A time in the future of mankind when world peace is paid for by those who desire it. But this story is not about peace, it is about something much more important.

Richard, Hose, Rodriguez, Thompson, Garcia, Salazar was an easy-going kind of guy. I guess you would have to be if most of the people you studied were despicable, back-stabbing, weasels; those kinds of people that would do anything to make the world follow their dictatorial train of thought.

You see, Richard is a Government Investigator whose job is to look for, investigate, and prosecute Government Takeover Plots.

The year is 2432, and after two more world wars and several regional wars, world reorganization has been accomplished. And it has been in force for years now.

Believe me, "The Flux Government" doesn't operate like the former Big-3, but elements of all three are still woven into society.

The big change occurred in the central government and its ability to unify worldwide.

The Central Government is now comprised of Computers that make financial and social decisions based on mathematical algorithms. In other words, the computers make all decisions based on popular opinions taken from social media and online opinion polls; they are counted quarterly.

Now be advised, the computer system that the government employs are nothing like those systems that can be hacked. The new systems employ a "fail-safe, one direction, design. Information can flow into "Computer Central" but no information can flow out.

Also, any public opinion coming in is automatically checked for source accuracy; the computers know exactly who the voter is and the location that they are at.

And aside from voter verification, the computers check for any radical changes in that voters general thought processes; yes, the system has a profile on everyone; after all, "You are what you Tweet."

If a certain law becomes unpopular over a period of time, then the citizens have no-one to blame but themselves; after all, it was their idea and their law.

And when that happens to a calculated majority, 63 to 68%, the mathematical algorithms are affected; thus, opinion changes cause the law to be rewritten, or disappear altogether.

It is a government always in flux, so thereby; it is always changing according to the will of the regional majority.

This way of doing business seems to keep most people happy. And as people have always known, “when the majority is reasonably happy, prosperous, and healthy, the government remains stable.”

Much of the day to day stability is credited with a huge drop in lawlessness. What I mean is, a person would have to be deranged or stupid to commit a crime when the police know exactly who was present at the crime scene and at exactly the moment that it happened. And public surveillance systems also add to the swiftness of justice.

A willful murder, caught Red Handed on surveillance, has no lengthy trial.

The punishment for that crime is a single bullet to the back of the head and another to the heart during a period of induced sleep.

This is carried out after public voting is complete.

The executioners are specially programmed Robots that have no other purpose but to carry out the public's will, and to cremate the body afterword.

Once the execution takes place the murderer's name and all records of their actions are stricken from public records; it is as if they were never born.

The reason for doing this is simple. Some people seek fame by any means, even crime. But this society does not reward those people with the historical fame they long for. Their names will not go down in history for the carnage they might cause. Their names, and all related dates, just disappear.


Corruption has always been a problem with human societies, so much of that has been eliminated by use of Androids, "a human created person," and Cyborgs, "the integration of biological and mechanical, with some computer assisted features."


The military and police forces are mostly made up of Androids and Cyborgs; about 35% Androids and about 55% Cyborgs.

The Cyborgs have a central programmable core connected to their brain. They are programmed so that they are not able to be corrupted.

A so called "fail-safe system" was put in place many years ago and the system was adjusted over many years. Now, and for the past 73 years the Cyborgs programming has work without a problem.


However, there is someone trying to change that.

It seems that some of those humans have found a way to corrupt that system by implanting a biological bug in their programming.

That bug will allow the culprits to control those Cyborgs and to use them to make war against the Flux Government.

And to a very small minority this might sound like a good thing. But the reality is, this would be a new government of selfish people that would soon find fault with one another and send humans back to the days of constant war and destruction.

Humans have found that peace is worth the cost.



Richard Salazar was sitting behind his desk; he was scanning the files of a local dissident when a woman walked into the room.

The woman was just less than six feet tall, thin, and athletic in appearance.

"Are you Special Agent Salazar?" the woman asked without any hesitation.

"Guilty as charged," Richard stated with a hint of a smile on his somewhat round face. Then he asked in a seemingly disinterested way, "What can I help you with?"

"They call me Tress, in case you have need of a name, and I work in the Cyborg Programming Center. I was sent her to enlist your help in tracking persons who have done harm to the Cyborg Fail-safe System.

You should be receiving a confirmation from your systems coordinator; it will verify my authority to enlist your help."

At that moment a screen appeared in the retina of Richard's right eye; a needed tool for agents in his field.

The screen showed the profile, picture, and credentials for the woman standing in front of him. And sure enough, the only name given was Tress. Not Ms. Tress, not Mrs. Tress, not even Tina, Joanna, Cynthia, Monica, or Gina Tress! No, it was just Tress.

"Why don't you have more than one name?" Richard inquired.

Tress responded with, "Why do you have so many?"

Richard fired back, "So they know me from all the other Richard's in the world."

Tress replied by asking, "How many Tresses’ have you met?"

Richard thought for a moment and then replied, "Well that doesn't mean there aren't any."

Tress smiled and replied, "True, but I'm the only one that you know and so the one name should work for us, Right?"

Richard mumbled, "I guess so."


After a few hours of information gathering, the two were finding the end of the normal work day.

That is when Richard did something that he never does, he offered to buy dinner.

Tress looked surprised. However, being from out of town and having nothing but a motel room to look forward to, she accepted.

"I know of a place just around the corner," Richard stated, "it is quiet, cozy, and has the best Chow-main and Pot-Stickers in town. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great," Tress said with a friendly smile, "I hope they have iced tea."

Richard laughed and stated, "Sure they do, but they only serve it to people with one name." 


That night was like no other, and it was the beginning of what turned out to be more than a good working relationship.

And for the next six weeks these two strangers found something in the arms of one another that life had denied them for too long.

However, love did not stop their pursuit. They hammered out a system to track down the bad guys, those that wanted to take over the world. And track them they did.



Tress called the Cyborg Programming Center from Richard's office. It was final, they had arrested the culprits and she called to tell her boss what they had found out.


"Hello, Drouth, this is Tress.

The mission has been accomplished and the culprits have been arrested, but there is a problem.

The Bug that was implanted in many of the Cyborgs cannot be removed without wiping their memory-drives. But the implanted Cyborgs are not distinguishable from those that were not implanted.


Yes, I understand. No, no part of their memory can be saved.


Yes, it will be an emotional loss to their families, and many others that know them.


OK, Goodbye."


As soon as Tress got off the phone, Richard asked, "Well Honey, what did they say?"

Tress replied, "The Programming center has no choice; they are going to activate Recall-Protocol for all cyborgs. Once that is done all cyborgs will stop whatever they are doing and will proceed to their local processing center for hard drive replacement."

And all the while that Tress was explaining what was going to happen, she was crying. But Richard did not notice, his Recall Protocol had activated and he was on his way out the door.


D. Thurmond / JEF



Submitted: November 24, 2018

© Copyright 2023 D. Thurmond / JEF. All rights reserved.

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Ryan K. Mallegni

A well thought out dystopian future world. The ending was perfect for the type of narrative. Added a very human element.

If you have a moment, please see two sci-fi stories of mine I think you'll enjoy:



Fri, December 14th, 2018 5:12pm


Thanks for the help, "Work - Worked", and your kind comments. --- I will try to get to your stories. Unfortunately I do my on-line stuff at the public library and they have a time limit on the computers, so I must box all that I have to do into a limited time-frame.

Fri, December 14th, 2018 9:34am

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