Three Kingdoms Strong - Chapter#1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The first of three chapters, approximately 1,000 words each. --- The setting is on a one continent planet, circled by three moons, and it's most intelligent species is of the human and mixed human races. Oh, and of course, War is at hand.

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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Submitted: May 13, 2016



The setting is on a one continent planet, circled by three moons, and it's most intelligent species is of the human and mixed human races.

The mixed races were accomplished by mystical means, in the beginning, and now are quite diversified.

For many centuries these creatures were at peace. But one malcontent, much like the disturbed bee, has the three kingdoms in a state of war.



In a fortress compound and what might be described as castle grounds of Thorium's Legions, there was activity everywhere.

"We are protectors of Quintilian and we bow to only one, Solis, our Queen," said the muscular giants who are warriors and captured Quintilian forces.

"Really, is that all you guys have to say?" replied the short and somewhat ape-looking Thorium.

Thorium's height is short, measured by most humanoid statures that reside on this planet; that being two-thirds the normal human male. And Thorium is a subhuman and a subhuman has a lot more body hair as well as being shorter. However, their strength and agility is greater than most humans, surpassed only by hybrid species such as the Quintilians.

Thorium continued, "I really hate frying perfectly good warriors, quite frankly, it drains me of energy.

Tell you what, how about you warriors just give me one of those hand-wave bows and swear your allegiance to me until death. After all, I pay well and the retirement plan, ah, well I've never received any complaints. So come on, what do you say?

"We are warriors of Quintilian; we were born and raised Quintilian! We will....."

Fire came from Thorium's mouth and within twenty seconds all the warriors were reduced to piles of ash.

"Men to ashes, ashes to men," was the next words that rolled out of Thorium thin-lipped little mouth.

Thorium moved toward the piles of ashes with drink in hand, and then he spit on each of them. After saying a few odd sounding words the ashes began moving in a circular motion, then into man-sized dust-devils. With that accomplished, Thorium blew his hot breath into the spinning masses and they turned back into the bodies that they once were.

"Bow to me now, former Quintilian," Thorium said.

They bowed on their knees with their faces to the ground.

Then Thorium said, "From this day forward you will be known as part of Thorium's Legions and you will do my bidding as long as I live. You will protect my kingdom against all enemies and fight against them when you are instructed to do so. Is that understood?"

"Yes Great Thorium. We are your servants and soldiers of Thorium's Legions."

"Captain, take these men and assign them duties and rank."

"Yes my Quailing!"


There was a few minutes of silence from Thorium, and then, "Is there any more to assimilate today Saggera?" Thorium questioned the tall slender woman standing nearby.

"No my Quailing, you are free of such duties for the rest of the afternoon. However, there is dinner planned with King Solup and his family at the rise of first moon."

"Why must we entertain those infestations? I detest them more than dragon-dung on my boots, you know that."

"I know my Quailing, but their armies rival yours and we must keep them in a co-operative spirit if we are to use their warriors for our own ends. Once the lands of the Quintilian's are taken and you have turned the Quintilian warriors to dust, then your armies will vastly outnumber the Solup armies. Solup and his kingdom will be your final and ultimate conquest, my Quailing.

Now you should rest for awhile, you must not get too fatigued while under the influence of the Shadowy Forces. I will send in your Relaxers to sooth you, say, in three hours."

"Yes, that would be good," Thorium chuckled as he lifted his pudgy body into a strap-like swing. With the snaps fastened, he flipped upside-down and hung that way to sleep.

Saggera bowed slightly as she left Thorium's sleeping chamber to attend to more pressing matters.

As Saggera passed the hallway windows, her skin's dark tones played off of her glistening Raven-black hair, long and flowing to her knees when not bound in rope-like brads and carried over one arm; as it is on this day.

As far as jewelry is concerned, Saggera never wares more than one item. A finely crafted golden neck chain with a single Topaz Stone attached, the stone has been cut into the shape of this planet's single continent, "Elunus-Loam-Triumvir".

The three words joined are actually a reference to a passage from an ancient holy scroll; the passage refers to one god, one continent, and three kingdoms strong in their unity.



Meanwhile, in the uppermost portion of this planet'ssingle continent and a great distance from the castle grounds of Thorium's Legions, a meeting was about to take place that was strongly related.


In the Great Quintilian Hall of the Oracles stood Millibar the Phantom, he, like many of his warriors are giants, even though they carry all the physical characteristics of a human; they are one-fourth taller than that of a normal human male. But Millibar is not all human and no one knows what his family tree really is, or how he is able to do what he does; but enough about that.

Millibar is now supreme military commander of all the armies of Quintilian and he is in a meeting with the Serpent Queen, Solis, elected ruler of Quintilian.

In a hissing tone Solis questioned, "Why have you asked for thisss meeting with me Millibar?" 

Millibar replied, "I have need of your visions. Please enter the Oracle's chamber and tell me what Thorium is planning. I have lost a thousand fighters to him at the Sly-Fortress Siege, mostly due to his magic. I need to know what he is planning or all of us will bow to his fire."

"Very well, I will do as you ask, but remember that I can only enter the chamber once during a three-moon cycle," Solis replied.

"Yes, I understand, and thank you,” Millibar said as he disappeared, as if into thin air.

"I hate when he does that," Solis mumbled, "you'd think that he could just walk out of a room like, well, no, not like me." Solis laughed.

The great Serpent entered the Oracle's chamber, sliding into and around the Stone Seat that is located in the center of the room.

Suddenly a mist and a trance-like state began flowing over her massive gold and white stripped body. Her blue-green eyes closed slowly as she began hearing voices and seeing visions by way of her mystical third eye; the visions were soon etched in her memory.

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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