The Bird-brained Dream

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About 1,100 words coming from inside the head of a guy named Buck. Does it mean anything?

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



As we enter the head of Buck Skylure we hear one of his favorite Fats Domino songs being replayed:

{"I'm walk'n, yes indeed, I'm talk'n, 'bout you and me, I'm hope'n, that you'll come back to me. --- --- I'm lonely, as I can be, I'm wait'n, for your company, I'm hope'n, that you'll come back to me.

What'cha gonna do when the well runs dry, you gonna run away and hide, I'm gonna run right by your side, for you pretty baby I'd even die, --- I'm walk'n, yes indeed, I'm talk'n, 'bout you and me, I'm hope'n, that you'll come back to me."}


Suddenly Buck's concentration on the music is broken by a voice that simply says, --- "Hello."

Buck replies, "Oh, it's you. --- Go away!"

"Why?" the timid voice questioned.

"Because I've already had this dream and it didn't make any sense then. So why do it over again? --- Go Away," Buck mumbled.

"You might understand it this time. Am I right?" The voice asked. "

"Why would I understand it now? Dreams are what they are; a jumbled mess of this and that, a smidge of today, a tad of from yesterday, and a whole bunch of odds and ends in the middle. I doubt that I would understand that, even if I wanted to," Buck answered.

The voice replied, "But this isn't an ordinary dream, this is a reoccurring dream. Aren’t reoccurring dreams supposed to be different than the rest? Maybe you keep doing this one over, changing this and that, so you have a chance to better understand it."

"Hum," Buck thought for a moment and replied, "Well, the last time you showed up I was listening to a Chuck Berry song, School Days, I think. And at that time you were a huge blue bird, but now you are a much smaller one; yet everything else is the same."

"Why don't you fix us a P-Nut Butter, Bologna, and Mayonnaise sandwich, and we could talk about it," said the bird.

"See, now that's what I'm talking about. You start out talking like any rational creature, but then you say stuff like that," Buck said in a grumble.

The bird replied, "Stuff like what? I could eat a sandwich if I had teeth and I have teeth in this dream. --- See!"

Buck cringed and remarked, "Oh Geez, that looks terrible! Please, --- stop smiling.

Listen Bird, what I was talking about was the P-Nut Butter, Bologna, and Mayonnaise sandwich; that sounds disgusting."

"Oh really," said the bird, "well you didn't think so when you were six years old. I distinctly remember eating those for lunch on a regular basis. But then we moved and you seemed to forget about them after that."

Buck replied, "That's because we didn't have much money after moving, Bologna was a luxury back then. Besides, I forgot a lot of things. That is what you do when stuff like that happens; you decide to forget so it doesn't hurt so much. Sandwiches were probably at the bottom of my list of things to remember, considering the circumstances."

Bird questioned again, "So you're saying that the last dream wasn't so bad, you just didn't understand it."

"Don't you recall? In the last dream, you picked me up and flew off to a windy ledge overlooking a river, then left me standing there until I wrote a stupid poem."

Buck was cut off by the bird when it replied, "It is not a stupid poem, it has a lot to say! I doubt that you even remember it now."

Buck cleared his throat and said, "Dreams are much like stepping stones that you place on muddy ground --- be sure your foothold is secure before you lay the next one down."

Bird got a little chocked up and replied, "So you did remember."

"Yes," Buck replied, "and I remembered that roads are seen differently from all angles, but they are seen most correctly by the ones who have to travel them at the time, not in hindsight. Now go away and leave me alone."


{"Up in the morning and off to school, the teacher is teaching the golden rule, national history and practical math..."}


"Don't you want to know what this dream is all about?" asked the bird.

Buck replied, "Geez Louise, are you still here?

And to answer your question, no, I don't care what this stupid dream is all about, 'cause I doubt that it is about anything worth knowing."

Bird countered by saying, "Well it could be predicting some future event."

"Why would the likes of me be having dreams about the future? That is the stuff of prophets and those kinds of people, not someone like me. So get serious and go away," Buck said with a hint of laughter in his words.

With that, Buck turned over in bed and fell into a deeper sleep. That is when the songs continued.

{"Commercial came on, so I got up, to get myself a snack, and you should'da seen what was go'n on by the time that I got back. --- Sultry Sam had poor sweet Sue, wrapped in a burlap sack, then he said,"If you don't give me the deed to your ranch, I'll through you on the railroad track!"

And thennn, and thennn, --- Ak-Ack, --- along came Jonnnes, --- tall thin Jonnnes, --- slow walk'n, slow talk'n, long legged Jones..."}

"Talk to me!"

"NO! Go away!"


{"and when you finish clean'n up your rooooom, grab that dust-mop and that broom, and when you finish doing thaaat, bring in the dog and put out the cat,  --- Yakady Yak, don't talk back."}


"It is going to be a bright and sunny day today, with temps in the low 80's. Mild southern breezes should make for a very ..."


Buck was awakened by the clock radio and fumbled around for his glasses; "7:00 am, shit, I forgot to re-set the alarm again."

"Buck laid there listening to the radio while the announcer gave the Business news for the day, "Well business junkies, there is a new company hitting the stock market today. This Vinyl Record Start-up will join The New York Stock Exchange.

Blue-bird Record's IPO will open at $15 a share, but some say that it may go much higher due to the revitalization of the record industry. It's two initial investors are Robin Mayo, of Stepping Stone Financial, and Henry Meats of River-view Hedge-Fund partners."


Buck reaches for his cell phone...


A secretarial sounding voice said, "Good Morning, Skylure and Dagget Investment Strategies; this is Windy. How may I help you?"

'Morning Windy, this is Skylure, connect me to Mr. Dagget please.

Oh, sure thing Mr. Skylar, right away...


"Hay Tom, Buck here. --- Listen, pull-up the days IPO's and tell me the price on Blue-bird Records.


Hum, it leveled at $19.

Sure, like always, buy and do it gradually. --- 300,000 shares.

What? --- No, not exactly a hunch. --- Lets just say that a little bird told me.



D. Thurmond/JEF  03-06-2017

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