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This is a glimpse into the soul of a young woman who grew to know and understand the power of love. Although she had always been afraid of its power she was intrigued by it and having run away before, she then turned and faced it. Accepting that she was incapable of resisting it or turning away as she did not have the strength, she was compelled to let it run its course.

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



A young woman once met a man,
Not just an ordinary man, but a
young, healthy, attractive man,
a special man,
in fact, he was a………Magic Man
As the young woman gazed into the Magic Man’s eyes
for the first time, she felt a strange magnetism
pulling her nearer and closer to this man…this, Magic Man…
Suddenly a VOICE went up from within her mind shouting,
“No fool, look away, can you not see what is happening?
The young woman called back.
“No, no, I can not see, I can only feel this… warm sensation, which I find…
irresistible and I cannot look away… I do not want to look away.”
And the VOICE cried out again, begging her to look away, run away, hide away…
She became afraid, and she did,
she tore her eyes away
she looked away
she ran and she hid away.
Alas it was too late, for a seed had been implanted into the soul of this young woman through the Magic Man’s eyes.
In was not just an ordinary seed
It was a special seed
It was a…………magical seed
And, although she never knew it then,
it was a LOVE SEED
After a time the young woman felt safe and bold again and she came out of hiding and once again she met the Magic Man. Her body mind and soul gravitated toward this man, this alluring man…
And the VOICE screamed from within her saying.
“No, stop. Turn away,
come away,
stay away,”
This time the young woman called back to the VOICE,
“Be quiet, I have hidden away, I have grown strong now and I do not need to turn away this time. I do not want to turn away this time.”
And the Magic Man said to the young woman.
 “Come my lovely, come to me. Run into my strong, powerful arms. Do not be afraid, look into my eyes my lovely, see into my soul”.
She looked and looked, but could not read his mind, could not see into his soul. All she could feel were his strong, powerful arms, reaching for her. She ran into his arms and it no longer became entirely clear what reality was and what was fantasy for his voice was soothing and hypnotic. And so she surrendered to him the only thing she could give him, a gift that could never again be given!
She put her arms around him, moving her hands eagerly over him, stroking and admiring his hard, strong body. She kissed him, tentatively at first and then hungrily and it was as sweet as she knew it would be. She became as a bee drawn to the nectar of a beautiful, magnificent, mysterious flower.
His hands moved demandingly over her, pulling her toward him, drawing her nearer ever nearer and deeper into his magic, until at last she was totally engulfed by it.
She called out “Magic Man, Oh Magic Man, Yes, yes”. And he braced himself above her and looked down into her eyes. Their eyes locked, and it seemed to her that he looked into her, through her eyes into the essence of her being, into her soul.
And the VOICE cried
look away,
look away,
look away.”
But she did not hear the voice this time, for she was lost in a sea of magical, fantastic, wonderful feelings and emotions all the while saying,
“Magic Man.
Oh, My lovely,
lovely Magic Man”.
He grew bigger and stronger, enticing the life juices from within her. He searched for and found his magic seed, which he had implanted into her soul and he looked into her eyes and smiled knowingly.
She raised herself to him and he cried out strongly, boldly, triumphantly as he erupted thickly and forcefully and endlessly within her, into the deepest, darkest reaches of her, engulfing the LOVE SEED.
This was no ordinary seed,
it was a special seed,
it was a………… magical seed
and although she never knew it before,
she then realized, too late,
this was a LOVE SEED.
The LOVE SEED stayed safe within the Magic Man’s juices and boldly, strongly, triumphantly it grew within her, bigger and stronger and bolder and the young woman was lost in its power.
And the VOICE called out “Be aware for now you know.”
And the young woman called back,
“Yes, now I know,
I now know love”.
For many months the young woman stayed at the side of her adorable Magic Man, feeding off his power and strength, a prisoner in the arms of love. Engulfed in a time of wonder and beauty, no longer questioning the mystery of it all, she accepted this and blossomed and grew and left the river of magic to run its course.
But alas!
Slowly the sands of time shifted beneath her and she found that there were others pulling at their magic, drawing her Magic Man away from her. 
She cried out
Oh! Magic Man,
stay at my side,
do not leave me”.
But she felt him being drawn away from her, somehow it seemed as though a cloud had formed around him and he was slowly disappearing before her eyes. She cried out and pleaded and ran looking for him and he was gone!
She waited and waited and then desperately called,
“Where are you, Magic Man, come back to me, I need to feed off your power and strength, I need you to protect this magical love seed that you have given to me.
The Magic Man did not come back. The young woman grew weary of the burden of carrying the Love Seed around with her and she tried hard to rip it out of her and as hard as she might she was unable to force it out of her. She knew she could never get rid of the Love Seed for it had grown deep strong roots and had become a part of her.
Time passed and eventually she put the seed into a secret dark corner of her mind, closed and locked a door on it.
But she knew in some way,
her Magic Man would return to her…..
Does the story ever end? How I miss the innocence of young long ago, so far away.........

© Copyright 2018 Da Lee La. All rights reserved.

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