Three Kingdoms Strong - Chapter #2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Moving to another kingdom, we learn of other plans, via a surprise visit.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



As the great Serpent fell deep into a trance, other activities were unfolding far from Quintilian.


On a highpoint of the Nefarious Hills and overlooking the great river "Tyree", a castle stands. It is shielded from attack on three sides by the shier cliffs of a tremendous outcropping. Much of the castle was cut into this slick stone walls; the rest was carved, built, and bonded to these walls by ancient methods, long sense lost to time.


At this Castle of King Solup, the king was taking a afternoon flight around the castle towers when a voice called out. It was his son, Bunarus, calling from a balcony at the east end of the council chambers.

King Solup altered his bat-like wings for a quick turn and down he flew, landing on the balcony.

"What's up Son," King Solup questioned as he tucked his  dark wings into their indentations along the back-sides of his snake-skinned and muscular humanoid body.

"There is a messenger in the council chambers; she is from Quintilian with a message from Solis, the Serpent Queen."

"Oh really?"

"That's right Dad, but she won't give the massage to anyone but you, in person, and alone," the son replied.

"Oh how intriguing, I love surprises. Don't you Son?

Bring her to my private library, ah, in about ten minutes."

"You got it Dad!"

The ten minutes passed and Bunarus opened the library door while catching his father's eye. Solup nodded and motioned for them to enter, so Bunarus opened the door far enough to admit the messenger.

"I understand that you have a message for me from my cousin," King Solup said in a gruff voice.

"Yes my lord," was the reply.

"Well, am I to be kept waiting for the remainder of the day?"

Suddenly a hissing sound filled the room and the messenger fell into a trance. Then from the mouth of the messenger came the unmistakable voice of Solis, the Serpent Queen.

"Greetingsss to my dear Cousin Solup!" The voice exclaimed.

King Solup laughed and replied, "You always were one for the dramatic, Solis, my sweet. What brings your spirit here, is all well with Grandfather?"

This time Solis laughed, and then she said, "Grandfather is his charming slithering self, as always. But that is not why I visit you.

I have come to warn you of King Thorium's bad intentions and the downfall of both our kingdoms if you do not heed my warning."

"Really?" Questioned Solup.

"Yesss! And I am mystified as to why you have taken up an alliance with that sub-human slug of a man, Thorium. Grandfather taught us both to depend on those who have proven trustworthy and Thorium is not trustworthy by any stretch of the imagination."

"My reasons are my own," Solup told his cousin. "It is just business and good business becomes power; Grandfather taught us that too.

Thorium's army is too busy with Quintilian problems to pose any threat to me and mine. I provide him weapons and Thorium needs the weapons that I provide. As long as he is willing to pay inflated prices then I am willing to accept the hefty profits. As I said, it is just business."

Solis replied, "Mark my words, purse-strings will be your hangman's rope, Solup.

Does Grandfather know that you support someone who stands against a family member?"

"Solup replied, "It was your doing, taking up residence in the land of the Quintilians. You could have remained here in this kingdom; you always had a place at my counsel table. Did you not?"

"Yes, of course, but that was eons ago and before Thorium took power. Now he threatens us all with this Dark Magic.

You must take my words seriously, at tonight's dinner Thorium will propose that you lease to him the use of one third of your most battle hardened soldiers. He will use them in forward positions to wage a direct attack against Quintilian and its armies. Such a tactic would succeed and when Quintilian falls, then Thorium will turn his warriors against what is left of your warriors that are in his employ. He will eliminate and assimilate them, leaving you far too few troops to withstand an attack from his forces," Solis warned.

"Oh I doubt that Thorium is that clever," Solup said as he strained to laugh.

Solis replied, "In a way you are right, Thorium is of a

Brute-force mentality, but he has acquired the services of an adviser who is deep in the dark artsss. She has bestowed upon him powers that are unequaled; for the first time we may see death on our own horizonsss."

"Solup laughed a billowing laugh, "Death, us? That is the silliest thing that I have ever heard! We are shielded from death until our cycle is complete; we are far too young to know death."

Solis replied, Yesss, but we are a product of terrestrial magic and shielded from harm because of it. It is possible that dark magic came from the same realm and may have the power to neutralize our protection.

The equality of our armed forces keeps balance in this world, without it, tyranny will prevail and engulf us all."

Solup questioned, "You have been in the Oracle's Chamber, haven't you?"

"Yessss," Solis hissed, "at the request of Millibar the Phantom.

Our armies are being defeated by the magic of Thorium. The Siege at Dark-sides Fortress was successful for Thorium, but not until the dark magic was passed to him.

Millibar stated that he lost a thousand warriors, many were converted to Thorium's ranks and they now do his bidding."

"Who is this adviser?" Solup questioned.

Solup answers, "Millibar's spies say that she is a human woman, possibly a dark witch, or wizard, but my third eye sees a Rubillian Mix.."

Solup questions the statement, "I thought that they were all killed in the slaughter of Jerbico-Salis."

"No, not all were there at the time of the slaughter. Seven emissaries had left Jerbico and passed through the valley that is to the east of Salis. They were in route to Quintilian to ask for our help when the attack occurred; they did not expect it until the winter had passed.

Thorium does not do traditional battle, nor are his tactics always sound. He is the proverbial Bull in a field of pottery," Solis replied.

"So you feel she is a Rubillian?"

Solis replied, "A Rubillian Mix, half Human and half Rubillian is my feeling. She must outwardly show only Human characteristics, otherwise Thorium would have killed her at first sight.

Her control over the dark arts is defiantly a Rubillian ability, I wonder if she knows her history."

Solup stood up and stretched his wings for a moment, then said, "Talk about being on the wrong side of a situation, giving aid to the one who slaughtered your family, and not even knowing that that is the case. It is too bad that we can't have a little chat with her, privately."

"Well, you are having dinner with Thorium tonight and I'm sure she will be there. Don't you?" Solis stated.

Solup laughed and said, "You were always the sneaky one cousin. You took me down this garden path just to get to this place. It was your plan from the beginning of this little talk, wasn't it?  You want me to interview this Rubillian for you, and you want me to find out what she knows about her past, right?"

"Well, to know more about her wouldn't hurt either of us," Solis said with a hissing sort of snicker.

Oh, and be cautious as to what you say, if this human really is a Rubillian Mix then logic may not have a place in that mixed brain of hers. She has proven to be very dangerous, so far."

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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