Hells Angels vs Hells Demons

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The remaining members of one of the old Hells Angels biker gang chapters team up with a bartender and fight for survival

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



Marty's bar, built like an old styled pub with heavy wooden doors and made almost entirely of wood. Long time hang out spot for the infamous Hells Angels that ruled the area back in their time. But this isn't about the hells angels. This is about hells demons.

Sitting at the bar was an elderly man by the name of Jimmy "Dusty" Klein. Dusty was one of the few remaining members of the Hells Angels chapter in the area along with Geoff Young and Frank Anderman. Back in the 90's along with the rest of the gang these guys had the town in their complete control but now they mostly hang around the bar dropping shots and reminiscing. Although the whole biker thing was a little out dated they didn't give a fuck. Every Friday night they'd all meet up in front of the bar on their choppers and in their old Hells Angels jackets. The bar was a pretty deserted place now only with a handful of regulars including the Hells Angels. It was a typical Friday for these former bikers. The group erupted into laughter as they began to drop their 5th or 6th shots.

"Hey Dusty, tell the one about when that Mick bastard tried to rip you and Jerry off." Frank said mildly amused just thinking about it. "Rest in piece" Geoff said as they did another shot.

"Alright, so this fucking Irish prick, one of the Murphey brothers I think met me in my usual spot to do a pretty big deal on some PCP. I reach in my jacket to pull out the bags and the fucker shoots me in the foot, grabs the bags and takes off. I heard the little shit peel out. So I gather my shit and call up Jerry to ask him to find this little prick."

"Know one could find a guy faster then Jerry" Geoff interrupted as he poured 3 more shots."I'll drink to that." Frank said trying to lighten Geoffs mood. "You'll drink to anything. Now let me finish the story." Dusty said laughing partly from his buzz and partly from his own joke.

"Anyway within an hour me and Jerry had the little prick hung upside down screaming for mercy from the pipes in my ma's basement." The group erupted into laughter again. Only this time their laughter was cut short by a blood curtailing scream from just outside the bar.

"What the fuck.." A young man who was sitting by a window said to himself in disbelief. "What the fuck what?" Geoff said as he walked towards the booth the young man was sitting at. "Oh what the fuck that..." Geoff said as he noticed the chaos occurring outside of the bar.

Before anyone else had a chance to inquire about the situation the large wooden doors swung open and pale skinned man whose mouth, chin and upper body was covered in blood came sprinting in and quickly targeted Frank. Frank quickly reached for an empty beer bottle off of the bar and shattered it over the crazed mans head. "Mother F-" was all he got out as the mans teeth sunk into his throat.

"Frank!" Dusty screamed in disbelief and panic as he grabbed a nearby bar stool and broke it over the mans back who was to pre-occupied feasting on the remnants of Frank to notice. Suddenly a loud bang was heard from behind the bar which reminded Dusty of when he was in his prime. Dusty looked up from his daze to notice Marty the bartender leaning over the bar looking at the bodies that now decorated it, a smoking 357. revolver in hand. "You kids remember how to handle one of these?" Marty said adjusting his his glasses and reloading the empty chamber. "Hoorah" was all Geoff said as he leapt over the bar and grabbed the Shotgun Marty left under it. "What about you kid?" Marty said offering another 357. to Dusty. "Amen brother." Was all dusty had left to say.

Soon they began pouring in. Some sprinting, others barely able to walk. Immediately they began firing and bodies began piling up but for every one they killed it seemed two more were immediately there to take it's place. "Fuck the shotties out!" Geoff shouted panicked. "We're almost out to, quick kid grab the vodka bottles under the left side of the bar." Marty said trying to stay calm. "Why the fuck would I-" Geoff started to say but was interrupted by Marty who screamed back "NOW! Good kid now poor it all over the bar and do it fast, Dusty you got a light?" "Yea here" dusty said using his left hand to reach into his jacket pocket to pull out his silver zippo. "As soon as we run outta ammo I'm torching this place." Marty said as him and Dusty fired their last few bullets. "Click, Click, Click." "BACK THE FUCK OFF" Geoff said as he swung the butt of the shotgun towards the side of a blood soaked womans head making direct contact resulting in a cracking sound and one less thing to kill. "Fuck I'm out." Dusty said backing up a little. "Me to kid, lets burn these fuckers straight back to hell"

"Hoorah" Dusty and Geoff said in unison.

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