The lone Shepherd

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A Shepherd who wanders the vast sands, encounters a girl in need of faith, with their fate sealed in order to bring a peace, in a city full of fiends.

Submitted: October 28, 2014

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Submitted: October 28, 2014



The lone Shepherd


On the blazing sun stretch by the swallow sands, a hooded man walks with a staff in his hand, clothing that match the land of Arabia, to which he walks lonely in a deserted land, there he finds a lost child wandering aimlessly in the lifeless land, as the hooded man helps the child, a young girl is what she becomes, with gratitude and debt in the thoughts of the lost child, she ask him his name and why was he travelling to her land?, he answered with a deep breeze, he was a man with many names for that is how he lives, he only wanders to protect others in need, but never lets the world know of what he truly did. For that is the ways of his rabbi to tell the good news, a kind shepherd he truly is, a great shepherd is what others perceive. The young girl asks are you a shepherd as well? While the hooded man answered he was but with no sheep nor a dog in his side, as he believes that the sheep will live even without him, because the sheep will be guide by a good shepherd that is what he conceive and so he searches for something better, to surpass the greater that is what he seeks, then the young girl said you must be lonely shepherd, for you travels in the desert with nothing but the needs on your back, while the shepherd tells to call him upon her wish, as he only desires to cross the desert to tell a good tale from his master’s deed. But the lost child warns the shepherd as she just escape from her own land, as the town is called the city of fiends, in that place everyone is out take everything to others, and were the forsaken never lives. For the city of fiends has nothing to believe, only for the elites are the ones to succeed, while the weak are left to be fallen leaves, all this because the wolves never stop coming, as they are the faults that destroys our unity for peace, but we could not do anything as the wolves are fierce and plenty, now our city is in dark age as all kinds of deceivers came to guide our desperate aid, then they divided our lands with no honour among creeds. When the shepherd heard this, he had to do what is right for that is the ways of his mater’s means and tells the lost child to tell him where the city of fiends shall be found? But the lost child beg not to be heroic, as he might be consume by the deceivers of her land, despite her claims the shepherds still stands his means, as he encourages the lost child not to be mislead, by hopeless ways that brought her here, have Faith in others, and believe in the shepherd, as he too believes in his kind master. After their first encounter the lost child lead the way for the shepherd to call upon her aid, in the place called the city of fiends, what fortune will they awake, for the travel is long with heavy burden surrounding them, but nonetheless they ventured onward and never to return. 


In the uncharted land of the sands, a shepherd with no name and a lost child walks to face a mountain to climb, as they venture to reach the city of fiends, they strive to face the winding sands, where the sun boils the stains of their eyes, they had yet to face the destination as they are stuck in an isolation of illusion, but strength was in their side, as mirage of desires is far from their sight, even if the odyssey were proven to be lengthy, the duo continue progressing for their destination. At the end of the day, in the midst of the wasteland, they setup camp to rest for a while, and there the lost child wanders to the shepherd, how can you trust on someone like her? Helping a complete stranger in a time like this? Just what strength leads you to quest? While the shepherd in the silences of the night, turn his face to the lost child and said his master always told him when he was an apprentice, to give light on to the world even if they cross over our path, since nothing is gain by living a passing life, to heal the wounds made by loss, hope shall rise to cure reasons to frail, believe on faith, and never let it fail. When words of the shepherd spoke with sincerity, the lost child was enlighten by the thoughts of living, but the night did not rest peacefully that time, as a pack of wolves came to terrorize tonight, at that moment the shepherd pulled a instrument, it was whistle of sort, as it creates beautiful harmony, then the wolves surrounds as with uneasiness, for none are leaving and kept them in corner, then the shepherd walked in front of the wolves as they continue to bound their limited space, but in time the wolves retreat with a sympatric look on their face. The lost child was so relieve they survive, yet is shock on how the shepherd manage to fool the hungry wolves, when she ask him he answered he did not delude the wolves but guided them, they too were lost so he gave path, because the starving wolves wanted to survive, they must act on nature in order to strive, for that is a path we are born to choose, not to be stray in an endless tomb, the lost child had only insuring in her mind, as the shepherd could be a heroic man he long to find. Afterwards they manage to finally reach the city of fiends, where the lost child and the shepherd must tackle its cryptic fate.


In the place where separation arise, the city is overrun by dishonesty as it consumes the people faith, men had pain than gain in their side, as the people of the masses strive to survive, while the prosperous left the city along with the gold of prosperity, when they unravel this scenery, the shepherd decides to venture to the health center, where he facilitate the ache of others necessity, with his accomplish the lost child, they struggle to ease the misery of that place, but it prove to be too enormous even for a shepherd full of grace, as the whole city itself was losing faith, seeing that the wolves are far too great, he told the lost child grasp on what you love the most, for this city sake on salvation, the shepherd hugs her and tells he shall handle the wolves himself, for he knows what is rightfully just, while the lost child insist the shepherd to act on any means, she wanted to promise he will return safely after this, though the shepherd was silent, thinking for a second, after that he respond, not to worry lost child, he is not a gone, just remember what he did and what he had done the shepherd said before he commence his final stand. On the starry night the shepherd stood at the entrance of the city, where multiple wolves are awaiting him, as the people of the city was too busy hiding, he was standing alone to face a thousand foes, then wolves slowly appear, with a menacing look on their face, preparing to attack at any pace, whereas the shepherd stands calmly where he brought out his flute, and played a tone,  it felt like a melancholic tone, with sorrow and oneness its primal tendency, as he release such musical theme, the wolves suddenly stop marching, then the shepherd walks eastward to insure the city of fiends was out of danger’s sight, then  he continues to march, in the direction he choose, along him are a thousand wolves following side, then dawn came and every was array, on who had prevented the wolves was everyone’s question, yet they couldn’t stop celebrating as their city is with peace and harmony, because the city was now free, and everyone rejoice at the great gift. Yet the deceivers took credit for everything, for the shepherd was nowhere to be seen, as if he didn’t even exist, but the lost child knew the answered and knew what to do, and she kept it a secret just like what the shepherd wanted, as for the shepherd he is heading straight in the sands, with a staff in his hand the lonely shepherd guides the wolves, heading for paradise in the uncharted world.


In many years that covered day and night, the city of fiends was now a place of harmony it was once, for the people hold something dear to their hearts, faith, hope, and love had just risen up, casting the former ways they knew once, telling stories of great missionaries who came of great wisdom, of a man who conquered a country by following the words of a voice whom spoke to him once, speaking praises of a land filled with golden savoury, of a man who defeated a giant by a weapon chosen by the speaking voice, of a king who gave everything in order to save his people from dying, of men who go beyond the capacity of human being for eternal salvation. In this place were hope is restored, the city became the Atlantis of the East, ever improving and always persevering, place in Arabia where knowledge is stored and forever kept in the solidification of dogma, as for the lost child she grew old and tells a tale of a man she knew, and build a school after the person whom she knew, for he was a man incapable of surrendering to fools, she named him the lonely shepherd for he still walks among the vast deserted sands, moving towards the wide range of terrain to tell a tale of a master he once knew, build a school where education will forever know the words of appreciation and the sacrifice in order to gain what should be ours , and so she symbolizing all his great goals as ‘Trinity’ combining Faith, Hope, Love, as the teaching he told, now the people will know of the myth of the lonely shepherd. A man who is shadowed by his deeds, for the sake of others he is now in nowhere were no man can reach, for he lives in the hearts of those who wish to see him, even if the lonely shepherd is wandering into the dessert, remember what he did, for he is the man whom we never notice, a shadow he truly is. 

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