What Are The Odds?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
Curiosity: What are the odds that a dream could give incite to the future and relay a name never heard before?

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



An Article in question: What are the Odds?

Recorded by JEF, 1984

“This waking Saturday started oddly. I woke up to a snap-shot image, it flashed as if someone turned on a light, revealing the image, and then turned the light right back off again. The image was a name, Gustav Miller, a name I had never heard before.

I remember that I was well into a very vivid dream, involving all sorts of animals, images, and lots of colors; I seldom dream in colors, mostly grays, black and white.

Anyway, I was watching this amazing, colorful, dream when this snap-shot brought the whole thing to an abrupt end.

This name, Gustav Miller, seemed important at the time, so I wrote it down, along with the date; (unfortunately, I lost or dis-guarded the original note, so the only date I have is 1984. The note and date didn't seem that important 30+ years ago.).

I also wrote down everything I could remember about the dream before it slipped from my mind; colors, types of animals, what they were doing, etc. 

I remember turning on the news, thinking I would hear something about Gustav Miller and thereby know where I got the name from, but there was nothing related to anything in the dream.

After getting up I headed out to do some errands and some shopping, which landed me at the local, indoor, shopping mall. As I passed a bookstore a thought came to me to see if the store had any books on dreams; I had never been in this book store before that visit.

I went into the bookstore and asked the attendant, who seemed to be doing some filing, if they had any books on dream interpretations. The attendant look perturbed and just pointed toward a rack near by.

As I approached the book rack, I noticed one book that was not stacked neatly with the others. It was as if someone had taken the book out of it's slot and didn't put it back where it belonged, instead, just leaving it in front of the row of other book, face forward.

On the face of the book it read “10,000 DREAMS Interpreted, by Gustavus Hindman Miller”.

I bought the book.

When I used the book to interpret the symbols, colors, and animals, that I saw in the dream, this is how it read:

African  Continent  ---  a long period of time  ---  death  ---  destruction ---  war  ---  famine  ---  disease and sicknesses being ever present.

It indicated that these conditions would grow progressively worse over time.

The symbols did not indicate exact years, nor did it relate to an end.

Note: I have tried to use this book to interpret later dreams, but it doesn't seem to work with any of the others.”


Writer's comments:

First, I have to ask, (“What Are The Odds?”), to see a name in a dream and it show up, out of the blue, later that same day; and it just so happens to relate to “dream interpretation”; and it interprets that dream pretty closely.

I feel that this dream has been correct, as quoted by the dreamer, covering the last 30 + years.

AIDS, Ebola, (and other deceases) have come out of Africa to circle the world with death and heartache for young and old alike. 

Starvation and famine for many reasons plague the continent.

The mass migration of Africans, black and white, all religions, continues.

Political and tribal wars are an ongoing problem there.

Greed and constant poverty has made murderers out of children, pirates out of boys, and slaves out of their families.

But, Hay! I believe the guy that had the dream. Why? Because I was  around when it happened. Yet, others may not and that's O.K., Tomas is a name many relate to.


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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