A Poem of Fear

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Short Poem I wrote a while back.

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



The fear envelopes me. Keeps me cold at night.
The fear enrages me. Makes me want to fight.
The fear stalks me. doesn't let me lie.
The fear sickens me. makes me want to die.
The fear torments me. always on my mind.
The fear controls me. no remorse it isn't kind.
The fear frightens me. The things it makes me think.
The fear saddens me. The way it makes me shrink.
The fear has me. controls my every move.
The fear is eating me. like it has something to prove.
The fear is always there. fucking with my head.
The fear will never leave. Makes me want me dead.
The fear is ominous. Sneaky with its attack.
The fear paranois me. always at my back.
The fear is everywhere. Yet no place to be found.
The fear is anywhere. any place and all around.
The fear is constant. controlling in every way.
The fear is insane. relentless as it is wild.
The fear demotes me. makes me feel like a child.
The fear has me in its cold embrace.
The fear has me and I have seen its face.

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