Unlikely Bar Talk

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A group of bar-room regulars discuss religion and the afterlife, but not seriously enough to matter to anyone but them.

Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



"Look Fred, all I'm saying is that we lay too much of what happens on God's doorstep. Someone dies young and they say, God TOOK them. That person that died, maybe they had too much to drink and drove off a cliff, that's not God's doing, or God's fault; it's called free will. And on the news, just the other night, someone's house didn't burn in a raging fire while all their neighbors houses did, the owner of the house said, ("God Spared us.").  What are they saying, God didn't like the neighbors? No, I'm not buying into that thinking, maybe their house had a new tile roof and all the others had the old shake-shingle wood kind. Who knows?" Dave said while signaling the bartender to bring him another beer.

"I'm not saying God is involved in every aspect of our lives, I'm saying God looks out for us if we follow God's plans for our salvation," Fred replied to Dave's statement.

"Are you talking about that living forever stuff again?" Steve questioned. Don't get me wrong, I think God is great and I believe God is trying to steer mankind to a greater understanding of man's place in this universe. But I doubt that I want to live forever, I'm only sixty and I'm plenty tired of it already; no offense to Jesus." Steve said with a finishing smile.

The bartender, Sam, questioned as he served Dave his beer, "Where did this Live-Forever stuff come from anyway, isn't there an alternative? I like choices," Sam said with a chuckle.

The concept of an afterlife was known to the Egyptians long before Christ, but I don't think it applied to everyone; maybe just kings. Don said while moving to a better seat at the end of the bar.

Dave chimed in, "How about reincarnation? Each time you die you are reborn into a new body and start a life all over again. You do that until the end of time and by then you should have reached some kind of super understanding of what life meant, or something like that."

"Do we get to pick which one?" Sam questioned, again with a chuckle.

"It all depends on who you ask and what religion they belong to." Dave replied with a hearty laugh.


A thin man, seated just a few stools away, asked Sam to refill his glass of wine. That, in turn, directed everyone's attention towards him.


"Well, what do you think about this conversation Ray, is it Living Forever, or Reincarnation?" Sam asked the thin man, Ray, with a little chuckle in his voice.

"Both," said Ray, the newcomer to the conversation.

"Both?" Everyone questioned that answer.

"Sure, why not? Let's say that you reincarnate into thousands of different people, maybe even animals too. In each life you live as either gender, all skin colors and dialects, you live on all the continents during one life, or another, and in every type of society of this earth.

Sometimes you are rich, sometimes poor, but mostly in-between, you are born into every religion and so called cults until the end of time. By then, after seeing life on earth from all viewpoints and if you understand it purpose well enough, then you might want to live forever, or maybe not, your choice." Ray replied.

"What religion teaches that?" Fred asked.

"None that I know of, it is my opinion that religions have grown to narrow in their understanding of their original purpose.

There was this guy, now called Buddha, and he was enlightened. From his teachings came Buddhism and his teachings were simple in the beginning. However, Buddhism was corrupted, (just as he predicted it would be), by another with many gods and lots of pomp and ceremony.

Pomp and ceremony is mankind's downfall, they love the drama of spectacles. (Like Solomon said, "Vanity, vanity, all is vanity and chasing after the wind.")

The three great religions that claim the same One God all say that there is no other God sanctioned religion, no other way to heaven, except theirs. Yet Jesus said, ("In my Father's House there are many mansions,"), and as I understand it, God lives in heaven. It might well be that if mankind could understand the full meaning of that statement, then a lot of eyes might open. Gratitude towards God and the most simplistic love of God could replace all religions with faith alone.

As for me, I give thanks to God for whatever bounty I have and share of it as I am able. But most of all, I try my best to follow the Golden Rule.

People don't think about the Golden Rule that much, but if everyone on earth could follow it, there would never be another war. Just think of the possibilities!" Ray expounded.

"Possibilities, is that like choices?" Sam asked with a smile.

And everyone laughed.



JEF  ---  04-14-2016



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