Where Did They Go? - Part I of II

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What happened to an entire planet's intelligent life form? Actually, what happened to any evidence that they were ever there?

Note: This is now a two part story by the same name. Both can be read independently.

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



A circular craft hovered over the surface of what should have been an expansive steel and concrete city; but during this visit nothing was there.


The craft's size alone was more than impressive, covering the entire area with a shadow.

Inside the spacecraft and at the control center a voice is heard, 

"Again Bonn, our scanners detect no signs of intelligent life. This result is the same as with all the other locations that we have scanned on this visit," said a creature that one might think was a large rock.

The creature that was speaking had no legs; it seemed to use a vibratory process to move about. It's lower body vibrated and then the upper body leaned in the direction that it wanted to go; the speed that it traveled seemed to be determined by how far it leaned.

Bonn replied, "Well Datum, the team tasked with the duties of charting and documenting intelligent life forms in the galaxies discovered that the inhabitants either fled this planet, or died out in some mass extinction of some kind, but that doesn't explain where all the cities and other structures have gone to. Our past visit to this planet leads me to believe that everything must have disappeared very quickly."

Datum stated, "That is very odd that the cities and their entire infrastructure disappeared too. It is almost as if something uprooted everything on the surface and took it away."


This vessel is not an invasion ship, no; it is a scientific research vessel. And on this trip they have returned to this planet to try to find out what happened to an entire society; a society that they surveyed and documented once before.

This was a society of humans that seemed to dwell only in cities and everyone was housed in large buildings; an odd situation, to say the least.


"Bonn, we just passed over a desert area when our sensors detected signal transmissions from deep under the surface, but they are very weak," stated Datum.

A few moments later a student researcher named Kros told Bonn, "We are about to transport to the surface of the planet to investigate. Do you wish to participate in this exercise?"

Bonn replied, "Yes, I think I might, the oxygen levels might invigorate my membranes."


Once on the surface the team of scientist, all much different in appearance than one another, stood around a large red circle.

The red circle was a light projection from their ship and designated where the mysterious signal was be coming from.

Suddenly a vibratory sound came from the ship and the ground surface within the circle flowed up and out. The material from the circle formed into a funnel and then bent slightly as it was transported to another location, and then released. This material removal went on for some time until the sound changed in tone. And just a fast as the vibrations began, they stopped.

There, within the circle was the entrance to what looked like a natural cave; except for the steel-like doors that blocked the entrance.

"Ah, a mystery to solve," bellowed Bonn, "I love solving mysteries!"

With the use of Bonn's tentacle held scanning devise, and some programming instructions from Kros, a light beam from the ship struck the steel-like door and it became dust, falling to the ground.

"Shall we see what we can see?" Kros said as they all entered the cave.


Down into the cavernous passageway the beings traveled. The twisting passage was without the slightest light until they came to a great expanse, a huge room of sorts.

At the far side of the room was a massive computer that glowed intently. The computer seemed to be connected by various cables directly into the surfaces of the earth that was around it.


"What is it?" Kros questioned, without any expectation that any of the team would know.

Bonn began examining the computer with odd looking devises as the rest of the team was scanning and sending digital transmissions to their ship, presumably for diagnosis.

After some time passed, a message came back from the ship saying, "Cave computer's signal analyzed and other stronger signals have now been detected in 14 additional locations around this planet's surface. All computers are self contained and are holographic devises with other unknown abilities, purpose unknown. This computer is in sleep mode and the signal it is emitting may be a distress call.

The power source it uses is this planet’s electrical field and magnetic pulses. All 15 computers work as one unit, but power is disconnected at this source."


Bonn looked around for a while and said, "I think I found the problem, something has eaten away at this electrical cable and it is nearly severed."

Datum stated, "There is a small dead rodent in the corner. It may have eaten the cable in an attempt to survive. I make that assumption because it died of starvation."

One of the other scientists, Walin, replied, "Let us repair the cord and see what the purpose of the computer array is, that is, if they still function.

It could not hurt anything, after all, it is obvious that no-one intended for the computers to disconnect. Maybe then we will have the answers that we are looking for."

Everyone was in agreement, at least as much as any group of scientists can agree on anything.

So with a little ingenuity used, they were soon able to repair the cord.


Well the group of scientist found out most of what they wanted to know. They now know what the computers do and where this planet's inhabitants went to.

There is still a big puzzle left unanswered, and a question from Bonn, "Who were the builder's of these computers, what purpose did they serve the builders, and why did they leave the computers unattended."

Scientists love questions, but for now the pressing questions have been answered and the computers are up and running. And because they are working again all the planet's full-time inhabitants are back in the cities that have suddenly reappeared. They are, again, living their computer generated holographic assisted lives.



D. Thurmond / JEF---02-16-2017

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