Smithsonian Museums, I set about reviewing the materials that I downloaded.

The information was not what I had expected.

It seems that after the Dahlow Robots had departed there were two additional world wars. And when all fighting had ceased, 12 of the remaining nations survived and bonded under one government, "The Combined Alliance of Earth."


After further file scanning, I was able to find information related to the disappearance of the humans.

A young woman named Nina Sowalski was doing tests on a device, something a-kin to a Tesla Coil; apparently an accident occurred.

After the accident, everyone thought that she was brain-dead and all tests came to the same conclusions, but her body still maintained vital signs without assistance. Then something astounding happened, after six days she woke up, very hungry, but perfectly healthy.

She explained that she was outside her body and could see and hear everything that was being done and said.

She said that she could move about the nearby rooms by shear will. But she was afraid to lose sight of her body because she thought that she might not be able to return to it.

And according to published accounts, she was sure that she was not dead, but why is another question.

As days passed by, her out of body experience left her increasingly weak, as if she had not eaten; that is when she decided to try returning to her body. And apparently she had no problem doing so.

For years Nina tried to duplicated what she had done, but with no luck; or so she said. Then she died while working in her lab at a ripe old age of 94.


After finishing years of studies in the same field, one of Nina's sons, Jordan Sowalski, worked alongside his mother for 17 years.

He did not share his mother's obsession, instead, his goal was to provide free energy to those living in far off regions, mainly the poorest of the earth's people. He thought that if he could do so then they could become a vital part of the earth's free market system and prosper with the rest.


While working late one evening he made the same mistake his mother did, or so he thought, and ended with the same result. But this time his mother was there to greet him.

Through a type of mental telepathy she instructed him on the manner to move between the realms, physical and pure energy.

But once in this energy realm, one had to recharge from time to time. Over time, they learned to do this by tapping into the earth's electromagnetic field, a sort of food and drink for those without a body.


Unknown to anyone, his mother had been teaching and helping terminally ill patients transition into this new living arrangement, "the state of being energy." When they each died, they did not, only their bodies expired.

The particulars are fuzzy and some data is conjecture, but it appears that all the people that were living on the earth, now live as bodies of energy.


There were records left behind by those who called themselves Jumpers, a group of scientists that wanted to document the benefits and drawbacks to this alternate living experience. But I have not seen any evidence of Jumpers, themselves.

However, their records show that in the energy realm there is nothing to own, so there is no theft. There is no alcohol, no drugs, and no harm can be inflected on anyone by anyone else.

They can explore a jungle surrounded by animals, or enjoy the solitude on an ice crusted mountain. They can explore the depths of the oceans, or just hover above the waves on a Polynesian beach.

And if they play their instincts right, they can enjoy some time taking in the sights from the moon.

Apparently, there is just so many possibilities for fully charged individuals.


This information is very interesting but the fact remains, I am not human.

Yet, with my newly acquired parts from the Smithsonian, and some machines capable of producing more parts, there is so many possibilities for this refurbished robot.

Better yet, if I can locate the proper materials, then I shall build a companion of like structure.



D. Thurmond / JEF



© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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