The Strongest Girl I ever Knew

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despite the challenges you may face be courageous, show strength and character.

Submitted: January 04, 2017

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Submitted: January 04, 2017




She never got to dance,
She almost missed her own Prom.
She never got the chance,
To forget where she has came from.

She always want to kiss,
The man she idolized.
She always felt love's bliss,
Even-though she is emotionally paralyzed.

She never got to talk,
About love with a smile.
Though she would love to walk,
Down a Flamboyant Church's Aisle.

She has always wanted to say,
Those precious words "I Do".
But she was far and away,
The strongest girl I ever knew.

As she  brushed  her hair,
And put sun screen on her face.
I wish I was near, 
For her to give me a warm embrace.

As she clasp her hands,
As if in the form of prayer.
I certainly hope i am the Romeo,
My Juliet so desire.

She never showed her fears,
Or let you hear her cries.
She never showed the tears,
That rolled  down from her teary eyes.

You are the epitome of,
A strong black woman.
You have turned the impossible,
Into possible because you know you can.

She has never looked for pity,
Or sympathy from you.
That's why she'll always be,
The strongest girl I ever knew. 



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