Realize your Dream ..... the true meaning of life

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There are no rules in life so why limit yourself to what everybody else is doing? you are the creator of your dreams, big or small.

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



Realize your Dream ..... the true meaning of life


There would rarely be an individual in this world that does not have any goals or dreams in life. Your dreams are the core of your life. Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to fulfill with all your heart? What happened to it? Did you go after it or did you allow it to die down? No matter what our station is in life we all have dreams and goals that we want to pursue. Unfortunately most people allow life to get in the way. People who are passionate about their dreams create a purpose for their existence.

Have you noticed that when you think about your dreams you feel excited, fired up and happy? Thinking about the things you want to achieve most evokes positive emotion. Life can become dreary if you are doing something day after day that you don’t really like to do. There are very few things worse than regret. What will you regret tomorrow that you didn’t do today. Dreamers who took action have created everything around you

A dream realizes its worth when it comes true. When you have a dream, it remains within you. But when you work hard to realize it, then it comes to its real sense. Identify what principles you have that guide your life through tough times, and when things couldn’t be any better. They shouldn’t change, and at your core, neither should you. What are your principles ? all of us should have them, know what they are, and live your lives by them

What you dream to achieve in your life may be perceived as God's scheme to keep you involved in your life. There are some dreams that He gifts you in the hope that by following your dreams you will live your life in a passionate manner. Dreams teach you to look forward in life. I believe that we all have a calling in life: That we are all destined to fulfill a specific purpose.

Chasing your dreams will develop your courage. Courage is your fuel to achieve amazing success in life. Follow your dreams and exercise courage, There have been billions of people throughout history who have had the ability to achieve greatness, whether it was the talent or smarts, they had it. What they didn’t have was the guts to risk the life that they were living. No risk, no reward. Those who have achieved real success have often risked the most to get there.

You can follow and realize your dream only when you feel that you can work hard enough for it. As the dream does not lie in the comfort area, it seems out of reach. Following your dreams needs sincere efforts and willingness to change. While pursuing your dream, you may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but the passion for your dreams keeps the hope alive.

We all have moments of doubt. We should have unbreakable faith in the fact that what we are doing is right, have your moments of doubt, but do not let that doubt eat you up, get back motivate yourself to the best.

You want to be remembered. Everybody does. We remember those who follow their dreams. Life is too short to be wasted on regrets. At the end of the line what we end up regretting are the things we didn’t get to do. So while you are young, go after what you want. Pursue your dreams.

 It is in living your dreams that you get to know the true meaning of life. If you don’t follow your dreams you crush your dreams. Eventually you’ll stop dreaming altogether. There are no rules in life so why limit yourself to what everybody else is doing? you are the creator of your dreams, big or small. 

Wishing you all the best and do dare to dream...

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