Patient Zero

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two Aælfir teenagers sneak aboard a dying stone starship in hopes of finding fame and fortune, instead encountering a rare and dangerous alien; a human being.

The human presence infecting them, the two begin to question everything they've taught by their family house, barreling head-first into a conflict with their own kind in order to stop a war crime.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: 'Trespass' (4654 words)

Vievel and Halycen, two Aælfir teenagers, sneak aboard a Dwurkn starship to prove themselves and perhaps catch a glimpse of the humans who are rumoured to be aboard.

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Chapter 2: 'Red' (5249 words)

Vievel and Halycen, two Aælfir teenagers, snuck aboard a Dwurkn starship, making their way through its maintenance tunnels, and disobeying both of their fathers in the process.

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Chapter 3: 'Coward' (2669 words)

Confronted with a Dwurkn, Vievel and Halycen fight for their lives.
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Chapter 4: 'Halycen' (3905 words)

Vievel and Halycen continue their unauthorised expedition, having barely survived a Dwurkn attack.
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Chapter 5: 'Advance' (2296 words)

After a near-fatal skirmish with a Dwurkn warrior, Vievel and Halycen proceeded to continue their search of the ship for salvage; until they were interrupted by a group brandishing flashlights.
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Chapter 6: 'Unseen' (3291 words)

Halycen now captured, Vievel faces a dangerous journey alone on a dying spaceship.
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Chapter 7: 'Unseen (Again)' (2825 words)

There was a mistake last week with chapter titles - Chapter 6 should have been called 'Isolation' not 'Unseen'. 'Unseen' is this week's chapter. The content is fine, just the titles were mixed up.

Separated from Halycen, Vievel began to make his way through the Dwurkn starship alone, seeking to beat his father's men back home before it was discovered he was missing. Somehow he managed to get
off track and, in a different part of the ship altogether, he has encountered a stranger.
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Chapter 8: 'Calito' (4094 words)

Separated from Halycen, Vievel began to make his way through the Dwurkn starship alone, seeking to beat his father's men back home before it was discovered he was missing. Encountering a prisoner
on his journey home, Vievel decided to try and free them, not knowing that the prisoner - was a human.
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Chapter 9: 'Homecoming' (4094 words)

Halycen convinced her cousin Vievel to join her on an unauthorised expedition into a Dwurkn starship, only to get caught by the elite military force in service to her uncle, the 'Ulmadr Advance'.
Now she finds herself being dragged to face her uncle's judgement.
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Chapter 10: 'Homestead' (2810 words)

Vievel's goal was to get home, from the Dwurkn starship he boarded at the behest of his cousin, before anyone notices he's missing. At home, however, some friends might be about to throw a spanner
into his carefully laid plans.
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Chapter 11: Homesick (2204 words)

Vievel, an adolescent Aælfir, defied his father to explore an alien (Dwurkn) starship. In his explorations, he came across a human, the only human that any Aælfir has seen in centuries (not since
humanity was almost responsible for the extinction of all Aælfir). The human talked Vievel into opening his prison cell, and then revealed he wanted Vievel in the cell with him.
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Chapter 12: ‘Humanity’ (2345 words)

After a disoriented journey home, a sickened Vievel collapsed in front of his friend, Ria, and woke up in his bed. What he wasn't expecting to be sitting at the foot of his bed, was the human,
Calito, who he'd last seen on the Dwurkn frigate. How did the human get aboard the Aælfir ship?
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Chapter 13: ‘Split’ (3801 words)

Calito managed to sneak into the Ulmadr home-ship unseen, and somehow he can manipulate objects through use of a nanobyte swarm. Perhaps intentionally a flourish for his first and second reveal, he
saved the best for last; Vievel is becoming a human.
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Chapter 14: ‘Tidings’ (4181 words)

Through not a little spying, Halycen discovered that the object of Vaegath Ulmadr's desire was something known as 'the coordinate'. Now, in the aftermath of the stone ship's fragmentation, she is
determined to find out exactly what the coordinate is.
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Chapter 15: ‘Warrior’ (4325 words)

Summoned to the glass court, the seat of power for House Ulmadr, Vievel must finally answer to his father.
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