The Evil Plan

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A middle age lady, who sells remedies for a living, wants revenge. But does it all go well in the end?

Submitted: December 10, 2010

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Submitted: December 10, 2010



It was a hot summer evening in the 16th centaury, when Mary Williams, the local wise women, was mixing up some herbal remedies. She had been helping people all

her life and thought that no one appreciated her and that they used her for her medicines. But all she wanted to do was live life as a faithful Christian and help
people. ‘What am I going to do?’ she asked herself as she was trying to sell her new remedy ‘Common Cold’ which consisted of 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in boiling water. ‘No one ever says thank-you, or how are you would be nice’ she muttered on her way home. ‘I need to think of some new remedies… or something that will make me be recognised.’

As she arrived to her little cottage, she thought, ‘if I don’t succeed in my local career, then I’m going to have to get some… some… REVENGE!’ she laughed as she grinned an evil smile. She couldn’t sleep at night, she kept having nightmares because she was a Christian who believed in God who said you shouldn’t sin.

The next day, she made more of the Common Cold remedy to sell to earn her money. All different thoughts went through her head, things like ‘you should sin, Mary, you’re a faithful Christian’ and ‘People should respect you because you save lives, but they don’t, so its revenge time!’

‘Buy my remedy to heal wounds’ a little old lady shouted as Mary walked past her. ‘No, buy my remedy for wounds, its better and works in advance.’ Mary hurried down to the next clear space on the street, to start selling her 20 bottles of remedy she prepared the night before. ‘Got a cold? Buy the Common Cold remedy, works within seconds, and stops colds coming back for a long time.’ Mary started to repeat as more and more people came to buy them. But instead of the people saying please and thank you, they snatched it out of her hands and chucked a couple of pennies on her jacket. This made the evilness inside her; want to come out even more.

At two pm, all the bottles of remedies she had, sold out, so she decided to go home and think. What she thought was how can she think of a good way to get her own back on the people in her village? After a lot of thinking, she decided to sell people a remedy which wouldn’t help them, but make their health get worse.

That night, she made the Common Cold remedy, with the usual ingredients, but added something you wouldn’t add to a medicine. Poison. This wasn’t any kind of poison you would use to kill rats. It was called blue colorant. This kills people after 6 hours of using it. This meant she had time to leave, so she didn’t get the blame for all the deaths that would occur.

The next day, they sold out as usual, and the evil plan didn’t go as expected. People started throwing up within seconds of taking the remedy people were laying on the floor finding it hard to breathe. Basically it was a disaster. She was going to get caught out, put in prison, tortured or even killed!

Mary was so scared she rushed home and left her money and her belongings and ran. All she wanted to do was get away and start a new life. But that wasn’t how it was going to turn out. She was stopped and arrested by the local policemen along with all the other local wise women.

No one would confess to the remedy that made everyone sick, and in the end, Mary didn’t want her fellow wise women to take the blame when she new it was her all along. Mary stood up and confessed. She thought, the worst thing that can happen is torture. She was wrong. She was burnt at the stake, not only for making all them people die, but she was a well known witch in Barbados, her old location where she lived.

That was the last of the Mary and there was never any wise women selling remedies in her village ever again.

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