Forever Love

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A little ditty about that one love of a lifetime, that Forever Love.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




Forever Love


Once upon a time, seems all my stories begin this way as of late. I suppose is it the influence a special Lady has had over me these past few days and nights. I discover myself wanting to tell her that her personal “Forever Love” is a traveling companion to my personal “Universe of Two”. The definition is identical only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. My friend’s “Forever Love” really needs no explanation; she needs someone to love her forever, Amen. I think we all need someone to love us forever, Amen.


To truly appreciate “Forever Love” a price must be paid, an admission fee to eternal bliss. We pay this requested amount with tears and nightmares. There have been times, I have been told, that the fare is crushing to the spirit and leaves one’s soul a mere shadow of before. Sometimes the fare is too great and some of us can never afford the cost. I have a rain check for my personal admission; I have had my ticket punched, so to speak, several times. Each time the trip was cancelled due to an unforeseen natural disaster, not covered by any warranty or insurance spoken or implied, a broken heart or wedding vow. Although I have my ticket it requires double occupancy. How could one person ever enjoy the journey without a traveling companion? My ticket is one way only. I am keeping my ticket safely tucked away, next to my heart, until I find that special soul who needs a traveling companion. I have my bags packed. I am ready. Ticket in hand.


My friend, I believe, has paid her fare once maybe thrice. I will tell you later after I actually have a conversation with her. But I digress, again. She may even have had her ticket upgraded, I am not sure. Be it coach or first class, it is of no matter. Although we are traveling to destinations with different names, the price is the same. The distance is identical, a lifetime. I hope my friend has kept her ticket safely hidden. It would be a travesty to Life for her to miss that flight. I pray that she still desires to travel. Sometimes people just give up and stay wherever life drops them off at, pity. I know she needs a traveling companion. The double occupancy rule is written in stone. There will be no exceptions, ever.


Forever Love, Hummmm. Sounds like a good idea. That kind of love that leaves you breathless through deeds not just mere words. That kind of Love that stories are written over and over about. A Forever Love. One where time is of no use, for a true Forever Love is always timeless. I think my friend is on to something worth pursuing here. Call me crazy, but I do like the sound of it.


Now where did I put my ticket?

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