Psychopathic Mary

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story is basically about a woman who cannot deal with change, when there is change, then things go wrong or just go dead. In a way, this is like a freedom thing for women, for the anger they may have if the husband or other people change their ways of life or just don't listen.

Mary Anderson had an amazing job. She used to stay home, cook food and keep the house clean. Always keep the house clean. For you see, Mary was a victim of OCD. Not that it bothered her, she enjoyed it. Her opinion on the matter was, she could either be a disgusting slob, or she can be a hiper, non-dirty, over-clean, superstitious bitch who never had a problem with dirt. She believed that everything had it's place, for a thing would not be lost if it was in its place.

Mary had a husband. She called him Lawrence, but everyone else knew him by the nickname he prefered to be called, which was Larry. He was a very well known constructor, and also a very well-observant man. He didn't mind his wife's OCD because he had the pleasure of never having a dirty home, but was always nagged on when accidentally putting his keys on the kitchen table, when it belonged on the key-formed key holder.

They lived the perfect life, they both decided on not having children, because they were both too happy on their own. They only got married because they didn't want to be alone and often chose to have sex when they felt like it. The love never found them, but the faithfulness did. Although they both just wanted to have occasional fun, they both believed that the fun bonded them, and didn't want to be bonded with others.

Mary was a very good hitman in her time, meaning 20 years ago. Larry never knew that about her. He also didn't know about her real day job, for she was always at home by the time he got there. In the mornings, she would immediately start cooking food, cleaning what little mess there was, then go. When she got back from her mysterious job, she would heat up the food and throw on the "housewife" look for him, to make it look as if she was busy all day.

Larry was a convicted felon. He was sentenced 30 years in prison for a crime he didn't understand but illegal in the eyes of the law. He was a psychopath. He killed 5 women in ways that cannot be discribed. He killed 4 men, slitting their throats, hanging them upside down in the water in rainforests, and then leaving them to be discovered by the local tribes that remained hidden. He also killed 3 children. The ways they died were never released to the press because it was supposedly too horrid. Those deaths were never solved. And just like Mary, he kept a secret.

In a way, they both always knew. Mary, despite of her OCD would sometimes get forgetful, and Larry, as observant as always, would sometimes notice a bloody knife on the kitchen sink, but will wash it for her, without the need to know anything about it. Mary would sometimes stumble across some of the old newspapers Larry saved of his vicious life, but would bury it away as she found it, without questioning him. They were truely a happy couple.

Mary and Larry, they both loved the ocean. The sweet air of the Alabama winds, the 'pitter-patter' of the raindrops of vacation storms in the mountains, and also the way their waitress made their coffees at their favourite diner.

They both had a love for hate though. The hate for people's incorrect pronunciation of words, their simple deeds, their stupidity and also the way people would talk with their mouths full.

Unfortunately, they had friends. Not unfortunate for Mary and Larry, but unfortunate for the friends. Their friends would come by every Sunday afternoon after they had lunch. On Wednesday nights for a poker party and on Friday mornings for Mary's book club.

Elton and Elisabeth.

They were so irritating. They used to talk about themselves all the time, about their love lives, their vacations, their fights, even the things they bought years ago. That, that really pissed them off.

Mary and Larry, they were very strict people. They believed in order, in balance, peace and happiness. They believed in chances and warnings. Elton and Elisabeth got two warnings, they got two chances to stop. But they didn't. They were stupid enough to ignore them and go for strike three. But what they didn't know, was that strike three was the breaking point of Mary and Larry's tempers. They snapped.

Mary and Larry one night went to bed, Mary reading her book, 'The Psychopath In The Mirror' , and Larry watching the crime channel. As they both got ready for bed, Mary decided to tell Larry about her problems with Elton and Elisabeth. Where Larry only looked her in the eyes. Looked at the sky blue eyes, the small doll-like lips, the light grey hairs coming out, giving her a goodnight kiss. With only the reply of, "We'll do it tomorrow." Mary knew what he talked about but had to make sure and asked what he was talking about. As he gets the perfect position for a good nights' rest, he says that whatever she was thinking about, that she was right, it was that. With a slight grin, she stared at the bedroom door, creating all kinds of ways to make it fun. When she snapped out of her daydreaming, she turned off her lamp, and went to sleep.

Early that morning, around 7, she woke up with a very big smile. The smile read, "Let's get started." As the law has it, you may do anything to anybody once they entered your home, only if they were there uninvited. So, as Mary knew Elton and Elisabeth, they would immediately come over once they smelled something delicious or heard a violent scream for help, but she also knew that a cry for help is as good as an invite into their home. Larry woke up around 8, got ready for work and left just before 9, seeing that it was a Friday, so he could get at work around 10 and leave at 3 the afternoon.

She started to bake cakes, pies and even 7 types of meat for this wonderful occasion. It would all be ready by the time Larry gets home, also just in time for Elton and Elisabeth to get there, for they both worked at the same school. Elton as a science teacher for grade 11 kids, and Elisabeth was the school's psychologist. As time would have it, they got off at 2, and got at home at half past 3.

When Larry got home, he immediately smelled the delicious food and knew he was going to eat like a king! He greated Mary with a lovely kiss and a hug. It was strange, seeing what their reasons was for getting married but she was so happy, that she didn't even care. It's strange that she would get so happy for something that can get her in jail.

After the strange acts done by him, he went and sat down at the beautifully decorated, New years' dinner table, awaiting his wife to say they can eat.

Mary waited, getting ready, she opened the door for them to just walk in when they smelled her food, putting the knives on its place, putting the chemicals right next to it, looking out the window to see if the barrel is in place, and last, seeing if the pots and pans are perfectly where it should be, infront of the gun she keeps hidden.

Not even a few minutes after she checked everything, they showed up. They walked in and greeted them. Mary quickly went to Larry and told him, no matter what he says, he shouldn't invite them in. He looks at her, kind of confused. He didn't understand but agreed to it. Mary set four placemats, knowing that Elton and Elisabeth would just invite themselves for dinner. Nobody said it was for them, they just sat down. Where it could have been for someone else. Thus, still never sending them an actual invite.

As they were sitting down, Mary quietly grabbed a pan, putting the gun in the strap of her pants on the left side just for incase something went wrong.

With one swing, she heard the echoing sound of the pan, singing like a church bell when it dented two skulls at once, putting them both in a coma. Larry, jumped in horror, shouting, "God, Mary, what the hell are you doing?!" with Mary laughing, asking him why he is acting like this, if he's the one who suggested it? Wide-eyed, in high voices and confusion he says, "Mary, I thought you wanted to move away, not go back to murdering people!", she kept on laughing, making unplanned decisions, the lightbulb quickly flickering with the 'idea' light in her head. She stops laughing, looked at him and said, "Fuck it", pulling the gun out and firing the golden bullet right in his face.

She didn't plan a third body, so the chemicals might be a little bit short, but it'll have to do. She decided to cut up the bodies, Elton and Elisabeth too, alive as they might be. The bodies was cut up very carefully, the teeth in one holder, the organs in one and the skin in one, the bones was put in the barrel with the teeth. She then poured the car cleaner chemicals in the barrel with the bones and teeth, for it to eat away the evidence. The organs and skin and other soft tissue was put in a bucket and thrown out into a lake for predation. The blood could have been cleaned in different ways, she could have used cola, but that would have had to stay overnight, she could have used hidrogen peroxide, but then she had to use only 3%. It would be either too much or not enough, so she skipped it. Then she could also have used full strength white vinegar, soak it for 5-10 minutes and then pat it dry with a towel, or last, use a normal dishwashing detergent, which would be the quickest, so she picked that.

After the hustle, she put their house on fire, leaving replicas of four skeletons with each of everyone's bone structure, which also showed previous remodeling of any bones or even discoloration. None of which showed signs of stress or struggle.

Mary gave a new colour to her hair, got a new life and a new husband. Even a kid too. They lived well, until the new neighbours moved in. Sarah and Will. Nice people for everybody else, but for Mary, they were too perky...

Submitted: December 12, 2015

© Copyright 2021 DA Harms . All rights reserved.

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