Best Beware

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In my head, this sounds like a Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine type of song, if that helps your mental playlist; But this was written with bullies in mind...

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



[Verse 1] 

It's funny how you have a voice, 

You're hilarious; thinking you've gotta choice, 

Take a seat, just fall right there, 

I'M IN CHARGE! Best beware!


Breakin' down your doors, 

Knockin' you to the floor, 

Making you respect the number one, for sure! 

Nothin'  else matters, so just watch your back, 

Cause I win, you lose, and that's just a fact! 

[Verse 2]

Winning isn't everything, but that's just what they tell us, 

Go big, make noise, cause no one really gives a fuck! 

I made it small, my goals reflect,

I'm still runnin' this show! 

Where's my respect? 

Cause I'm feeling like you can't hear me, 

Hear my words, hear my voice, 

Guess I'll just have to scream IT!

[Chorus (Louder)]

[Verse 3]

Has my point been made?

Have I gotten through?

Cause a perfect situation equals me, minus you!

I've had it with your shit,

Thinking your the top guy!

But it's not my fault your folks think you should die! 

I've made my life, got no regrets, 

Got those that care for me 


Cause you aint got none left to give, 

Give a few kids a hit, 

Maybe don't be such an ass! 

Cause all people see in you is shit!







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