My Mama

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A teenage perspective on mothers. Written in a similar method to what Shakespeare used for Friar Lawrence's monologue on plants from Romeo and Juliet.

This was just a fun concept to use when I used part of the Shakespearean sonnet method: 10 Syllables in each line, usually 14 lines (But this was just practice)

Enjoy! :)

Submitted: February 01, 2010

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Submitted: February 01, 2010



My Mama

My mama used to tuck me in each night,

But now, I don't go to bed so we fight.

She would do my laundry and make me food,

But now when I ask her, she yells, "Go Nude!"

We used to be close. I liked her the most,

But if I say one word my butt will be roast.

I wish we were cool like it used to be,

But still, she's my mom, so she's my homes, G.

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